775.com Casino Review: Scam or safe?

775.com Casino Review: Scam or safe?


775.com is a rather new online casino and sportsbook, which primarily seeks to offer its services to players from Brazil. That said, pretty much any player is welcome to also open an account with the house – as long as they speak Portuguese! The website of the casino is available in two languages, English and Portuguese, but the English translation is quite incomplete, and borders on unusable.

However, even if you know said language, we could not recommend playing in this casino. There are many frustrating issues with it, but the biggest one has to be the fact it lies about its license. Despite what it has to say, this house is just not regulated.

Moreover, the house has many bonuses, but the Terms and Conditions of either one of them are nowhere to be found. There is no mention of the wagering requirements for any one of the promotions too, and some of them are incredibly poorly explained, so what they actually do is up to anyone's guess.

The issues with the house continue with its limited range of payment methods. On top of that, even though the deposit conditions are reasonable, the withdrawal policies are unknown. The games library with the casino is absolutely tiny as well, meaning it is just not able to offer you much to play.

Either way, 775.com deserves a closer look into, and we have covered everything you need to know about the lackluster house in our full review below. Read on to learn more about these and all the other issues with the casino:


If you are interested in getting fun bonuses, this is not a casino which can offer them. It has instead decided to offer an overwhelming amount of promotions of dubious quality. Here is what these promotions are:

BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
Welcome Bonus10 BRL5555 BRLUnspecifiedUnspecified
Referral bonus-UnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified
No Deposit Bonuses-5 BRLUnspecifiedUnspecified
Deposit Bonuses10 BRL2%UnspecifiedUnspecified
Lucky Spin-5555 BRLUnspecifiedUnspecified
Daily Bet Bonus-UnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified
Rescue Bonus-5%UnspecifiedUnspecified
Rakeback bonus-3%UnspecifiedUnspecified
Lucky Wager-UnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified

As you can see from the table above, there is a lot about the promotions which we don't know. Concerningly, the wagering requirements and cash out limits are not listed for any of these promotions. A wagering requirement represents the amount of times you need to play through the money you've received as part of any bonus, and is a common part of any promotion. Usually, bonuses which require you to deposit to claim need to be wagered 30x to 40x, but there is no way to know whether that is the case here or not. The cash out limit on the other hand is just a restriction on how much you can win with the bonus. We don't know if any similar restrictions apply to the promotions of the casino! With that in mind, let's take a look at the different bonuses which are offered by the house:

  • The Welcome Bonus is not currently available, as per the website of the casino. Nevertheless, it is the closest to a reasonable promotion we can get from 775.com. The house offers the player a bonus of up to 5555 BRL, which is pretty sizeable, and the casino's minimum deposit requirement of just 10 BRL is great. Without knowing the wagering requirements, though, we wouldn't go as far as to praise the bonus, even if it were available!
  • The Referral bonus allows you to get 10 BRL for every player who signs up with your specific referral link and cashes in for the first time. Additionally, you can get some sort of Commission from these players in your downline, but the conditions of this part of the promotion are pretty poorly explained. However, such promotions usually require a lot more work to get a comparable result to a simple deposit bonus.
  • There is a number of No Deposit Bonuses with the casino, and it rewards you for following it on various social media – Facebook, for instance. A separate bonus is available for downloading its app too. There is a third bonus for joining its Telegram chats. But overall, these promotions all suffer from the same issue. The bonus amounts you can get from them are just too small – at most, they will reward you with 5 BRL. Still, given the fact that you don't need to cash in to get them, it might be fun for some to chase the freebies of 775.com, but we cannot recommend it, when the major restrictions around the bonus like how much of it you can cash out are not made clear.
  • Every deposit over 10 BRL, performed with the casino will benefit from one of two types of Deposit bonuses. FIAT deposits via PIX will get a 1% bonus, and crypto transfers – 2%. This is not especially sizeable, but the bonus is consistent, so there is that at least.
  • The Lucky Spin is an interesting bonus. It allows you to collect so-called Lucky Points, which can be used to spin a Lucky Wheel. The segments of the wheel have different rewards you can land on, with the biggest one being 5555 BRL. You get a lucky point for every Real you wager, but it is not made clear how much you need to spend per Spin of the wheel.
  • There is also a Daily Bet Bonus. Supposedly, the bigger amounts of your total bets, the larger sum of money you will get with the casino. However, the ratio between what you wager and what you get seems to be pretty off-putting. If you wager 50 BRL you can get 1 BRL as bonus, but to get two you need to place a wager of 300 BRL. This is a very disproportionate bonus overall!
  • There is a Rescue Bonus, which is nothing but a regular Cashback Promotion. Basically, the more you wager and lose, the more you will get back the next day , with 5% of your losses added back to your account. The maximum you can claim is not mentioned.
  • Similarly, there is a Rakeback Bonus, which is purportedly up to 3% of whatever you bet on whichever game you chose. Rakeback bonuses are never this high in our experience, and we suspect there are certain restrictions here which 775.com does not tell us about.
  • Finally, we come to the Lucky Wager Bonus. This is the only promotion Sports players have access to, and it rewards them with some additional cash for certain bets. For instance, you can get 5 times the wagered money if your bet amount ends in 555 and you win it.
  • We would also like to mention that the casino has Missions which players can participate in. They make you complete certain objectives for special rewards. To give an example, you can be asked to play a certain game, cash in during the day, or submit KYC verification. The missions seem to reward you with flat amounts of cash – between 3 BRL and 5 BRL.


Another area of major concern with this casino has to be what it says about its regulation. Here is that claim:

775.com states that it is licensee by the Antillephone in Curacao. That can normally be verified via a Digital seal. This seal can be clicked to lead the player to the register of the regulator, which can reveal whether the company is licensed or not. No such seal is available here.

Additionally, the logo of Gaming Curacao reveals just how little 775.com knows about the regulation of the small Caribbean country. There are four regulatory bodies there, with Gaming Curacao and the Antillephone being just two of them. But they are not really connected in any way, and a license from one does not mean a license with the other. Moreover, the same type of Digital Seal system is adopted by Gaming Curacao, but the logo is no such seal, as it cannot be clicked on. It is just a static image someone on the website to make it seem more believable.

The fact that the casino lies about its regulation does not automatically mean it is fraudulent, but we find that it makes it pretty untrustworthy. But more importantly, it makes it impossible for 775.com to guarantee you the extensive protections you would expect from an actual licensed casino. Here is what those are:

  • Licensed houses need to submit their games for audits. These are performed by independent professionals, who go over the random number generators that produces the outcomes of every bet you place with a house. It is important to review these generators to ensure there is no bias in the results from the bets towards the casino, and without 775.com holding a license, you cannot know you are actually playing games of chance!
  • Additionally, licensed houses are required to make sure their players' data is secure by using some of the toughest encryption measures they have access to. These are notoriously tough for hackers to bypass, and make it so they cannot obtain your valuable personal data!
  • Thirdly, another big focal point for casinos is taking problem gambling seriously, and allowing their players to set custom deposit limits, or even opt in to close their own accounts, if they need to. This creates a safer gambling environment for everyone, and prevents vulnerable players from suffering harm.

Overall, the fact that 775.com is a pretty big indication it does not have what it takes to compete with better casinos out there, and cannot grant you such a high level of service. Back to our review, though, here is a list of the languages you can view its website in:

Languages: English, Portuguese

As we said before, the English version of the site is incomplete. Here's a list of the countries which the services of the casino will not be accessible from, as part of the regulatory approach to online gambling within them:

Restricted countries: American Samoa, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands, U.S.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Here is the short list of payment methods and currencies this casino accepts:

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
PIX10 BRL50000 BRLInstantFree
Crypto5 BRL2500000 BRLInstantFree

Currencies: Brazilian Real (BRL), Tether (USDT)

We always rate houses which offer players more choice in terms of deposits higher. Needless to say, without being able to process payments via credit cards, e-wallets, e-vouchers, or even more than one cryptocurrency, this is not a casino which we can appreciate in terms of its payment conditions!

The minimum deposit is pretty low, and the maximum you can cash in with crypto is set to 2.5 million BRL, which is absurdly high. There are no fees, but third party charges need to be covered by the player, which is how such charges are normally handled by houses these days.

However, when it comes to withdrawals, another issue with the casino arises. The house does not mention anything about how much you need to cash out at least, and how much you can get at most. Also, the means of cashing out are limited:

Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee

Only PIX transfers are available. There should not be any withdrawal fees, but what we said about third party charges will apply once again. It is possible that the casino has a certain wagering requirement you need to clear before you are allowed to cash out whatever you have deposited, but we cannot really say whether that is the case or not. The Terms and Conditions of 775.com are nowhere to be found! Still, such requirements are not uncommon and are actually a common part of the AML policies of any house these days. Another common part of said policies are inactivity fees, but we don't know whether 775.com charges them either.

Games and Game Suppliers

The full list of the Game Suppliers the casino partners with includes about ten casino software developers. Here is a list of these suppliers:

Game providers: PGSoft, PragmaticPlay, Microgaming, CQ Gaming, Spribe, Other

How does that stack up to other casinos? Pretty poorly, because most of them feature 50 or more Suppliers when they launch, and maybe even more! Still, here's what you can play here:

Slots: There's a couple of recognizable slots here, like Big Bass Bonanza, Bigger Bass Bonanza and so on. There are a couple of slots you can play with crypto, too, under the section Blockchain games.

Table Games: There are a bunch of live dealer versions of Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack and Roulettes, but there is no way to play them with virtual dealers. Still, the library of Table games with 775.com is not terrible by any means. It is probably the highlight of the casino, actually!

There don't seem to be any Game Shows, nor any Crash games you can play here, which is certainly disappointing.

The Sportsbook of the casino is merely serviceable, but nothing exciting. Live and prematch bets are available on a couple of major games like Football, as well as more niche markets, for instance, Futsal. Esports are available too – LOL, DoTA 2 and CS:GO can be bet on. But there is just nothing exciting about the sportsbook, and we find it to be terribly generic overall.


775.com is not a casino we can recommend. From its bonuses, through the library of games it offered us, there were just disappointments at every turn. Instead, play with a house which can offer you more for your time and money!

775.com Pros and Cons

Many different promotionsNo license
Unclear Bonus Terms and Conditions
Limited payment methods
Unclear withdrawal policies
Tiny library of games

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