Review – Is Aceinvesting a Scam or Safe? Review – Is Aceinvesting a Scam or Safe?

Caution! is an offshore company! Your funds may be at risk. Key Features

🔴's services are questionable- a warning sign!

🔴 isn't licensed- a red flag!

🔴 isn't transparent- a red flag!

🔴 creates unrealistic expectations- a red flag! Products and Services is an offshore brokerage registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, and they claim to offer competitive trading spreads and increased leverage- up to 1:500. Their trading platform is web-based, and it's certainly not as good as it should be to consider trustworthy. The service seems standard, but the SVG brokers are problematic as they are not regulated and, more often than not, tend to scam customers. What we need to note here, though, is that creates a false sense of security by claiming to offer risk-free trading. The Forex market is not risk-free, so beware of this fishy brokerage.

HYIP stands for High-Yield Investment Programme and these businesses usually promise higher ROIs (return on investment) than usual. In some cases, the offers are just ridiculous- up to hundreds and thousands of percentages per day, which certainly can't happen. To draw a comparison, even the wealthiest banks or investment funds are not capable of delivering more than 10% per year, let alone per day or week. Therefore, the products and services assessment suggests that you'll be at risk if you deposit.

That being so, it's worth considering trendy alternatives that can help you build an extra income, such as Forex brokers PAMM managed accounts, social trading or crypto services that may as well fulfil your investment needs. For example, many cryptocurrency exchanges already provide passive income opportunities like BTC and ETH staking but make sure to subscribe to well-known, proven networks. Company and Regulation

Company:Eudaimon Consulting LLC
Country:St. Vincent and the Grenadines
Warnings:None is a brand of Eudaimon Consulting LLC, a company found in the registries of SVGFSA- the local financial authority in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. However, that means nothing as the so-called regulator doesn't regulate Forex broker in particular, meaning that is risky to deal with. And even more so, the company is an offshore entity similar to IBC, meaning that it's not required to reveal information about its owners or grant access to its accounts. That is to say that the people running can easily scam customers, getting away with the crime! Beware!

The lack of regulation implies that the people operating this HYIP are working unchecked, meaning they can misuse or misappropriate your funds, eventually bearing no responsibility for their actions. To draw a distinction, regulated investment companies are forced by law to follow certain rules that guarantee the safety of clients' funds. For example, to get a license, a firm should meet minimum capital requirements that vary from country to country and may also depend on the product specification as there are many types of investments possible- stocks, bonds, mutual funds, banking products, fixed-income, retirements and so on.

In the US, the minimum capital requirement is 20 million USD, which happens to be among the heftiest in the world. Other than that, US financial services companies are also required to keep accounts segregated, thus ensuring that clients' money can't be exposed to unnecessary risks or stolen. However, it's worth noting that the US regulatory framework is very complex as there are numerous financial authorities, among which NFA, CFTC and SEC, to name a few, and all of these monitor companies in one way or another. The US markets may be tricky for the ordinary investor, so make sure to acquaint yourself with the environment before you've wasted money on potential scams like the one under review. And you'd better avoid unregulated investment businesses at all times. Address and Contacts

Address:First Floor, First St. Vincent Bank Ltd Building James Street, Kingstown St. Vincent & The Grenadines
Phone number:None
E-mail:[email protected]; [email protected]'s address is correct, but it doesn't mean that we know who operates this business. Offshore brokers are primarily created to hide the ownership and the actual location of the people who operate this business. With that being said, we can confirm that there is a lack of transparency that indeed suggests a scam. Beware!

When it comes to investing, transparency is crucial as you should know who's running the investment and where your money actually is. Legit firms always operate transparently and are bound by law to provide the public with basic corporate information, including addresses, contacts and legal documents disclosing all provisions related to the service. And our experience shows that it’s most probably a scam if you can't reach anyone over the phone given, can't validate the addresses or can't in any other way prove that the investment provider has the authorisation to offer financial products. Website Info

Alexa RankingNone at the time of writing
Server Country USA
WHOIS Reg. Date2021-06-15
RegistrarNameSilo, LLC
SSL certificateValid
OwnerRedacted for Privacy
AdministratorRedacted for Privacy

Is Safe? is not safe! It's an unregulated offshore brokerage, which has been proven to be the optimal Forex scam setting. Beware!

Scam Warning

Dealing with HYIPs and other unregulated investment providers is not recommended for many reasons. Above all, the absence of regulation strongly suggests a scam as only regulated firms are authorised to provide investment services. As you probably guess, scams can't flourish in a strong regulatory environment, so you'd better think twice before you've deposited with unregulated investment schemes.

The authorisation is only granted when the firm complies with the requirements and standards, which guides how the entities should treat you as a customer and what sort of information they should give you. Each country's regulator maintains a register of licensed firms and the investment services that each licensee is authorised to provide. On the other hand, unauthorised firms aim to avoid complying with the controls that legal, authorised entities are subject to, thus leaving investors entirely unprotected. Needless to say, scammers want to get you totally unprotected, and that's why they always work without a license.

As for HYIPs themselves, many of these schemes operate precisely as a Ponzi because many investors can actually withdraw initially, but sooner or later, the service will inevitably close. HYIPs usually target traders and investors with little or no experience by promising fictitious investment opportunities said to deliver unrealistically lucrative gains. 10% or 100% per day certainly isn't a legit offer.

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  1. Sajnos hittem nekik és rálettem a fizetésekre. Többször fizettem nekik. Becsaptak ,átvertek kényszerítettek. Kértem a számlám megszüntetését már többször. Még nekem kellene fizetnem nekik és bírósággal fenyegetőznek.
    A pénz visszautalásáról nincs szó. Ugy tudom 6 hónapon belül megszüntethető a számla. Hiába kérdezek fontosabb dolgot, nem válaszolnak rá. Szeretnék segítséget kérni Önöktől, hogy mit tegyek? E-mail címemre kellene Írni.

  2. Salve io ho depositato 250 euro e ora i guadagni stanno salendo molto ma non posso prelevare. Mi pare di capire sia una truffa e quello che vorrei sapere è se oltre a perdere il mio investimento iniziale posso avere altri problemi per esempio con la legge. Grazie

  3. Salve,
    per caso le hanno chiesto i suoi documenti(compreso una bolletta della luce e carta di credito) per poter confermare la sua identità?

    1. Hi, on the other hand, I deposited € 100 but they want my identity card, electricity bill and credit card, what should I do?
      Salve io invece ho depositato €100 però vogliono la mia carta d’identità, la bolletta della luce e la carta di credito , cosa dovrei fare?

    2. Yes, they asked me for electricity bills and credit cards, in the end I invested more than 100,000 euros, and now that I wanted them to give me back my capital, the threats have started and I have not seen 1 euro, these must be reported!
      Si a me hanno chiesto bolleta della luce e carta do credito alla fine ho investito piu’ di 100.000 euro, e adesso che volevo che mi restituissero il mio capitale , sono partite le minacce e non ho visto 1 euro questi vanno denunciati !

  4. Salutations
    I initially invested 250 euros from there they make you download hanydesk on your pc and mobile phone this to have the control of the management calls you a lady every day making you believe that the capital rises, now the investment is thousands of euros and if you ask to divest the problems and threats begin! THIS IS A SCAM AND MUST BE REPORTED!
    Ho investito inizialmente 250 euro da lì ti fanno scaricare hanydesk sul pc e sul telefonino questo per avere il controllo della gestione ti chiama una Signora tutti giorni facendoti credere che il capitale sale, ora l’investimento è a migliaia di euro e se chiedi di disinvestire iniziano i problemi e le minacce ! QUESTA è UNA TRUFFA E VANNO DENUNCIATI !

  5. I also invested in this company and in a short time they told me that I had earned 15,000 euros but to withdraw them I had to pay a fee of 1500 € I did not pay because I am trying to figure out if I can continue or not … who should I contact ?
    Anche io ho investito in questa azienda e in poco tempo mi hanno detto che avevo guadagnato 15000 euro però per prelevarli dovevo pagare una tassa di 1500€ io non ho pagato perché sto cercando di capire se posso proseguire oppure no…a chi dovrei rivolgermi?

  6. milan be careful I promise you golden locks and then they curse you, I threaten with lawsuits and killings psychic terror happened to me 5000th is still threatening
    milan dejte si pozor slibuji vam zlate zamky a potom vam nadavaji, vyhrozuji soudama i zabitim psichicky teror stalo me to 5000e este porad vyhrozuje

  7. DON’T BE DECEIVED !! I HAVE INVESTED MORE THAN 100,000 EUROS they show you through a program that your capital rises every day, they make you download Anydesk so they have full power on your pc, and since you want to divest, the problems start you have to pay to get your money back and the threats begin by telling you that they make you pay penalties that if you don’t pay what they tell you they sue you, a psychological terror begins … !!! BEWARE because they are not serious and denounced people !!
    NON FATEVI INGANNARE !! HO INVESTITO PIU’ DI 100.000 EURO ti fanno vedere tramite un programma che il tuo capitale sale ogni giorno , ti fanno scaricare Anydesk così hanno piena facoltà del tuo pc , e dal momento che vuoi disinvestire iniziano i problemi devi pagare per riprenderti i tuoi soldi e iniziano le minacce dicendoti che ti fanno pagare delle penali che se non paghi quello che ti dicono ti fanno causa inizia un terrore psicologico … !!! DIFFIDATE perchè non è gente seria e denunciate !!

  8. This company is a scam
    I invested and I couldn’t withdraw anything and they were still very rude.
    Be careful, I have no hope of getting my money back.
    Esta empresa é uma burla
    investi e não me consegui retirar nada e ainda foram , muito mal educados.
    Cuidado, já não tenho esperanças em recuperar o meu dinheiro

  9. This people are thieves

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