Bet Bolt Casino Review: Scam or Safe?

Bet Bolt Casino Review: Scam or Safe?


One thing to know before you move on to the review. Bet Bolt Casino is a mobile casino only, meaning that one cannot access it on a desktop machine, which is fine, for this is a niche that has not been well developed, and Bet Bolt has tried its hands in it. From what we can tell, it does an ok job at it, but we still had issue with the servers, and at times even our mobile phones did not open it.

At times we had such a hard time opening it that at one point it felt like the casino does not want to be found, but that would defeat the purpose of the casino. A platform needs users to survive. So we cannot know what the casino is thinking by being so limited. But once you open it, you will find a mobile casino, that despite it flaws, offers something that may spark your interest, if you like your gambling on the go.


BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
No Deposit Bonus-15 INRUnspecifiedUnspecified
First Welcome Deposit BonusUnspecified300% up to 25000 INRUnspecifiedUnspecified
Second Deposit Bonus-100%UnspecifiedUnspecified
Monthly Free Bet BonusUnspecified500 INRUnspecifiedUnspecified
Referral Bonus-25%UnspecifiedUnspecified

The bad news is that the bonuses offered by Bet Bolt are very limited in their capacity to explaining themselves. The bonuses themselves, on paper, are decent enough, if not a bit limited, but the real issue is the lack of information. It seems that only registered users get the full gist of it, an approach that we cannot condone.

No Deposit Bonus of ₹15: As a no deposit bonus this can be claimed only once per account, an usually right at the start even before unlocking the first time user promo. As such these kind of bonuses can be of great help for users who still are not convinced of the casino. Honestly, this bonus is a smart move on Bet Bolt's behalf because through it it can guide users and introduce them to it platform without requiring any money from the users. Sort of like a demo of the casino; with the only difference that the players can actually profit some. Or could they? Here we come across a big issue about the casino: its withholding of information, not about bonuses, but many other elements. For this no deposit bonus there are no info on the max profit, nor any details if the bonus generates any profit at all, nor on the wagering.

First Welcome Deposit Bonus of 300% up to ₹25 000: The minimum deposit has not been revealed, seemingly reserved only for users already on board. But isn't the casino supposed to provide these details to unregistered users so that they can make sober choices? It's obvious from the get-go that Bet Bolt does not abide the conventional rules of the game. Also out of reach was the wagering requirement as well as the max cashout amount.

Second Deposit Bonus of 100%: Here the even the max bonus cap has not been disclosed, which is taking it to a new level here. Of course the wagering and max cashout have also not been revealed, but neither has the minimum deposit, and that is a major issue for any user. By keeping these details to itself the casino pushes users away. Mobile or not, gamblers from all around need and want to know what they are getting themselves into; it's their money at the end of the day!

Monthly Free Bet Bonus up to ₹500: This is a sportsbook voucher used on this casinos betting platform, which as you will see is underwhelming at its best. That is pretty much the only real info we have. There certainly is nothing to be said of the way to acquire the voucher – minimum deposit, weekly accumulate loss, randomized drops – nor is there further details explaining what to do with the voucher, whether or not it is withdrawable, and so what's the wagering and the max cap?

Referral Bonus of 25%: We save the worst for last. The only real info we have on this promo is the bonus percentage. Usually this works by referring a friend and once he or she deposits you get a piece of his deposit as your own. But 25% is a lot, a quarter of the investment, definitely a very unrealistic referral bonus one that can backfire on the casino. But the worst part is that the casino ha left out all the crucial bonus terms and conditions, and we have no idea how this bonus actually works in the first place, meaning that we cannot recommend it.


It's important to take note of the following because it can impact you decision about Bet Bolt Casino. The platform is not regulated anywhere, for it does not present any regulatory information that would suggest a license. So, Bet Bolt Casino is not a legitimized casino, and we know that to some of you this is the biggest red flag, and we completely understand you. After all, you are investing and registering with your personal details, and you would want these to be completely safe from harm and fraud.

However, unregulated casinos are not always frauds or even risks. In fact, most unlicensed casino are quite ok to play in, with some exceptions of course. But these unlicensed casinos would not get the green thumb from so many providers if they were scams. And the same principle applies to Bet Bolt Casino. We do not believe it to be a risk to money or user personal data. Where the lack of a regulation can be felt is in certain legal stipulations or sudden changes to the user experience, but nothing game breaking. So we still would give this casino a go, in spite of the missing license.

However, with all that placed aside we could comment on the fact that the casino offers two languages. Besides English, Bet Bolt Casino also allows users to access its website in Hindi, no small target audience. If the casino was aimed mainly at an Indian audience then that would change things up a bit, but is also makes sense sense many Indians do not have access to a home computer, but a phone is a different story. If we've hit a mina artery, then Bet Bolt Casino is on to something; this is an enormous audience with infinite potential. As far as we are aware, there are no real regulations in place in India concerning online gambling , as there are no real restriction concerning online gambling. So, casinos are free to roam and can affors to be unregulated, as this one is.

Languages: English, Hindi

Restricted countries: Afghanistan, Algeria, American Samoa, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Cuba, Cyprus, Denmark, Ethiopia, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, French Southern Lands, Germany, Gibraltar, Iran, Iraq, Ireland, Italy, Korea, North, Laos, Malta, Myanmar, Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Saint Martin (French part), Singapore, Slovakia, South Africa, Spain, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Uganda, United Kingdom, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands, U.S., Yemen


Currencies: Indian Rupee (INR)

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Google Pay100 INR100000 INRUnspecifiedFree
Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Google PayUnspecifiedUnspecifiedup to 3 daysFree

The deposit info was satisfactory in that it brough the main points home. We know that the payment methods are limited to GooglePay and PayByPhone, and that the minimum deposit is ₹100. However, the payment methods are definitely not enough, and can limited many users, while pushing other entirely away from the casino platform. Here Bet Bolt cannot be excused for being a mobile casino; payment methods are not such a burned and so the more a casino includes the better.

The bad news is that there is no withdrawal info at all, and so all we can suspect is that the withdrawal methods are the same as the depositing one. That's it. The users are left completely on the dark, and if were a potential client we would become unretainable because of this missing info. After all, users play so that they can eventually cashout some sort of profit, and so by not providing clear details on how to do so and what the limits are you never know what you are getting yourself into.

There was no mention of any fees or commission launched by the casino itself, but clients can still experience charges connected to the usage of the banking and payment systems. These depend entirely on the client's current jurisdiction, his preferred method of choice, and other minor circumstances. Also worth mentioning is the presence of currency conversion fees. Considering that the casino supports only the Indian Rupee as the main currency, all users who invest in a different kind will have to go through currency exchange rates.

Note that for users to withdrawal they have to complete a 1x deposit rollover. Otherwise it seems the casino will not allow them to proceed with the withdrawal. This is a common AML stipulation and nothing to fear, as almost all casinos have the same type of AML.


The organization of the gaming hub can be debated whether good or not. There are filters but these are limited, and so it's sort of a compromise situation, and it could have been better for sure. For a mobile casino, all these have to be catered towards the user's specific hand movements contained within a much smaller screen, so perhaps a whole new approach is needed here.

Slots are disappointedly low if Bet Bolt were to be a PC casino, but will around 1700 games we get here a solid offering for any mobile casino. The casino focuses on more obscure to mid tier titles. Even at a low number of slots equaling well bellow 1700 video slots in total, there can still be some variety here for users, especially for phone gamblers, which are on the rise for some time now. So although Bet Bolt may be setting a good example, it has to slowly consider upgrading its collection to include more popular titles, and it the long run – more games.

As far as the live and table games go, for a mobile casino Bet Bolt does provide a surprising variety of Roulette, Poker, Blackjack, Baccarat, Game Shows, and even Craps. Just imagine playing these on your phone and having the ability to easily shift form one major table game type to another, and in this you will find the true selling point of Bet Bolt – all-around gaming casino that you can access literally anywhere with an internet connection. But if this collection were to be ported to a desktop casino, we are sad to say that it would not work all that well.

On top of these we also have a somewhat limited offering of instant games, like Crash and Plinko, which add a much needed respite and alternative to user's game time. But they can be limited in their low numbers and as such may become obsolete after a while. Nevertheless, for a mobile casino to have even these is a good sign, as they offer alternative gaming moments and can act as much needed pause between erratic live games and slot gameplay sessions.

Last but not least the casino attempts to sell a sportsbook of sorts but fails. What we end up with are two game types: Cricket and VR Cricket betting, which technically do count as sports betting games, but when compared to actual sportsbook cannot even compare. We don't know if the casino should have included this; instead it could have allocated resources to improving its slots and live games, a base upon which to later build a better betting experience.

But overall, we do have to give the casino some props for having an extensive offering of games; we only say this because Bet Bolt is, after all, a mobile casino, and there's just so much a phone platform can do or take, in terms of processing power.

Game providers: Evolution, OneTouch, 3 Oaks, Smartsoft Gaming, 7Mojos, AvatarUX, Onlyplay, NetEnt, Ezugi, PGSoft, Turbogames, Gamzix, Spribe, Red Tiger Gaming, Caleta, Push Gaming, Wazdan, Spade Gaming, Hacksaw, Nolimit City,, Relax Gaming, Big Time Gaming, Evoplay


In all honesty, as far as a mobile only casino Bet Bolt Casino is quite good, but it pales in comparison to desktop casinos, but if you compare the two types of casinos, then you have made a fundamental mistake. The truth is that there is no reason to compare the two types; it's as if you are comparing a car to a bike- they both serve a different purpose based on the same principle. With that said, we can recommend Bet Bolt Casino only id users first are made aware of its faults and cons. It is not a risk and it will not steal your money, but it may act unexpectedly at times. If you are willing to accept this ambiguous risk then we say go for it.

Bet Bolt Pros and Cons

Good Gaming Offer For Mobile CasinoUnregulated and Anonymous
No Withdrawal Information
Payment Methods Are Very Limiting
Vague Bonus Conditions

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