Bitfine Review – Is a Scam or Safe?

Bitfine Review – Is a Scam or Safe?

Bitfine Key Features

🔴 Bitfine offers questionable investment opportunities. A scam sign!

🔴 Bitfine was reported as a scam. A red flag!

🔴 Bitfine isn’t transparent. A red flag!

🔴 Bitfine creates unrealistic expectations. A red flag!

🔴 Update: the website disappeared- evidence of a scam!

Bitfine Products and Services

Bitfine is a crypto scheme that’s expiring now. Its website is delisted, and very few trustworthy web-analytical platforms can retrieve any information about it. Nevertheless, Bitfine is a fishy entity offering crypto-related services such as coin exchange, wallets, etc. Bitfine fails to specify anything in particular about its services, but the entity is too shady to consider it legit. Beware!

Cryptos went to become extremely popular, and they come with tremendous profit potential, but the assets are pretty complex and a bit enigmatic for the vast majority of people. Bitcoin is still surging, and the entire crypto market is growing exponentially, but all investments carry significant risks, such as high unpredictable volatility and absence of regulation, for example. And we’d also like to emphasize the fraud risk- crypto scams are virtually everywhere. In fact, the latest trend among scammers is to create fraudulent websites offering fictitious crypto investments and mining services aimed to entice unsuspicious investors into scam settings. The fraudulent offers usually stick to the rule “sounds too good to be true”, the entity offering the services is totally anonymous, and there is no regulation whatsoever. So, based on the products and services offered alone, we can affirm that the entity under review is dangerous. You’d better avoid it.

That said, it’s worth considering trendy cryptocurrency alternatives that have already proven to be reliable. For example, many cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Bitstamp already provide passive income opportunities like BTC and ETH staking, other earning opportunities, affiliate programs, so on and so forth. Both mentioned are law-abiding financial firms that operate transparently, so you won’t be exposed to fraud risks if you trust them.

Bitfine Company and Regulation


Bitfine reveals absolutely nothing about the company, which is a red flag nonetheless as it shows a lack of transparency. Still, we researched only to find that there is no licensed financial firm in any way associated with Bitfine, so the latter isn’t a legal investment platform. So, given the lack of transparency it won’t be a good idea to deposit your money there.

So, the crypto service under review isn’t a typical firm, and as such, it’s not regulated. The absence of regulation implies that your investments will be at risk if you deposit. Moreover, you won’t have access to complaint procedures or money protection schemes, so if things go wrong, you’ll be the one to suffer the complete loss. Even more so, the digital coin transactions are anonymous, so if you get scammed by a shady crypto provider, you can’t get your money back.

Indeed, cryptocurrency regulation has been a hot topic for a long time. The digital coins themselves are not issued or governed by central banks, but too many countries already have plans to introduce centralized cryptocurrencies. Still, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system that’s considered too risky for many. However, many crypto firms are now operating with financial licenses; they are transparent, and their clients can benefit from certain customer protection measures if things go wrong. And that doesn’t apply to the entity under review, which is an anonymous and most probably totally illegal enterprise that can switch off its servers, pocket clients’ money and get away with the crime.

Bitfine Address and Contacts

Phone number:None
E-mail:[email protected]

Bitfine cements itself as overly shady as it provides no contact information, except for its e-mail. Well, that’s not enough. Yet again there is a shocking absence of transparency, which further proves that Bitfine is nothing else but most likely a fraudulent website only.

Considering investment opportunities, transparency is always crucial. As for cryptos, you already know that Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system, which is designed to protect the privacy and to provide security. However, that doesn’t mean that the crypto providers should also be anonymous. After all, these people will handle your money, so you should at least know who they are and where they operate from. In fact, we need to note that some trustworthy exchanges don’t reveal such information on their websites, but it’s still easy to verify that businesses are legal, law-abiding companies; therefore, it’s always a worrying sign if the crypto provider isn’t transparent. Website Info

Alexa RankingNone at the time of writing
Server Country N/A
WHOIS Reg. DateN/A
SSL certificateN/A

Is Bitfine Safe?

Bitfine is not safe. It’s not a licensed financial firm, so your money will not be protected if you invest there. Moreover, Bitfine is shady and anonymous, which strongly suggests it’s just another scam scheme pretending to offer crypto services. You’d better avoid Bitfine.

Update: The website has already gone off. We can’t say what’s the reason for the disappearance, but it certainly suggests that Bitfine is currently an expired scam. And nevertheless, if it happens to come out again, make sure to avoid it as there is too much evidence of a scam!

Scam Warning

Scammers are always riding the trends, so it’s not at the least surprising that cryptocurrency fraud is now blooming. Even more so, the high-tech nature of Bitcoin actually facilitates scams as most people don’t really know how crypto works, so scammers take advantage of the lack of understanding. Indeed, the crypto scam has been here for a while, and it proved to be extremely dangerous- just recall OneCoin, which happened to be a multi-billion Ponzi scheme disguised as a revolutionary digital currency. However, scammers rarely go out of their comfort zone, so most crypto scams happen to be very similar to the typical investment fraud.

The fraudulent crypto schemes are also anonymous and illegal, while scammers introduce themselves with fake identities. There are also too many impersonators resembling the websites of valid start-up companies from where customers get redirected to other insecure fishy payment portals that may as well carry additional security risks. The cons yet again promise the moon and the stars to their victims but won’t deliver a thing in the end. However, the difference between crypto and the rest of the investment scams is that people are more likely to believe that they can become rich overnight as Bitcoin has already proved to have massive profit potential. In any case, you should be very cautious when it comes to crypto, as the markets are plagued by scammers ready to take advantage of you.


  1. I was invited to by a friend to invest into a crypto called VSC (Vaccine Smart Chain) through bitfine. I have since cut ties with that friend due their use of certain illicit substances that i want no part of.I invested 5,000 udst into Vsc and it now says that my investment is around 15000 usdt. they also say that vsc will not be available for public trading until 11322. should i be worried? and if it is a scam, how would i go about getting at least the 5,000 usdt back if at all?

  2. I am in the same boat with about the same amount of money. It doesn’t look good for us to get anything back. I have never been more embarrassed or depressed in all my life.
    I met my contact via a dating app. Spent a bunch of days getting to know this person. After a while crypto conversation came up, I am the one who brought it up. Then was told she has this inside scoop from her brother. Shared the link, i signed up, and the rest is history.

  3. I invested $ Thanksgiving. its a couple of days till Christmas and my account is up to around $4000. sounds to good to be true. I’m fairly certain that I will never see a dime

  4. I met this supposedly nice and beautiful lady in the internet almost 2 months ago. We started chatting and became friends. She asked me if I do crypto trading which I do. She suddenly introduced me th Bitfine site to sign up and buy this VSC coin. I was easily accepted after a few personal checking. She told me that this coin is not for everyone but to selected big investors only. That’s said I already had a doubt cuz I’m not even close to being a big fish.. Nonetheless, I tried putting small amount to buy VSC while still low. I slowly put almost $ 11,500 in total staggered with her guidance . Now my total investment is worth $ 173,000 and counting. I have this weird feeling that this is too good to be true. The lady even told me that this coin will have an ICO on Jan 13, 2022 and price will even go higher. I sold portion of it last night just to see if it works.. Sad to say still Pending on status after 24 hours. Just now that it hit me that this was a scam. I was taken for a ride for the last 2 months. I’m not even counting in seeing a dime for my investment..

    1. Very similar to my experience. Mine was on Okay Cupid. The difference was the gal I met hadn’t mentioned crypto for days until I said something about how its been taking a dump. That’s when she mentioned a new type of crypto that was recommended to her by her brother, who is a big wig with the Tokyo financial bureau or some nonsense.

      What I dont understand is how they got our money in their possession? Unless we deposited it straight into their wallet somehow, I just dont see how they could have gotten access to our funds.

  5. I’ve experienced something very similar. Internet chat since start october, also spoke to the girl on webcam once, a couple of times on the phone. she left lots of talk messages on whatsapp. said she was from singapore living in london, her aunt was the financial expert etc. She was very much you and me 4 ever, where I was more held back, probably a strateg.y I’ve invested 4,200$, but when it was a clear I wouldn’t invest more, her tone got aggressive. Now all her different whatsapp numbers are dead. I was also told that Jan 13 was the big day for public announcement, when you could also sell, trade, withdraw. Was made go a long was a 50 page document on VSC. But apparently fake
    I there anything we can do? I got voicemails, for sure two UK phone numbers.

    1. sad to say if this is the same person looks like ive lost all my money i was in contact with this person a week ago she has a facebook page if its the same person

  6. Ich denke ihr könnt euch das Geld abschminken.
    Ich binbin einer ähnlichen Situation mir wurde es von einem vermeintlichen Kollegen empfohlenen.
    Am 23.12 habe ich eine Mail zur vorzeitigen Verkauf der Währung bekommen muss aber mindestens 275000 Anteile besitzen.
    Nach langem hin und her habe ich diese gekauft jetzt heisst es ich habe fristen( die nie Gesetz wurden) nicht eingehalten.
    Und soll nochmal 2000 Anteile kaufen dann würde das Geld sofort frei gegeben.
    Das ist alles Schwachsinn der sogenannte Support antwortet nicht wenn man ihn mit irgendwelchen fragen bombardiert.
    Das Unternehmen wird nie an die Börse gehen somit wird man sein Geld auch nicht wieder bekommen.
    Ich werde eine Anzeige bei der Polizei machen die sich sehr wahrscheinlich auch im Sand verlaufen wird.
    Da es ja nur die Supportmails gibt.
    Das ist also voll der Face.
    Gruss Volker
    I think you can’t get the money off yourselves.
    I’m in a similar situation, a supposed colleague recommended it to me.
    On December 23rd I received an email about the early sale of the currency but I have to own at least 275,000 shares.
    After a long back and forth I bought this now it means I have not met deadlines (which never became law).
    And should buy another 2000 shares then the money would be released immediately.
    That’s all nonsense, the so-called support doesn’t answer when you bombard them with any questions.
    The company will never go public, so you won’t get your money back either.
    I’m going to file a report with the police that will very likely get lost in the sand too.
    Since there is only the support mail.
    So that’s full of face.
    Greetings Volker

  7. So ging es mir auch.
    Das Unternehmen ( warscheinlich ist es keines ) hat uns angezockt.
    Die werden nie an die Börse gehen denke ich.
    Somit werden wir unser Geld nie wieder sehen.
    Mir wurde eine Verkauf vor dem release Angebot wenn ich noch so viele VSC kaufe.
    Der Support Antwortet auf keine meiner Mails und nichts.
    Ich habe das Geld abgeschrieben.
    It was the same for me.
    The company (probably not one) has ripped off us.
    They’ll never go public, I think.
    So we will never see our money again.
    I was offered a pre-release sale if I still buy that many VSCs.
    The support does not answer any of my emails and I’ve written off the money.

  8. Jonathan Dougherty

    Supposedly took steps to improve their platform………….while simultaneously pushing the ipo date from 01/13/22 to 01/22/22. My real investment of $500. Has netted me a digital image of around $8000. Of non existing profit, on a phony platform. I’m sure a few of you reading this, know first hand, of how proud I am. And the feeling of great satisfaction the VSC brings to its investors.

    1. did you get your investment?

  9. Ja die hübsche Dame aus Singapur hat mich ganz schön um den Finger gewickelt. Zuerst war ich skeptisch und investierte nur ein wenig, doch dann wurde es immer mehr. Ein spezieller Zugangscode von ihrem schlauen Onkel verschaffte mir exklusiven Zutritt. Dazu kam dass die Frau es mit vielen raffinierten Tricks es geschafft hat, mein 100%iges Vertrauen zu gewinnen. Alles wirkte sehr professionell, die Bitfine Website ist optisch und inhaltlich perfekt. Und der Kontakt zu ihr würde immer persönlicher und vertrauensvoller. Nichts billiges nichts anzügliches sondern auf gleicher Augenhöhe. Auch Konflikte. Zum Schluss stockte ich weiter auf, Gewinne lockten.
    Verdächtig wurde es erst als ich angeblich 13 % deutsche Steuer an sie zu entrichten hätte. Das kam dann recht hemdsärmlig daher, ohne genaue Anweisungen.
    Die Diskussionen mit der Frau waren auch nicht mehr so professionell und so fing ich das Recherchieren an.
    Fazit: sauber aufs Kreuz gelegt worden.
    Yes, the pretty lady from Singapore wrapped me around my finger. At first, I was sceptical and only invested a little, but then the size of the investment grew more and more. A special access code from her clever uncle gave me exclusive access. In addition, the woman managed to win my 100% trust with many nifty tricks. Everything seemed very professional, the Bitfine website is perfect in terms of both looks and content. And contact with her would become more and more personal and trusting. Nothing cheap, nothing suggestive, but on an equal footing. Conflicts too. In the end, I continued to top up, profits beckoned.
    It only became suspicious when I supposedly had to pay 13% German tax to them. That came across pretty shirt-sleeved, without precise instructions.
    The discussions with the woman weren’t that professional anymore, so I started researching.
    Conclusion: cleanly put on the cross.

  10. I invested US$20,000 in my VSC account in November. When I withdrew today, I sold VSC worth US$100,000, and the money had already arrived in my bank card. I was lucky. I listened to the staff’s guidance on tax payment. We have not heard the above-mentioned so bad

    1. You are just a lying POS


      I tried to sell 2 days ago and I wasn’t able to complete the sale. I think you are lying my dear friend. so cut the crap.

    3. Bullshit!! You’re probably one of the people responsible for stealing from honest people! I hope you have a good excuse when you meet your maker in Hell

    4. Jonathan Dougherty

      Your a lying schill.

  11. I was scammed exactly the same as above. It’s almost like the lady is reading from q cards! I was totally shattered when I found out this was a scam.the only bright spot is that I only invested 250$. The woman called herself Lina, and I believed her because she actually invested 100_ into my account for me. I’m sure just to reel me in further!! Deviating

  12. Thank you folks. And Scamosafe. I think you’ve just saved me EUR 1 000 or so in initial investment, which I was almost ready to make.
    Similar story with a nice lady, via Tinder, with uncle in the UK inside in financial circles. And pretty good, real-like pre-date chatting. Just a tad too keen to get me shared into her coin success, and invested more than I thought for starters. And then this bitfine site doesn’t really look and feel professional, and the ‘id checks’ are for nothing, or not required to actually trade. So I did a Web search, at this point, with the lady active in WhatsApp and guiding me through the checks and next to trade my coin to this VSC – and find this page.
    Phew! In the nick of time. Thanks again. Now just feeling shitty about the dating ride.

    1. The nice lady…could ist be that she was from Japan by the nickname Nana?

  13. Same as above victims. Smooth talked into an initial £250 investment, then another £300 and then £1000 – the system says I’ve done well but calls to support as to how to withdraw or sell go unanswered. Yes, I feel stupid. I broke rule No1, I can’t really afford to lose that amount!

  14. Why haven’t authorities done something about bitfine? Every second another honest victim is falling for the “bitfine B.S.! Anyone with advice on how to stop them please email me or leave a message here. I’m certain I won’t recover my money but I’d like to stop it from happening to anyone else. Thank you for your consideration

  15. I have lost 40 k to the VSC scam. I am the ultimate fool

  16. I lost $700 and I will ever get that back! I was fooled by the nice lady from dating app too. she got the info from his dad who works for the bank.
    every time I try to sell them, it fails.
    I wish there was a way to et the money back. now my names goes down as someone who got scammed on the internet.

  17. I have fallen as well, met her on a date app, and invested 750$ usd, i was very naive but at least didnt invested more than that even with her asking me to do so. I even talked to her from early december up to the last week, videocalls, phone calls and chatting on a daily basis. Since yesterday, i asked her to help me withdraw the money, but she never answered.

    Same story as the pals above, in my case, she said she was from hong kong, with her aunt on financial circles, she even helped me autenticate a wechat account to play games that need wechat as authentication.

    1. Do you have her photo ?
      You can e-mail me at [email protected]
      I want to see if it’s the same girl

      1. I sent the email with a couple photos, check if its the same girl.

    2. Today, they shut down the web page

  18. Ja die seite existiert nicht mehr.
    Ich hatte noch ewig Kontakt mit der Support der meinte ich soll noch mehr zahlen das ich verkaufen kann.
    Reine abzocke.

  19. I was scammed out of $150,000 USD.

  20. since my last comment regarding bitfine i have done some checking
    i contacted the uk FCA financial conduct authority they tell me they
    ware never registered with them then i did more checks on the domain name
    of its was dune by godady site and found its based in the usa with these details
    Domain trust report for
    IP ADDRESS: HOSTED IN: United States REGION: North America
    i also may have found the person i dealt with on facbook i need to do more checks on that and see what i fined

    1. je me suis fait avoir comme toutes les personnes qui ont tèmoignè , maintenant j’ai des photos de cette Asiatique qui a utilisè beaucoup de numeros diffèrents pour avoir toutes ces personnes et elle a utilisè beaucoup son charme donc maintenant il faut savoir qu’il y a beaucoup d’asiatiques qui sont sur internet pour escroquè ,alors ne vous laisser plus avoir par eux car moi j’ai perdu 20 000 EUR ET SON TELEPHONE EST:+447512012164 WATTSAPP

  21. Ugh.. someone call me 1.647.386.0859

  22. did you get your investment?

  23. Guys, We had lost our money. This is total Scam

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