Casino Of Gold Review: Scam or Safe?

Casino Of Gold Review: Scam or Safe?


Casino Of Gold is not  really a casino at all. Games of chance are offered, but the way this house operates has nothing to do with classical casinos or the trendy online casinos. Let us explain.

The first thing we have to clarify are the games of chance. Those are types of games in which players wager real money on some possible outcomes, and if the outcome matches the bet, the player wins, It's as simple as that. Casino Of Gold, on the other hand, has probably tried to innovate the realms of gaming and ended up poorly.

In reality, the so-called casino does not offer games of chance, as players cannot wager real money. Instead, Casino Of Gold has invented its own gaming currency called Stars, which is the only form of money that can be used for wagering. How the casino works is that players should buy Stars in packages – 90 000 stars cost €1, for example. If you purchase the €499 package you can get 125 400 000 Stars. This really looks like a mobile game where you buy some tokens to take advantage or get equipment, etc.

But what this means is that you do not play for real, but instead, at all times you are playing some Demo mode of casino games by using Stars. Now comes the obvious question. Why should you spend money to get some Starts and play Demo games when you can do so totally for free in many other casinos.

Go to Manga Casino, for example. Even without registration you can select Practice mode for any game, which will give you the opportunity to play with virtual money and you won't need to pay anything. That leads us to a conclusion about Casino Of Gold.

They are trying to sell you demo playing for real money, which makes no sense whatsoever. As a matter of fact, for half an hour within Casino Of Gold, we thought it's some sort of a scam scheme, but it's not really.

The problem with this casino is the business model they have. We don't know what's their motivation, but they practically sell you thin air for money. As mentioned, you can go and play demo in any good casino, so visiting Casino Of Gold makes no sense whatsoever. You will pay some money that you don't need to pay.

And they call themselves a Social casino, which is nowhere near the truth. We didn't see anything social in this casino. This label – “Social”, is probably intended to create some sort of a feeling towards the casino, but it doesn't change anything – Casino Of Gold simply isn't a place worth being visited.

Anyhow, since that's a gaming house, we'll do a thorough review of it and will discuss payments, games and the license, if any. But now, see why Casino Of Gold is not a real casino.

Languages: English, German


BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
No Deposit Bonus-Unspecified--
First Purchase$1400%--
Second Purchase$1300%--
Third Purchase$1300%--

The bonuses in Casino Of Gold are worthless. There are many offers, but even if you get something you won't be able to withdraw anything, so it's meaningless to go and spend money when you can play casino games in demo mode for free. Nonetheless, there are some bonuses we want to discuss.

  • No Deposit Bonus – once you create an account, Casino Of Gold is generous enough to fund it with 40 000 Stars. You can wager those on any slot you wish, but you don't have the option to withdraw anything. We shall repeat it again. You play casino games in demo mode! Wagering requirements and cash-out limits do not apply, and Casino Of Gold hasn't said anything about it.
  • First Purchase – whenever you go for your first purchase of Stars, you will get a bonus of 400%. When we got to the cashier the offer was that you don't get 90 000 stars for €1, but 450 000 instead. That's so fantastic, but those Stars are still useless tokens. If you went for the most expensive package that costs €499, you would get 627 million Stars instead of 125 million.
  • Second Purchase – in the same fashion, players get 300% more Stars with their second deposit.
  • Third Purchase – 300% more stars with your third purchase.

There are other promos in the Shop, as well, including some Boosters, but since all Stars are useless piece of work, we don't think it's worth our time, and yours, to discuss anything further.


Casino Of Gold operates without a license, which is generally a problem. Not in this case, however, as we aren't talking about a real casino. When you wager in unlicensed casinos, players may risk losing money due to rigged games or blocked withdrawals, so we do not recommend such casinos.

Casino Of Gold, however, doesn't pose any such treats, as it has already said that no withdrawals are possible at all. And the games aren't played with real money, so what can you lose, after all? You will only register losses if you buy the worthless Stars from Casino Of Gold. Don't do so, but instead, go to another casino and play demo games. You will get the same gaming experience, but for free.

Anyways, since we are here, we'd like to warn you that wagering in unlicensed casinos is not the brightest idea. Those houses are risky for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • No regulation – unlicensed casinos are not regulated by any authority, meaning there's no guarantee that the games are fair or that the casino will let you withdraw your money. It's unlicensed, which means that no one can make them follow the rules.
  • Security – unlicensed casinos may not have strong security measures protecting players' personal and financial information.
  • Legal issues – gambling at an unlicensed casino can be illegal depending on your country's laws. Therefore, you may face legal consequences if you wager in unlicensed casinos.
  • No disputes – if you have problems with an unlicensed casino, you have no way to initiate a dispute since they are not accountable to any regulatory bodies.
  • Unethical practices – unlicensed casinos might employ unethical practices, like offering rigged games or using deceptive advertising. And since they are unregulated, no one can stop them from being unfair with players.
  • Addiction and financial risks – unlicensed casinos might not offer responsible gambling tools, such as self-exclusion, for example. If you end up wagering in an unlicensed casino, the risks are definitely increased. More so, some unlicensed casino intentionally promote and encourage irresponsible playing.

You can avoid all those risks if you play in casinos with licenses. And when it comes to licensed casinos, there are two countries that are leading the parade as the largest number of gaming houses are registered and licensed there. Those countries are Curacao and Malta, so let us brief you with both.

Most of the casinos you will come across will be authorised in Curacao. The reason for that is the flexible regulatory framework they have applied. Online casinos and bookmakers in Curacao are not licensed and regulated by the local gaming authorities directly, but four independent companies do so on behalf of the government – Antillephone, E-Gaming, CIL and Gaming Curacao. Each licensor company is responsible to sub-license and supervise online casinos, which guarantees that all rules and regulations are followed strictly. It is often viewed that the supervision in Curacao is not as strong because of this approach, but certain benefits are there, as well. The capacity increases since there are four licensors instead of only one, and the overall procedure is seen as more efficient. Also, the licensing process and subsequent control become cheaper and quicker, which gives more flexibility to casinos. Generally, if you’re looking for a casino with extra bonuses and possibly a bigger choice of slot games, you might want to pick one licensed in Curacao.

MGA, on the other hand, is stricter, and its license is generally more prestigious. Malta is an EU country, and its security standards are significantly elevated. MGA is known to guarantee the protection of minors and vulnerable players, safeguard players’ rights, promote responsible gaming in a safe environment, ensure the integrity of games and gaming devices, and keep gaming free from criminal activities. Casinos authorised by MGA are supervised efficiently, and all the games offered are guaranteed to have certified RTP. All slots are run by RNG (Random Number Generators), which generate completely random and unbiased results, ensuring authenticity and fairness for players during gameplay.

Now, back to Casino Of Gold, the house is open pretty much everywhere in the world, but we still do not recommend it. They cannot offer real casino experience, so go find another house instead.

Restricted countries: Korea, North

Deposit and Withdrawal

Currencies: Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD)

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Credit/Debit Card€1€499InstantFree

Honestly speaking, Casino Of Gold doesn't have deposit policy. The so-called casino does not accept deposits, and do not handle any money whatsoever. Instead, we should talk about Purchase policy, as the only option in front of players is to purchase the virtual gaming currency of the casino – Stars, and use them for wagering.

From that perspective, you can make a purchase by using some popular e-wallets like Skrill and PayPal, but it's a noteworthy fact that crypto is not accepted.

The purchases vary from €0.99 to €499. No fees are applied and each purchase is instant.

Speaking of withdrawals is useless, as the casino has openly stated that players cannot convert Stars into real currencies such as EUR or USD.

And in fact, this is what makes Casino Of Gold a fakery. Casinos exist so that players can use real money to wager on certain outcomes, which is called games of chance. Casino Of Gold offers no such thing. Instead, it's some social casino for fun only, and so on and so forth.

They probably tried to innovate things, and we can understand them. Lately, innovation has become an integral part in anything and everything, but there is a negative side to it, as well. The problem is that many companies, businesses and even government structures are innovating just for the sake of innovation. It doesn't matter what they do, when and why, they firstly focus on innovating things, and that usually results in increased costs or useless products. A far fetched example – the cost per mile in NYC new Subway lines costs 6 to 7 times more than Berlin's U-Bahn. Why? Well, many reasons, but a US politician gave them an advise: “Stop innovating and start building metro lines”. That practically explains what's the problem, more or less.

You need to innovate in two occasions. First off, to solve a problem. Secondly, to make something better. Casino Of Gold achieves neither of both, so its so-to speak innovation presented as a business model is practically useless. Casino of Gold is not a scam, but its service is not worth the purchases.

Games and Game Suppliers

Game providers: Novomatic, Green Tube

The gaming library of Casino Of Gold is as tiny as it can get, as we could count only 445 games altogether, delivered mostly by Novomatic and Greentube! And the games include no Live Casino, at all.

So, let us make a brief summary here. First of all, Casino Of Gold doesn't offer real gaming experience. Second of all, the so-called casino cannot deliver even a decent amount of games so that it can compensate for its flawed service. Well, we already told you it's a poor gaming house, and the library alone proves it!

But anyways, let us give you some names:

  • New Slots – Piggy Prizes Wand of Riches, Diamond Mystery – Fruitilicious deluxe, Starlight Jackpots Athena Goddess of War, 5-Line Hold & Spin, Diamond Cash: Almighty Kraken, A Christmas Full of Wilds, Bingo Staxx Rudolphs Reign, Classic Link Random Runner, Rise of Tut Magic, etc.


Casino Of Gold is a poor gaming house that's not worth your attention. It offers no real money wagering and the gaming library is very tiny. Their business model is seriously flawed and we don't think this house will survive for years to come. It's true that some bonuses are offered, but they are meaningless, just like everything else in Casino Of Gold. We know we are harsh on our judgement, but the gaming market is seriously competitive, and Casino Of Gold simply does not do the necessary to call them a decent place. There are much better options, so stick with them instead. And play responsibly.

Casino Of Gold Pros and Cons

Good DesignUnlicensed Casino
A Ridiculous Business Model
A Tiny Gaming Library
No Live Casino Games

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