Cinda-Securities review – Is scam or safe?

Cinda-Securities review – Is scam or safe?

Caution! Cinda-Securities is an offshore company! Your funds may be at risk.


🔴 is an anonymous broker falsely claiming to be FCA, NFA and SFC regulated. Red flag!

🔴 withholds critical information about themselves. Red flag!

🔴 is co-hosted with other suspicious, shady brokers. Disturbing sign! registration, license and regulation introduces as a broker regulated in Australia, UK, Hong Kong USA and Canada, but we found they aren’t. The research in the authorities register displayed no results, so we confirm it’s a shady entity lying to the public, which is most probably a scam. People should only trade with trustworthy companies holding brokerage licenses, which is a proof of their legitimacy.

Each broker presented in US have to be an NFA member and registered with CFTC.

The regulations in USA are quite heavy, compared to other domains. The capital adequacy requirement state Forex brokers have to provide minimum 20 million USD in paid-up capital to get a US license. Also clients’ funds should be kept in segregated accounts, making it impossible for brokers to misuse the capital for daily expenses.

The restrictions on Forex trading in USA includes a maximum allowed ratio of 1:50. Clients are also limited by the FIFO rule (first in, first out), meaning traders have to close their positions consequently. Hedging is also disallowed, which some traders might find restricting. address and contacts refuses to share their headquarter address and their contact numbers. You can only reach them via e-mail, which doesn't seem reasonable for a broker claiming to hold various FX licenses. This shady company's secretive nature indicates it might as well be a scam. website information has a Hong Kong IP address: and co-hosts 9 other websites, some of them being Forex brokers. The website was created at 09.04.2020, so it’s less than a year old. The age of the website isn't a problem itself, but given the claims they make it's a disturbing sign. We believe is yet another brand run by a group of shady individuals who want to steal as much as possible from traders and investors.,,,,,, and are also hosted on IP

Scam warning

We paid utmost attention to the regulation and transparency in the sections above because it’s mandatory for trading and investments. Pretty much each company offering financial services have to be authorised by the local financial authority. 

However, some entities operate unlicensed and intentionally run investment fraud. It would be best if you only dealt with companies authorised by the regulators, so always check to make sure they are. Bear in mind that if you trade with unauthorised businesses, you won’t be protected, so it’s very likely to suffer losses almost impossible to recover if things go wrong.

Online scam is trending nowadays with fraudulent websites popping up literally every day. The financial authorities increase the number of warnings issued year after year, but the dangers are still out there and growing exponentially. You’ll realise the hazards when you consider OneCoin scam- it’s still impossible to calculate the total loss, but it’s regarded as 15 billion worth fraud. Make sure to trade with licensed and regulated companies to avoid off-putting losses.

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  1. I currently use Cinda Securities and get withdrawal restriction.
    My account current balance is 2934 USD, when I made the withdrawal the reviewer has rejected my request and comment back to me “Dear customer, the current minimum withdrawal amount is 3000 USD”
    In its website, there are no minimum withdrawal.

  2. I am also in a similar situation. They are not letting me withdraw funds from trading account at Cinda.

  3. Im in similar situation, i made 25,000 usd and reject my withdraw funds, they want i do a crypto deposit of taxes in order to get my funds, obviously they are trying to get more of me…

  4. and invested money and now I realize that it is a scam, how do I get my money back?
    e invertido dinero y ahora me doy cuenta que es una estafa, como hago para recuperar mi dinero?

  5. I am in a similar situation that all of you earn 25,000 dollars and I asked for a withdrawal and they wanted me to pay taxes later they told me that I would go to jail for tax evacuation obviously they scammed me
    Estoy en una situcacion cimilar que todos ustedes gane 25,000 dls y pedi un retiro y querian que pagara impuestos despues me dijeron que iria ala carcel por evacion de impuestos obviamente me estafaron

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