Expertfxpro review – is a scam or safe?

Expertfxpro review – is a scam or safe?

Expertfxpro Key Facts

🔴 Expertfxpro offers questionable investment opportunities – a clear sign of a scam!

🔴 Expertfxpro forges crucial contact information – beware!

🔴 Expertfxpro lacks any form of license for the provision of its services – a huge red flag!

🔴 Expertfxpro’s domain is set to expire in a week – another off-putting detail!

Expertfxpro products and services

Expertfxpro claims to be not only a CFD broker, but also a source of passive income. And even though it does not say how much, we are sure that the income the company promises to its clients once they deposit is not something that is possible to achieve – Expertfxpro is simply a scam that is trying to line its pockets with as many deposits as it can get its hands on.

People should always be cautious when dealing with businesses offering enormously high yields because it’s scammers’ trait to promise big and create unrealistic expectations. In reality, regulated financial companies cannot secure more than a few percents annually with their fixed-income products. There is a huge discrepancy between these offers and the regulated companies standards. Judging by the products and services they sell, we suspect it’s a scam, so beware.

Expertfxpro company and regulation

Expertfxpro is not a licensed company – that much should come as no surprise. It never even mentions holding a license on the website, which is quite the red flag.

The US financial services regulation is very complex in the USA. Derivatives markets regulation is a responsibility of CFTC and NFA. Forex brokers and most of the investments companies have to be NFA members and CFTC registered to operate in the USA. On the other hand, securities markets are controlled by the SEC, a government independent agency responsible to maintain the integrity of the financial markets.

While SEC focuses more on the procedure regulation insisting on financial reports and management discussion and analysis, NFA and CFTC impose pretty straightforward requirements. To become authorised the companies have to provide 20 million USD in paid-up capital, which is considered a guarantee that the businesses can survive in turbulent times and pay whenever they have to. 

Other customer protection measures include clients’ accounts segregation and leverage restrictions for forex brokers- 1:50. Also, CFTC brokers’ clients are not allowed hedging, which is one of the very unique US features. Unfortunately, the cryptocurrencies regulation is still inept, so traders and investors should be wary when dealing with crypto offers.

Expertfxpro address and contacts

Expertfxpro provides us with an address line and a phone number – 121 King Street USA Newyork and +1 (4567) 890. Hilariously enough, the company has misspelled the name of New York. Still, none of this information is to be believed – Expertfxpro does not hold a license to operate in the States.

Transparency is crucial when talking about brokers and investment companies, and it’s part of the regulatory framework. The regulated companies are open to financial authorities following certain transparency rules, so it’s generally unlikely to conduct fraudulent activities. They are also bound to provide the public with crucial information about themselves, making it easy for traders and investors to confirm the company’s legitimacy.

Expertfxpro website info

Expertfxpro’s website has been created a year ago in march of 2020. What’s more alarming is that it is set to expire on the 27th of March 2021 – a week after this review goes live. Such short-lived domains are a sign of a scam, as these criminals usually get their activities shut down well before an year has passed. The domain is hosted on the IP address from the States – there are over 900 other domains there, some of which also scams. The ones we have reviewed can be found below:

SwiftFXtrader Viperbitcoin

The owners of the website have covered themselves in such a way as to not be discoverable using WhoIs lookups – this is another way in which they fail to live up to standards of transparency that should be commonplace. The domain also does not generate enough traffic to be featured on SimilarWeb, which is yet another red flag.

Scam warning

We paid utmost attention to the regulation and transparency in the sections above because it’s mandatory for trading and investments. Pretty much each company offering financial services have to be authorised by the local financial authority. 

However, some entities operate unlicensed and intentionally run investment fraud. It would be best if you only dealt with companies authorised by the regulators, so always check to make sure they are. Bear in mind that if you trade with unauthorised businesses, you won’t be protected, so it’s very likely to suffer losses almost impossible to recover if things go wrong.

Online scam is trending nowadays with fraudulent websites popping up literally every day. The financial authorities increase the number of warnings issued year after year, but the dangers are still out there and growing exponentially. You’ll realise the hazards when you consider OneCoin scam- it’s still impossible to calculate the total loss, but it’s regarded as 15 billion worth fraud. Make sure to trade with licensed and regulated companies to avoid off-putting losses.


  1. It is a fake. I invested $1000. In just a few days it “became” $10120. I received an e-mail saying my account was suspended and I nedeed to upload my account to a higher level. The person who “was trading” for me, in Facebook named Keleen Marion, told me for that was necesary another $1500, if not the money will remain blocked and she said without this she could not give my money back. Then I realised it was fraudulent and now I will need to take legal actions.

  2. Yes keleen is a scammer she told me to do the same

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