Review – Is Nebula-Pro a Scam Crypto Exchange? Review – Is Nebula-Pro a Scam Crypto Exchange? Key Features

🔴 services are questionable – a warning sign!

🔴 was reported as a scam – a red flag!

🔴 is not transparent – a red flag!

🔴 creates unreasonable expectations – a red flag! Products and Services is a relatively popular crypto exchange, which makes us worried. We claim so because is an archetype of a scam crypto exchange – it’s anonymous and shady, it’s not registered, and the website we accessed is quite primitive, to put it mildly. In fact, the web pages were not working properly at the time, and for that reason, we couldn’t even see what is actually offering. Anyway, the crypto exchange is fishy, and we believe all products and services they usually advertise are fraudulent! You’d better stay away!

Cryptos went to become extremely popular, and they come with tremendous profit potential, but the assets are pretty complex and a bit enigmatic for the vast majority of people. Bitcoin is still surging, and the entire crypto market is growing exponentially, but all investments carry significant risks, such as high unpredictable volatility and absence of regulation, for example. And we’d also like to emphasize the fraud risk- crypto scams are virtually everywhere. In fact, the latest trend among scammers is to create fraudulent websites offering fictitious crypto investments and mining services aimed to entice unsuspicious investors into scam settings. The fraudulent offers usually stick to the rule “sounds too good to be true”, the entity offering the services is totally anonymous, and there is no regulation whatsoever. So, based on the products and services offered alone, we can affirm that the entity under review is dangerous. You’d better avoid it.

That said, it’s worth considering trendy cryptocurrency alternatives that have already proven to be reliable. For example, many cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Bitstamp already provide passive income opportunities like BTC and ETH staking, other earning opportunities, affiliate programs, so on and so forth. Both mentioned are law-abiding financial firms that operate transparently, so you won’t be exposed to fraud risks if you trust them. Company and Regulation shares no trustworthy corporate information, but we saw them claiming, even twice in a very dull manner, that the scheme is registered with the United States authority MSB. We found no proof for these claims, but whatever the case, we confirm that the so-called exchange is not regulated in any capacity!

So, the crypto service under review isn’t a typical firm, and as such, it’s not regulated. The absence of regulation implies that your investments will be at risk if you deposit. Moreover, you won’t have access to complaint procedures or money protection schemes, so if things go wrong, you’ll be the one to suffer the complete loss. Even more so, the digital coin transactions are anonymous, so if you get scammed by a shady crypto provider, you can’t get your money back.

Indeed, cryptocurrency regulation has been a hot topic for a long time. The digital coins themselves are not issued or governed by central banks, but too many countries already have plans to introduce centralized cryptocurrencies. Still, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system that’s considered too risky for many. However, many crypto firms are now operating with financial licenses; they are transparent, and their clients can benefit from certain customer protection measures if things go wrong. And that doesn’t apply to the entity under review, which is an anonymous and most probably totally illegal enterprise that can switch off its servers, pocket clients’ money and get away with the crime. Address and Contacts

Phone number:None
E-mail:None reveals absolutely no contact information whatsoever, There isn’t even an e-mail disclosed, and the lack of transparency instantly triggers a major red flag! Shadiness always suggests a scam, so you should remain sceptical about!

Considering investment opportunities, transparency is always crucial. As for cryptos, you already know that Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system, which is designed to protect the privacy and to provide security. However, that doesn’t mean that the crypto providers should also be anonymous. After all, these people will handle your money, so you should at least know who they are and where they operate from. In fact, we need to note that some trustworthy exchanges don’t reveal such information on their websites, but it’s still easy to verify that businesses are legal, law-abiding companies; therefore, it’s always a worrying sign if the crypto provider isn’t transparent. Website Info

SimilarWeb Ranking1,992,273 at the time of writing
Server Country USA
WHOIS Reg. Date2022-06-07
SSL certificateValid
OwnerRedacted for Privacy
AdministratorRedacted for Privacy

Is Safe? is not safe! It’s a primitive crypto exchange with an awful website and no regulation whatsoever. That being the case, we confirm that your funds will be in danger if you deposit, so you should avoid!

Scam Warning

Scammers are always riding the trends, so it’s not at the least surprising that cryptocurrency fraud is now blooming. Even more so, the high-tech nature of Bitcoin actually facilitates scams as most people don’t really know how crypto works, so scammers take advantage of the lack of understanding. Indeed, the crypto scam has been here for a while, and it proved to be extremely dangerous- just recall OneCoin, which happened to be a multi-billion Ponzi scheme disguised as a revolutionary digital currency. However, scammers rarely go out of their comfort zone, so most crypto scams happen to be very similar to the typical investment fraud.

The fraudulent crypto schemes are also anonymous and illegal, while scammers introduce themselves with fake identities. There are also too many impersonators resembling the websites of valid start-up companies from where customers get redirected to other insecure fishy payment portals that may as well carry additional security risks. The cons yet again promise the moon and the stars to their victims but won’t deliver a thing in the end. However, the difference between crypto and the rest of the investment scams is that people are more likely to believe that they can become rich overnight as Bitcoin has already proved to have massive profit potential. In any case, you should be very cautious when it comes to crypto, as the markets are plagued by scammers ready to take advantage of you.


  1. This website allows me to make a profit of more than 3 million yuan and realize my wealth freedom, but it requires a high threshold to enter. Therefore, I think the writer of this article must have received some benefits from the platform. You said that he has MSB license supervision and has two entity companies, but he can cheat and say nothing Prevent more investors from cutting into your profits?

  2. Cao Thanh The Pham

    I knew a guy from a social media, and then he told me about his investment and his welthy life. He asked me to invest on the webside:
    First I have to charge money in Binance-App, and then use that money to buy “USDT”. After that withdraw all that USDT to Nebula-pro and then start investment. But when I want to get my money – 1200USDT- back (withdraw from Nebula-pro), they ask me to pay depisit 480 USDT, with the reason “prevent money laundering”. At that moment, I knew that I got scammed. My total money from the beginning is 1100 Eur. and I Just want to take it back.

  3. Yes indeed i have deposit an amount of approx 8000euro and i wanted to withdraw and have a look on their following reply

    We have received your withdrawal request and since it is your first withdrawal, we noticed that some personal information on your Nebula account was missing or expired. It is required by the Financial regulators to keep this information up to date, which helps ensure a secure trading experience for everyone using Nebula. For more information on why we need this information, please see the help article.
    Please provide the following information by replying directly to this email and uploading the corresponding documentation.
    1.Please provide further details about your current or previous occupation and any business you possess or work with, as well as supporting documents such as payslips issued within the past 3 months or confirmation letter from human resource department.
    2.Please confirm the source of funds deposited into your Nebula account and provide supporting documents such as payroll, statements from other exchanges, loan agreements, credit card statements, or screenshots of transactions from non-custodial wallets
    3.Please identify the primary source of your overall property/net asset and provide supporting documents (e.g. pay stubs,brokerage/investment statements,real estate trading documents, probate or property transfer documents, copy of will, probate, gift letter and etc. ) If the source of your property comes from cryptocurrencies or other investments, please provide additional supporting documentation to prove the original source.
    4.Please provide 3 months bank statements issued within the last 4 months.
    5.According to EU anti-money laundering regulation, you need to deposit 50% of your withdrawal amount to your Nebula account wallet within 72 hours to complete the verification of funds. Your withdrawal request will be approved immediately after the verfication goes through.
    How to upload files:
    · Please reply directly to this email – use the same email address associated with your Nebula account
    Once this information is received, we will review it as soon as possible.
    Please let us know if you have any questions, we are more than happy to help.
    Nebula Compliance

    As you can see what they are asking are legaly confidential docs which even an idiot will never send plus the fact that they ask to give the 50% back to them.

    Crazy things

  4. I was scammed. I put 1000$ on DBS coin, which might be fake. After i read that this site is scam, i start withdraw my money slowly. I withdraw 600$ successfully, but last 400$, i got status of successful transaction, but money disappeared.

  5. Dear Sirs ,

    I have registered with Nebula-pro and when i asked to withdraw a part of my money they asked me for unacceptable docs which are private and confidential plus the fact that they requested also to deposit the 50% of the amount which i have asked to withdraw in order to realize the money.

    As all above was not enough they have also freezed illegaly the amount requested for withdraw without having the possibility to do anything.

    I will much appreciate yr advise and pls circulate the info in order that no other people will get involved with these scammers.

    Looking fwd to hearing from you.

    Best Regards
    George Nicolaidis

  6. i lost $6000. when i try to withdraw the said there is a system default value error i need to wait. then i understand i got scammed. is there anyway to recover this money?

    1. Tirsi balığı; Bilgidigim kadarıyla 3 Eylül kadar çekemiyorsunuz. Siz ödül Bonus sistemine kayıt olmuşsunuz. 16 agustos ve 03 Eylül arası para cekemezsiniz.
      As far as I know, you can’t shoot until September 3. You are registered in the reward bonus system. You cannot withdraw money between 16 August and 03 September.

  7. Is NEBULACAPITAL.PRO the same ???

  8. I lost also some amount, put more than 1kEUR in USDT with fund coming from Binance.

    I tried first time to withdraw 100EUDT and only after 3 days I received this amount back in Binance, but now the other iwthdraw request are frozen since more than 1 week. No feedback, reply from them…

  9. İşin özeti bu yatırılan parayı almanın hiçbir yolu yok mu?
    Bottom line, is there any way to get the money invested?

  10. I was investing about 1k€ in usdt by binance app. i deposit on nebula and bought some crypto there. Now i tried to withdraw some of the money back but it said advanced identify authentification failed. I tried to do the advanced authentification about a week ago and now its still in progress. i wrote 2 emails there but no answer nothing. is there any chance to get the money back ?

  11. I also invested in crypto by Nebula and get crazy request and threats. Threats like they will freeze all my accounts in the EU. I can not do anything with my investment because my account is frozen. It is going to be a hell of a job to get my money (€12000)back.

    1. Hello sir,

      Just like you I have been scammed by Nebula as well. Which steps have you been taking in order to get your money back?

  12. The platforms: nebula-pro and aama are scams. Attention.
    You cannot withdraw money from that account. The scammers invite you into dubious WhatsApp groups.
    For bigger withdrawals they want money to de-freez your account.
    Ladies (on Tinder) promote these sites. It’s a trap.

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