PhemexBitpro reivew – is a scam or safe?

PhemexBitpro reivew – is a scam or safe?

PhemexBitpro Key Features

🔴 PhemexBitpro provides access to a shady investment service – a warning sign!

🔴 PhemexBitpro is under no regulatory oversight – a red flag!

🔴 PhemexBitpro lies about its contact information – a red flag!

🔴 PhemexBitpro creates irrational expectations of obscene profits in its victims- a red flag!

PhemexBitpro Products and Services

PhemexBitpro is yet another scam company that has its victims deposit under the false promises of ridiculous profits. Here is what the first several tiers of investment plans look like with PhemexBitpro:

Of course, there is no way for the scammers behind the firm to guarantee any of these high returns – even the most modest plan with its 6.5% daily ROI is too much. There is no way that a legitimate company would promise this – it is simply impossible for anyone to guarantee you such a high income.

And if you consider it possible that PhemexBitpro can grant that, consider the following question – if PhemexBitpro were so lucrative, why would it need you to deposit? Surely, the people behind the company would be able to invest using their own service and not have to pay out middlemen like you such high amounts! The answer is obvious – PhemexBitpro is running a HYIP scheme!

HYIP stands for High-Yield Investment Programme and these businesses usually promise higher ROIs (return on investment) than usual. In some cases, the offers are just ridiculous- up to hundreds and thousands of percentages per day, which certainly can’t happen. To draw a comparison, even the wealthiest banks or investment funds are not capable of delivering more than 10% per year, let alone per day or week. Therefore, the products and services assessment suggests that you’ll be at risk if you deposit.

That being so, it’s worth considering trendy alternatives that can help you build an extra income, such as Forex brokers PAMM managed accounts, social trading or crypto services that may as well fulfil your investment needs. For example, many cryptocurrency exchanges already provide passive income opportunities like BTC and ETH staking but make sure to subscribe to well-known, proven networks.

PhemexBitpro Company and Regulation

PhemexBitpro claims to operate from the UK. However, the company is not licensed with the regulatory body that oversees the UK markets. The name of that body is the FCA, and it is among the strictest regulatory bodies out there. It also provides guarantees for the safety of investments within companies under its regulatory oversight. Stick with licensed companies to make use of such protections and avoid scams!

The lack of regulation implies that the people operating this HYIP are working unchecked, meaning they can misuse or misappropriate your funds, eventually bearing no responsibility for their actions. To draw a distinction, regulated investment companies are forced by law to follow certain rules that guarantee the safety of clients’ funds. For example, to get a license, a firm should meet minimum capital requirements that vary from country to country and may also depend on the product specification as there are many types of investments possible- stocks, bonds, mutual funds, banking products, fixed-income, retirements and so on.

In the US, the minimum capital requirement is 20 million USD, which happens to be among the heftiest in the world. Other than that, US financial services companies are also required to keep accounts segregated, thus ensuring that clients’ money can’t be exposed to unnecessary risks or stolen. However, it’s worth noting that the US regulatory framework is very complex as there are numerous financial authorities, among which NFA, CFTC and SEC, to name a few, and all of these monitor companies in one way or another. The US markets may be tricky for the ordinary investor, so make sure to acquaint yourself with the environment before you’ve wasted money on potential scams like the one under review. And you’d better avoid unregulated investment businesses at all times.

PhemexBitpro Address and Contacts

Address:46 Morningside Rd, Edinburgh EH10 4BF, UK 
Phone number:N/A
E-mail:[email protected]

PhemexBitpro is not operating from the UK as it claims to – that is because the company is not licensed there, as previously explored. There is no reason to believe PhemexBitpro has its address where it states it can be found – no-one can offer investment services in the UK without the proper license!

Considering investment opportunities, transparency is always crucial. As for cryptos, you already know that Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system, which is designed to protect the privacy and to provide security. However, that doesn’t mean that the crypto providers should also be anonymous. After all, these people will handle your money, so you should at least know who they are and where they operate from. In fact, we need to note that some trustworthy exchanges don’t reveal such information on their websites, but it’s still easy to verify that businesses are legal, law-abiding companies; therefore, it’s always a worrying sign if the crypto provider isn’t transparent. Website Info

SimilarWeb RankingNone at the time of writing
Server Country IS
WHOIS Reg. Date2021-07-06
SSL certificateValid
OwnerRedacted for Privacy
AdministratorRedacted for Privacy

Is PhemexBitpro Safe?

PhemexBitpro is not safe. The company is a total scam, and we think it pertinent to reiterate that the only outcome of investing with it is losses and headaches!

Scam Warning

Scammers are always riding the trends, so it’s not at the least surprising that cryptocurrency fraud is now blooming. Even more so, the high-tech nature of Bitcoin actually facilitates scams as most people don’t really know how crypto works, so scammers take advantage of the lack of understanding. Indeed, the crypto scam has been here for a while, and it proved to be extremely dangerous- just recall OneCoin, which happened to be a multi-billion Ponzi scheme disguised as a revolutionary digital currency. However, scammers rarely go out of their comfort zone, so most crypto scams happen to be very similar to the typical investment fraud.

The fraudulent crypto schemes are also anonymous and illegal, while scammers introduce themselves with fake identities. There are also too many impersonators resembling the websites of valid start-up companies from where customers get redirected to other insecure fishy payment portals that may as well carry additional security risks. The cons yet again promise the moon and the stars to their victims but won’t deliver a thing in the end. However, the difference between crypto and the rest of the investment scams is that people are more likely to believe that they can become rich overnight as Bitcoin has already proved to have massive profit potential. In any case, you should be very cautious when it comes to crypto, as the markets are plagued by scammers ready to take advantage of you.

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