RRR Casino Review: Scam or Safe?

RRR Casino Review: Scam or Safe?


RRR Casino opens on a bland and uninteresting note, and never sways from this, even for a moment. The lack of style and character in one thing, but the unacceptable absence of a license, and to some extent of payment conditions, are what burry this casino. And for that we reproach RRR Casino.


BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
Welcome Bonus300 INR100% up to 50000 INR25xUnspecified
2nd Welcome BonusUnspecified50% up to 50000 INRUnspecifiedUnspecified
Subsequent Deposit BonusesUnspecified50%UnspecifiedUnspecified

If you were expecting a fluid bonus scene, you will leave disappointed. The bonuses here are not numerous, and in fact not well explained or detailed, with no separate bonus terms and conditions. Which means that the casino can up with sudden amendments that will have a dramatic effect on your game. So, as with everything here, bonuses are not really useful.

Welcome Bonus of 100% up to ₹50 000:  This is the first deposit welcome bonus, where the minimum deposit is ₹300, and the wagering requirement is set at 25x. You'll notice that the bonuses are in the Indian Rupee denomination, meaning that the casino is potentially caters to Indian players, whihc would explain certain shady elements.

2nd Deposit Bonus of 50% up to ₹50 000: We can't be sure is the above wagering and minimum deposit apply to this bonus or not, but all we know is that if you've come as far as a second deposit within RRR Casino, then this review will hopefully deter you away from further interacting with it. That' all we have to say.

Subsequent Deposit Bonus of 50%: This seems to be a term of all other bonuses that follow the first two welcome packages. The maximum bonus has not been revealed, and neither have any of the wagering or other crucial bonus terms and conditions.

If it weren't for the Subsequent bonuses the promotional situation with the casino would have been tragic. As it currently stands, it is acceptable but still lackluster. There is little initiative here for users who are looking for bonuses, which, realistically speaking, are most new players. Without a solid bonus foundation RRR Casino might find it hard to acquire new players.


We found out very quickly that RRR Casino is completely unregulated, and maybe worse of all, anonymous and thus untraceable. If you invest here you don't know where your money will end up with, and the lack of a license only exacerbates this issue even further, offering no repose for users.

The legal documents are unacceptably short and have no regulatory details, while the footer is also devoid of a licensing seal. Thus we had no other choice than to label the casino unlicensed.

Most unregulated, and even those that are anonymous, don't seem to pose any real risk to its users. They just don't want to be regulated and prefer a more liberal approach based on personal preferences which may contradict regulators' demands. That is the consensus within the industry when we refer to unlicensed casinos. However, from what we have seen RRR Casino is one rare exception.

And by that we mean that this casino might actually pose a direct risk to users and their money. The lack of legal documents is the first major big no here. There are no legal grounds for the user to walk on, so the casino can act as it pleases with no repercussions to its actions, most of which will probably directly affect the client on a personal and financial level. For example, the casino may introduce fees or rollover requirements for deposits that will block any withdrawal attempts, or even cancel any accumulated profit. It's a landmine of a situation, however the casino has full control over where to place the mine in real time and when to activate it. So, the user will never feel safe.

So, RRR Casino is the “real” deal. It's unregulated, anonymous, and a risk. In all truthfulness, this may be one of the worst casino platforms we have reviewed, and there is no excuse for RRR Casino. Almost every other casino out there is better than this one.

Languages: English

Restricted countries: Korea, North


Currencies: Euro (EUR), US Dollar (USD), Indian Rupee (INR)

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee

The lack of legal documents is no real excuse not to include any payment methods whatsoever. But RRR Casino seems to be of a different opinion that us or users overall. So, as a result of this twisted way of thought there are absolutely no payment details at all. Nothing. No minimum deposit, no payment methods, no mention of fees, and no processing times.

In general, inline casino fall under one of three categories, when it comes to the payment grounds. Either a casino has an abundant offering of available gateways, attracting users from all walks of life, in addition to great payment conditions such as low minimum deposits and withdrawals. shorts processing times, lack of payment fees, etc.
The second category is where most online casinos fall into. Here the casino in question has an average collection of payment details and options, and at times it may lack transparency, but the deposit and withdrawal options remain suitable and varied enough for most players.
And then there's the third kind, where we find the likes of RRR Casino. This category is the rarest of all, since it makes no sense not to include any, or very little, information on available payment methods and conditions. Here the level of transparency is virtually non existent, and users really have no clue what they are getting themselves into. It's borderline risky!

From our side, we can tell you of the most popular methods and conditions. Methods like credit cards, debit cards, bank transfers, e-wallets, and at times cryptocurrencies, have always been a staple of modern online casinos. So, it's safe to assume that RRR Casino offers at least one of these. As for the other conditions, the truth is that it depends on the casino. Usually the minimum deposit it low as well as the minimum withdrawal amount. As for any fees, there most prevalent ones are tied into the payment systems and currency conversion processes.  Processing times for deposits usually take several minutes up to a day, while the typical withdrawal processing time frame is 3 days. There also may be dormant account commissions as well as deposit rollover requirements that are not tied to bonuses, but have to be completed in order to avoid suspicions of money laundering activities.


Yet another let down was the gaming selection. First of all, the presentation was unimpressive consisting of generalized categories with no way to single out special types of games. The whole thing was very uninspired and we find it hard to think of a user out there that will be grabbed by what RRR Casino has to offer.

There are 190 slots in total, which include slots that are on the more common side, with popular ones few and far in-between:  Temple of Dead, Princess Royal, Four Lucky Clover, Lucky Lady Moon, Fruit Nova, 5 Mariachis, Koi Gate, and more. There is a clear lack of variety and personality, and we feel as if RRR Casino just picked up the slots that were the easiest to acquire and then left it at that. If you're into slot games this casino offers even worse than the bare minimum.

The live games situation is better, in terms of single game variety. With a total of 45 games, the casino has somehow achieved to fit in Baccarat, Roulette, Teen Patti, Sic Bo, Andar Bahar, Dragon Tiger, War, and Poker games. But still, these are in limited supplies, so it may be more worth your while to check other casinos that focus on live gaming.

The table games section offered pretty much the same game types as the live games, the only difference being that the table games are not live, i.e not played with other players. And there's the issue of there being only 25 table games in total.

The casino tries to spice things up with the inclusion of Fishing, Crash, and Shooting games, but it ultimately fails to grab our attention. These instant games are not numerous and are disorganized. And, they offer a very limited degree of the alternatives. If RRR Casino wanted to diversify, it should have included more than three types of these games.

And let's not even talk about the 3 lottery games which seem more to yield an effect of sympathy than anything else. We wonder what purpose these serve; perhaps only to boost the casino's non-existent reputation, or to create the illusion of abundance? Even if it succeeded (by means of all game types) RRR Casino would still be way to shady for comfort.

The casino tries to offer variety but ultimately fails in both eh delivery and the end product, instead coming up with a limited and not well presented selection of games. The number one attraction at RRR Casino is unimpressive, so the last hope for RRR Casino just disintegrated.

Game providers: OneTouch, Fazi, Evolution, Ezugi, NetEnt, Endorphina, BGaming, Habanero, Betsolutions, Smartsoft Gaming, TPG, TrueLab, KA Gaming


We fail to see or imagine a place where RRR Casino would be of use to anyone. This casino barely holds on to whatever proverbial ledge is hangs from. There's no reason for anyone to invest here. Almost all 99% of casino's out there are better than this one.

RRR Casino Pros and Cons

Nothing GoodUnregulated and Anonymous
No Payment Information
Subpar Gaming Package
Lacks Coherence

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