Star Spin Review: Scam or Safe?

Star Spin Review: Scam or Safe?


Star Spin claims that it's the Australia's most trusted platform, but that's simply a lie, and it's not a good start for any casino to spread disinformation right after you've opened the website. In fact, Star Spin is a very niche casino, as it targets mostly players from Australia. Interestingly enough, there are plenty of Asian details in the theme, which makes us believe that Star Spin targets not just Australians, but players from Asian origin in Australia – that's what we call a niche business; a noteworthy fact.

Anyhow, that was basically the only positive feature of this casino. The rest of it is simply disappointing and substandard – a spoiler, we would never wager in such a house, and in the following review, we'll explain why we express such an atitude towards Star Spin.

Languages: English, Chinese


BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
New Member No Deposit Bonus-10 AUDUnspecified38 AUD
Welcome Back No Deposit Bonus-10 AUDUnspecified20 AUD
Share Bonus Free-3 AUD50x30 AUD
Welcome Bonus30 AUD30%5x288 AUD
Weekend Bonus20 AUD20%3x288 AUD
Super Bonus20 AUD100% up to 30 AUD5x200 AUD
Unlimited Bonus10 AUD8%2x100 AUD
Weekly VIP Reward1000 AUD88 AUD5xUnspecified
Star Rebate-5%UnspecifiedUnspecified

The selection of bonuses is rather appealing, as there is variety and 3 no deposit bonuses alltogether – overall, a pretty favourable feature, at least on paper. On the other hand, however, we should strongly express our disapproval of the lacking Terms and Conditions – Star Spin basically shares absolutely no details regarding gaming. The info for all the bonuses is scraped from the promotion banners – an approach absolutely proving that Star Spin doesn't work according to international standard and practices. Good casinos has a selection of documents designating all terms and conditions so that players have access to every requirement regarding gaming, which generally helps them take an informed decision. Star Spin has not a single document, meaning that whenever you place money in this casino, you will be exposed to great risks. Keep this in mind.

Anyhow, with the little information we could gather, let us discuss the bonus promotions offered by Star Spin.

New Member No Deposit Bonus – upon sign up, players can get 10 AUD for free. This is a typical no deposit bonus, and one of the very good features of Star Spin. Wagering requirements are not specified, while the cash-out limit from bonus money is 38 AUD. Keep in mind, however, that to withdraw any winnings from the no deposit bonus, you should deposit no less than 300 AUD, which is way too much for us. By and large, Star Spin made an excellent very good impression that was quickly wasted away with the unreasonable deposit requirement to unlock withdrawals.

Welcome Back No Deposit Bonus – another free 10 AUD are waiting players to log in after registration. A very decent bonus, which in the same fashion gets unfavourable as 200 AUD deposit is required to unlock winnings from the no deposit bonus. Wagering requirement is not specified, while the cash-out limit is just 20 AUD. Simple math tells you that it doesn't make sense to deposit 200 AUD in order to withdraw the max of 20 AUD – that's our view on this bonus.

Share Bonus Free – the third no deposit bonus that is somewhat an affiliate program. If players share links to Star Spin, they can get 3 AUD per share, which seems like an offer that's too good to be true. In any case, the promotion is not fully specified, so the particular TCs are undisclosed, which leaves room for doubt. Anyhow, it's good to see that Star Spin has another no deposit bonus for players. The wagering requirement is 50 times, while the cash-out limit is set at 30 AUD. Deposit requirements for withdrawal of winnings are not specified.

Welcome Bonus – a typical welcoming promotion. The bonus of 30% is activated with a deposit of 30 AUD or more. The maximum bonus amount is undisclosed, but the cash-out limit is set at 288 AUD. The wagering requirement is low – just 5 times the bonus. On the other hand, however, the deposit should be separately wagered 1 time before withdrawal. Any other details about this promotion are not available.

Weekend Bonus – during weekends, players can get 20% on their deposits if they place 20 AUD or more. The wagering requirement is 3 times the bonus and 1 time the deposit – on paper, that's a very good condition. The cash-out limit is 288 AUD.

Super Bonus – there are two separate Super Bonuses that are available once per day – Super Bonus 20 Get 40 and Super Bonus 30 Get 60. In fact, the presentation of this promotion is rather unclear, but from the little information we could get, it seems that players get 100% on their deposits. The deposits are fixed – 20 AUD and 30 AUD for each Super Bonus. The wagering requirement is 5 times the bonus and 1 time the deposit, with the cash-out limit being 200 AUD.

Unlimited Bonus – another bonus that's not clearly specified. It consists of three options:

  • 10 AUD deposit to get 2% bonus
  • 20 AUD deposit to get 4% bonus
  • 50 AUD deposit to get 8% bonus

The maximum prize is not specified, while the wagering requirement varies – 1 to 2 times for bonus and 1 time for deposit. The cash-out limit is 50 AUD for the 2% bonus and 100 AUD for the other two. It's unknown when and why this bonus is claimed – is it a daily or weekly promotion, are there any other conditions to be met – basically nothing is specified. It's also undisclosed for how long the bonus is valid.

Weekly VIP Reward – an unreasonable bonus, in our view. In this promotion, players with VIP badges (there is absolutely no single detail of information regarding how a client becomes VIP) should deposit at least 1000 AUD during the week to get up to 88 AUD bonus. Indeed, here are the three tiers of this promotion:

  • 1000 AUD cumulative deposits to get 68.88 AUD bonus
  • 2000 AUD cumulative deposits to get 78.88 AUD bonus
  • 3000 AUD cumulative deposits to get 88.88 AUD bonus

The wagering requirement is 5 times the bonus, with no cash-out limit specified. The bonus is not such a great incentive, but for players who wager regularly it will be a sort of a cashback – that's how we see it. For this promo, we shall also mention that there is no full specification.

Star Rebate – a typical cashback promotion. Players can get 5% of their losses, but for this promo, there is absolutely no other detail to talk through.


On few occasions, Star Spin shows the badge of Gaming Curacao, which should suggest that the casino is licensed by the master holder. That, however, led us to nowhere. Neither through the website nor in the validator we could verify that Star Spin is a licensed casino. It seems to operate without a valid license, which comes as a major downside. Indeed, there is absolutely nothing about the company operating this casino, so quite obviously, there is a lack of transparency – a very serious problem.

Unlicensed casinos are risky and it's not guaranteed that players will enjoy safe and fair gaming environment while wagering. Our advice is to stay away from unlicensed casinos and stick to authorised ones instead. Most of the gaming houses are registered and regulated in Curacao, so let us explain a bit more about the licensing regime there.

Firstly, we shall mention that Curacao’s casino regulation is not as strict as the frameworks in the UK or Malta, for example.  That said, the country has become very popular among online casinos due to the affordable licensing fees and beneficial tax policies. This structure allows casinos to offer a wider variety of games and more rewarding bonuses to their players, so it's not at the least surprising that the vast majority of online casinos are registered and authorised by the local authorities.

The Curacao’s regulatory framework is very different, as online casinos are not licensed by the local gaming authorities directly. Instead, four independent companies are in charge of authorisation and control – Antillephone, Gaming Curacao, E-Gaming, and CIL. Each one has the power to grant licenses and oversee if casinos are following all the rules and regulations imposed by the authorities. A common belief is that the supervision is not as strong because of this setup, but some benefits are there, as well. The quicker and cheaper licensing gives more freedom to casinos, and on top of that, the process is usually more efficient when handled by private companies. Plus, having four licensing companies instead of just one means they can keep a closer watch on more casinos in a more efficient way. So, if you’re looking for a casino with extra bonuses and possibly a bigger choice of slot games, you might want to pick one licensed in Curacao. The gambling houses licensed in Curacao are safe enough.

As mentioned before, Star Spin doesn't have a comprehensive set of legal documents, so it's unclear which are the excluded countries if any. Nevertheless, Star Spin should restrict players from the following countries, or else, the casino may face serious problems, including website taken down swiftly:

Restricted countries: American Samoa, Guam, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands, U.S.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Currencies: Australian Dollar (AUD)

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Bank20 AUDUnspecifiedInstantFree

Actually, there is very little information about deposits. On certain occasions, we show evidence that bank transfers are supported, but we cannot explicitly validate this. We also were unable to test the deposit system as registrations turned out to be more dodgy – the only way you can sign up is through WhatsApp. An approach we find unacceptable. Star Spin is not a good casino. It's shady and untrustworthy!

Anyhow, the minimum deposit is said to be 20 AUD, with each transaction being instant and free of charge.

Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Bank50 AUDUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified

As for withdrawals, Star Spin states that the minimum players can take out is 50 AUD – a requirement that's a little bit higher than necessary. The good casinos usually require $10 or $20 as a minimum. Another thing specified is that the maximum withdrawal is 50 000 AUD, but it's not clarified whether it's a single transaction limit, daily or monthly cap. Whatever the case, the casino proves to be shady, and things get even shadier as there are no details about processing time, rollover requirement, inactive accounts or any other condition deemed critical.

Games and Game Suppliers

Game providers: Spade Gaming, Habanero, PGSoft, KA Gaming, Other

Star Spin works with very few gaming providers, and frankly speaking, most of the slots we saw were unknown to us. It's worth noting that some of the studios delivering games were highly unpopular, and probably available only for the Asian market. Anyways, the gaming experience is not promising at all. More so, not even one slot is available for demo playing!

A few popular slots we can mention are delivered by Habanero – Fa Cai Shen, Koi Gate, Four Divine Beasts, Santas' Village, Lucky Lucky, Hot Hot Halloween, Hey Sushi, Lucky Fortune Cat and so forth.

There are also Live Casino games, but unfortunately, not even one is accessible without registration. It's so bad that you cannot even see a single title. Star Spin is not a good casino.


Star Spin is a real disappointment. It has a somewhat good selection of bonuses, and it's a niche casino. Those, however, are the only two positive aspects we can mention. On the negative side, the casino doesn't seem to have a license, reveals absolutely no gaming conditions, the sign-up process is shady and the overall appearance is very bad – the website is simply awful. We do not consider Star Spin a good casino, and we cannot even see a potential in it. You'd better find another gaming house for wagering – this one is substandard and a potentially risky place.

Star Spin Pros and Cons

Bonuses Without Deposits AvailableUnverifiable License
No Gaming Conditions Specified
Suspicious Sign Up Process
Slots Are Not Available For Demo Playing

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