Survey Shows that 25% of US Adults are Ready to Invest in Crypto for the First Time

Survey Shows that 25% of US Adults are Ready to Invest in Crypto for the First Time


Huobi – a cryptocurrency exchange, surveyed in the US, asking 3 144 US adults about their views on crypto, 47 of whom were men. According to the report, it was “an in-depth survey to learn how the average person views cryptocurrencies, their thoughts on emerging trends, and if they plan on investing in the space in the future”.

According to the results:

  • 47% say they don’t have crypto and don’t have plans to acquire or invest in it. More than half reported they had just started investing in crypto within the last year.
  • 28% say they currently have crypto;
  • 25% say that “while they don’t own crypto at the moment, they plan to in the future, indicating that they remain curious about the emerging field”, announced by the survey.

Asked about their confidence in the future of the crypto industry, the respondents answered as follows:

  • 42% say that they are “ambivalent/don’t know much about it”;
  • 23% are pessimistic saying “not confident, I think it’s all a scam/bubble and going to collapse”;
  • 19% are overly optimistic, saying, “I think the industry will transform the definition of money”;
  • 16% are on the neutral side, saying, “I think it’ll grow, but not by much.”

The reasons to buy crypto shows that most of the respondents view it as a long-term opportunity. The results:

  • 18% believe that crypto has a “short-term investment potential”;
  • 6% invested because “friends/family recommended it”;
  • 7% bought because of “FOMO (Fear of missing out)”;
  • 27% acquired it due to “general interest”;
  • 40% acknowledge the “long-term investment potential” and bought it;
  • 2% ticked “other.”

The survey aimed to understand the average person’s views on cryptocurrencies and how they fit
within the broader context of the industry. The results showed that people are adopting it at a higher pace than before and that the interest in crypto gets higher.

While there isn’t a broad consensus in society, the number of people ready to try it out is increasing.


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