Unlim Casino Review: Scam or Safe?

Unlim Casino Review: Scam or Safe?


Unlim Casino is a spanking new online gambling house who set foot in the market in the middle of 2023. For this short period of time the casino managed to prove itself as a promising new gaming spot with a lot of strong points. Mind however that this casino is probably mainly focused on Russian players, since part of the currencies on the website are in Russian Ruble, while others are in Euro. Still, this doesn’t mean that you can’t play here if you are a resident of another country – just beware the limited choice of currencies which include Euro, USD, and Russian Ruble only.

Apart from that, everything else here seems to be standard. You can also benefit from a nice range of promotions, as well as a decent gaming library. The payment conditions also seem to be on point so that’s yet another positive. But probably the best feature of Unlim Casino is its legit e-gaming license, which leads to safe and fair gaming conditions. What we don’t like in particular however is the limited selection of payment methods and a couple of rather high wagering requirements, but that’s all. Other than that this house seems like a suitable choice to spend some time gambling. You can find some more details in the following review.


The bonus schemes this casino comes with are both pretty standard but they also bear some unique features as well. Here’s what we mean by that – on one hand, you can spot the traditional welcome offers, as well as the regular reload offers and some cash-backs. On the other hand, the interesting part happens to be that you can actually choose between two or three types of each offer. For example you have three different First Deposit bonuses to choose from and each comes with different rewards and bonus conditions as well. We appreciate the diversity of prizes here so this is definitely one positive side for us.

On the other hand, several of the promotions feature some rather high wagering requirements or high minimum deposits. Have a look:

BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
First Deposit Bonus 1€6150% up to €150 + 50 spins50xUnspecified
First Deposit Bonus 2€20125% up to €150 + 100 spins45xUnspecified
First Deposit Bonus 3€50150% up to €200 + 150 spins40xUnspecified
Second Deposit Bonus 1€650% up to €100 + 30 spins35xUnspecified
Second Deposit Bonus 2€5050% up to €150 + 75 spins30xUnspecified
Third Deposit Bonus 1€675% up to €150 + 30 spins35xUnspecified
Third Deposit Bonus 2€2075% up to €200 + 100 spins35xUnspecified
Third Deposit Bonus 3€50100% up to €100 + 100 spins35xUnspecified
Cyber Monday 1€150175 spins30xUnspecified
Cyber Monday 2€75€7535xUnspecified
Wednesday’s Secret 1€2550% up to €20045xUnspecified
Wednesday’s Secret 2€25150 spins40xUnspecified
Saturday’s Takeoff 1€4075% up to €10050xUnspecified
Saturday’s Takeoff 2€40250 spins45xUnspecified

Let’s start with the First Deposit Bonuses which differ from each other a lot mainly because of the minimum deposits and wagering requirements. All in all, these types of offers are available for all new players who have just opened an account with the casino and wish to start gambling. You can select the exact bonus from the cashier while making your first deposit, as the name implies. The exact duration of these offers is not specified, but usually most of the houses leave you from a week to a month in order to use your bonus and complete the wagers. After that the reward and all accumulated winnings are voided. Now, here are the options:

  • The First Deposit Bonus 1 comes with 150% up to €150 and 50 free spins. In order to claim it you need to invest just €6, which is even lower compared to the standard amounts for the market. To be precise most of the houses ask for around €20, so the entry point here is quite affordable. The rewards themselves are also more or less beneficial – we appreciate the high multiplier and the added free spins, but find the maximum cash reward to be rather modest. All in all, it could be a nice way to boost your gambling at the start of your journey here. Not everything related to this offer is so great however. The wagering requirement features at least 50 turnovers of your deposit and bonus and that’s not typical for an online casino. Usually the amounts are between x30 and x40 wagers, so we are not happy with the condition, at least to say. Remember that fouling to meet the requirement will result in inability to withdraw your funds, so it’s essential to complete those wagers.
  • The First Deposit Bonus 2 features a similar reward of 125% up to €150 and 100 free spins. Now, the multiplier may be lower, but at the same time you get more free spins, so things seem pretty even to us. The qualifying deposit here is slightly higher compared to the previous promotion, since you need at least €20 in order to unlock this offer. Yet, this is a standard amount for the sector, as we pointed out, so everything’s fine. The wagering requirement is also slightly relaxed – this time you have to make at least 45 turnovers of your deposit and bonus and 30 wagers of your free spins’ winnings before being eligible to perform any payouts. As you see, the conditions are more like it, so this offer seems like the perfect middle ground.
  • Then you can also choose the First Deposit 3, which comes with 150% up to €200 and 150 free spins. The rewards definitely seem more generous, since you both have a high multiplier and a good amount of free spins to enjoy. This however comes with a higher minimum investment as well. In this case you have to deposit at least €50 in order to benefit from the offer. As we pointed out, the golden standard for the sector is around €20 or €30, so the entry point here is slightly higher than that. On the other hand, the wagering requirement is even lower and features at least 40 wagers of your deposit and bonus and at least 30 for winnings resulting from free spins. In short, the requirement fits perfectly in the standards and can probably compensate for the higher qualifying deposit. All in all, it’s up to you to decide which option suits you more and is more worthy.

The Second Deposit Bonus has two variations to choose from. Have a look:

  • You can get a 50% bonus up to €100 and 30 free spins on top of that. Seems like a more modest reward, but it’s still capable of fueling up your gambling. The qualifying deposit here is just €6 which is more than satisfying. As for the wagers you need in order to make withdrawals, they are said to be at least 35 for your deposit and bonus and at least 30 for the free spins’ winnings. As you see, the conditions here are pretty advantageous, so the whole promotion may be worth it.
  • The other option features a 50% reward up to €150 and 75 free spins. As you see, the maximum bonus and free spins are slightly better. The same applies for the wagers you have to make – this offer is subject to a wagering requirement of x30 that applies for the whole bonus (deposit and bonus and free spins’ winnings). So far so good, just beware that with the positives come one negative as well – the qualifying deposit here is at least €50, so it’s up to you to deceit if the prize can justify the higher entry point.

The casino once again gives you the chase to choose between three different bonuses upon making your Third Deposit with it. Again, the bonuses come with different conditions so you can decide for yourself which best suits your needs:

  • Making your Third Deposit with the casino can grant you a 75% bonus up to €150 and 30 free spins. Again, the qualifying deposit is quite affordable and features at least €6. The wagers are said to be at least 35 for your deposit and bonus and at least 30 for winnings resulting from free spins. All in all, we are rather pleased with the whole offer.
  • Instead of that, you can benefit from a 75% reward up to €200 and 100 free spins. The higher prize comes with a slightly higher qualifying deposit as well. To be precise you need at least €20 in order to claim the offer, which is still acceptable. The wagering requirement also remains pretty favorable with x35 and x30 turnovers for deposit and bonus and free spins respectively. To be honest, this promotion is probably most worth it, at least for us.
  • If this offer is not what you are looking for though, then the casino has one more option. You can be granted a 100% bonus up to €100 and 100 free spins. Again, in order to perform any payouts, you have to make at least 35 turnovers of your deposit and bonus and at least 30 wagers of your free spins’ winnings. Mind however the higher qualifying deposit of €50.

Next, you can also benefit from a couple of weekly offers that can be claimed regularly on a specific day. For example every Wednesday you can claim the Wednesday’s Secret in order to boost your gambling. This offer also comes in two alternatives and you can choose only one of them each week. Have a look:

  • The Wednesday’s Secret 1 comes with a 50% bonus up to €200. No free spins are included though. In order to claim this promotion you need at least €25, which is absolutely acceptable. The wagering requirement features at least 45 turnovers of your deposit and bonuses.
  • The Wednesday’s Secret 2 features a slightly different type of reward. Here you can be granted 150 free spins in exchange of at least €25 as well. The wagering requirement is more relaxed however and features at least 40 turnovers.

Apart from that, you can also choose between two different types of Saturday Bonus in order to kickstart your weekend. As the name suggests, the Saturday Takeoffs can be claimed once each Saturday and come with the following prizes:

  • The first option features a 75% bonus up to €100 with no free spins in the package. The qualifying deposit here is slightly higher and features at least €40 and the same applies for the wagering requirement. In order to make any withdrawals you have to make at least 50 turnovers of your deposit and bonuses. That’s why we are not very impressed with the whole offer – not only that the reward isn’t anything to write home about, but it also comes with unfavorable bonus conditions.
  • The other option gives you the chance to receive 250 free spins. The minimum investment remains €40 as well, but at least the wagering requirement is slightly relaxed and features x45 turnovers of the total amount (deposit and bonuses).

And finally, the Cyber Monday bonus also deserves some attention. The reason we mention it last, is because this offer is limited in time – in fact it lasts from 27.11.2023 to 29.11.2023, so today is your last chance to benefit from it. Still, no matter if you manage to claim it, this promotion is worth mentioning for a couple of reasons. First of all, it shows that Unlim Casino obviously comes with seasonal promotions and we much appreciate that. For this reason, it’s quite probable that some Christmas editions are on the way, so stay tuned! Until then, here’s what the Cyber Monday offers look like:

  • An initial deposit of at least €150 made in the promotional period can grant you 175 free spins. The wagers you need in order to make any cash-outs are quite relaxed and feature at least 30 turnovers of your deposit and bonus.
  • Apart from that you can get a €75 bonus in exchange of €75 as well. In short, this offer doubles your investment, so it may be worth it. In order for your funds to become withdrawable, you need at least 35 turnovers, which is pretty standard, as we explained.

In addition, the Fast and Furious Tournament is also awaiting for you with special rewards and generous prize pools.

And finally, just a quick reminder that you can benefit from a great VIP rewards program named the VIP Race, which comes with generous rewards, birthday and holiday bonuses, special tournaments, and a personal VIP manager. The program can also grant you great Cash-backs. Just beware that this type of bonus is available only for players from Level 2 starting with 2% refund. In short, the higher you rank in the program, the better the cash-back! The maximum you can get is said to be a 15% cash-back, which is available only for Level 15 users.


Unlim Casino is owned and operated by LetterM B.V., a company established under the laws of Curacao. The latter is said to be licensed by Antillephone N.V., which is one of the four Master License holds authorized by the Government of Curacao. Furthermore, there’s also a digital seal that redirects you to the actual license. Still, there’s something we found to be rather strange. The company name on the license is SilverDeer B.V. and that’s one thing that can’t be explained. The casino seems legit – you can see its URL in the following legal document:

This could be just an unintentional slip, change of company name or whatsoever, but all in all the whole situation seems rather confusing. That’s why we hope that Unlim Casino will take action any time soon to resolve this misunderstanding.

Meanwhile, here are some of the main perks of dealing with regulated casinos and how essential it can be to pick the right enterprise:

  • Safe and secure gaming environment – all licensed houses are obligated to incorporate advanced encryption technology in order to protect sensitive data. Money laundering and identity theft are also out of the question mainly because of the many anti-fraud measures.
  • Profitably fair games – all games provided must be fully certified and with unpredictable outcomes. In order to achieve that all authorized houses must use random number generators (RNGs) – this way it’s 100% that the result of each game is unbiased and fair.
  • Reliable payment methods – this includes fast and smooth transactions, issue-free payments, and up-to-date payment systems.
  • Professional customer support services – all players must be able to benefit from adequate and prompt customer support. In this case you can count on 24/7 live chat, email support, and thorough FAQs.

The website is available in just two languages, so keep this in mind:

Languages: English, Russian

On the other hand, you should probably also check out the restricted territories – residents from the following countries are not allowed to open an account and gamble here:

Restricted countries: Curaçao, France, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Gibraltar, Guadeloupe, Jersey, Martinique, Mayotte, Netherlands, New Caledonia, Reunion, Saint Martin (French part), Sint Maarten (Dutch part), Spain, United Kingdom, United States, Wallis and Futuna Islands

Deposit and Withdrawal

Currencies: Euro (EUR), Russian Ruble (RUB), US Dollar (USD)

One negative of this casino is the limited choice of currencies it works with. To be precise you can select either Euro, USD, or Russian Ruble, but no additional alternatives are available.

Furthermore, Unlim Casino accepts a small range of payment methods. You can find only traditional credit/debit cards and crypto coins. Apart from that a Russian payment method Piastrix is also available. All in all, we are not pleased with the options you have – the range is too narrow and restrictive and lacks popular online payments like Mifinity, Astropay, Neteller, or Jeton to name a few.

At least the payment conditions seem rather favorable and feature low minimum deposits and low minimum withdrawal amounts. Have a look:

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Credit/Debit Card€10Unspecifiedup to 24 hoursFree

In order to make a deposit you can use debit/credit cards like Visa, Mastercard, and Mir. Apart from that you can also find crypto coins like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, and USD Coin. As for Piastrix, it’s a well-known e-wallet in Russia, which however gained popularity in Europe, North America, and parts of Asia as well. The minimum deposits here are quite favorable and feature at least €10 for credit/debit cards and cryptocurrencies, and at least €5 for Piastrix.

Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Credit/Debit Card€10Unspecifiedup to 24 hoursFree

The withdrawal options remain exactly the same and the same applies for the payment conditions as well. The minimum you can cash-out is said to be at least €10 for credit/debit cards and crypto transactions, and at least €5 for Piastrix. And as the casino claims, there are no transaction fees attached!

And while we are still on the topic, mind that in order to perform any payouts you need to meet the rollover requirement of x3. In short, you have to make at least 3 turnovers of your deposit before being eligible to withdraw any funds. Otherwise the casino has the right to withhold up to 30% commission with a minimum amount of €5 for anti-money laundering purposes. All in all most of the reputable houses tend to ask for between x1 and x3 wagers as well. The fee however is usually around 10%, so the amount here seems to be exaggerated.

And finally, the Inactive Account policy states that any account that has not been used or entered for 12 consecutive months shall be considered inactive. So far the condition is absolutely standard, since most of the houses tend to leave you between 6 and 12 months before your account turns inactive. In this case however as a result your account will be closed, while in most cases there’s a monthly administrative fee of around €10 instead. Here’s the full statement:

Games and game suppliers

Unlim Casino collaborates with around 44 game suppliers, which is not a lot to be honest. Instead we consider the range to be rather average, since most of the houses tend to work with around 80 or 100 software developers.

On the other hand, most of the brands on the list are quite popular and even iconic figures in the industry. For example you can find games carried out by Pragmatic Play, Playson, Quickspin, BGaming, Yggdrasil, NetEnt, Play’n Go, and Thunderkick just to name a few. Here’s the full list of game suppliers this casino partners with:

Game providers: 4ThePlayer, ELK, Microgaming, Blueprint, Amatic, Endorphina, NetEnt, Push Gaming, Evolution, Nolimit, Quickspin, Belatra, Ezugi, Novomatic, Red Tiger Gaming, Betsoft, Fantasma, PGSoft, ReelPlay, BGaming, Platipus, Relax Gaming, Big Time Gaming, GameArt, Play'n GO, Playson, PragmaticPlay, Revolver Gaming, Blue Guru Games, Games Lab, Slotmill, Boomerang Studios, Hacksaw, Playtech, Thunderkick, ISoftBet, Yggdrasil, Booming Games, Kalamba

The gaming lobby seems rather simple but it’s still enough to help you navigate through the site. The main game categories include Slots, Live, Instant, and Favorite, but no additional categories are available like for example Table games or Jackpots. This makes the search for specific Table activities for example quite clumsy and even annoying.

The Slots menu contains several internal categories. You can choose between All games, Top, New, and Bonus Buy in order to filter the titles. The catalog itself seems decent since you can enjoy some of the most popular titles here – Gates of Olympus, Big Bass Bonanza, Razor Shark, Aztec Magic Bonanza, The Dog House, Elvis Frog in Vegas, Book of Dead, Legacy of Dead, Starburst, Age of Asgard, Gonzo’s Quest, Buffalo Hunter, Eye of Cleopatra, Sweet Bonanza, Wolf Hunters, and 9 Masks of Fire are all awaiting for you!

There is also a good selection of Instant games with several internal categories as well – All games, Crash games, Scratch cards, and Other games. Some of the most interesting titles here happen to be Spaceman, Plinko, Space XY, FlyX, LimboXY, Minesweeper, Scratch Dice, and Heads and Tails. Unfortunately the only thing that seems to be missing here is Aviator, so keep this in mind.

The Table games don’t have their own category, as we pointed out already. For this reason you have to search for them one by one via the search engine which is not only time consuming but also rather difficult and tedious. Anyway, here are some of the titles we managed to find here – Roulette Royal, Mini Roulette, Speed Auto Roulette, No Commission Baccarat, Golden Wealth Baccarat, Blackjack Surrender, Blackjack First Person, Trey Poker, Oasis Poker, and Joker Poker.

The Live Casino menu also consists of several subcategories like All, Top, Roulette, Blackjack, and Poker, which can ease your search significantly. The diversity here is decent – there are enough titles to please a dedicated live dealers player and the games are also pretty engaging. For example you can enjoy live activities like Azure Roulette, Macau Roulette, Gold Blackjack, Fortune Baccarat, Andar Bahar, Knockout Baccarat, Ultimate Sic Bo, Teen Patti, VIP Fortune Baccarat, Diamond Roulette, Speed Baccarat, No Commission Baccarat, Ultimate Roulette, Mega Baccarat, Snakes and Ladders, Three Card Poker, Vegas Ball Bonanza, and Casino Hold’em Poker.

This casino doesn’t offer any Sports betting, so keep this in mind if this is your main interest.


Unlim Casino seems to have a great potential, mainly because of its e-gaming license and diversity of promotional campaigns. From now on however we consider the rest of it to be either average or insufficient. For example the gaming library seems decent with lots of interesting titles, but the number of game suppliers still seems scanty to us. As for the payment methods, they happen to be too limited and can really have some improvement. As for the Terms and Conditions, they also seem to have both ups and downs – the payment conditions are straight to the point with favorable minimum amounts, while the bonus conditions feature some rather high wagering requirements. As you see, this casino has both strong and weak points, but we hope it will enhance its offering any time soon.

Unlim Casino Pros and Cons

Regulated casinoSmall range of payment methods
Low minimum depositsSome high wagering requirements
Variety of promotionsCollaborates with average number of game suppliers
Variety of Slots and Live Dealer games

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