Ufo9 Casino Review: Scam or Safe?

Ufo9 Casino Review: Scam or Safe?


Ufo9 Casino could easily win the title of the worst gaming house in the world by a significant margin, if there was such a competition. Everything with this casino is wrong, starting with the fact that it's totally anonymous and unlicensed. That triggers a major red flag, and we can outright tell you that playing games in this casino will be a risky activity.

More so, while accessing the gaming library we saw potentially fake games – some very popular titles produced by Pragmatic that are offered by some overly shady provider called EV0888H5 in Ufo9. This is another very critical red flag.

But the problems don't stop there. On the contrary, as we already said, everything with this casino is wrong and we'll describe in detail why it would be a bad idea to deposit and play in Ufo9. Now, see the bonuses that are many, but at the same time, presented in an awful manner and very unreliable in their nature.

Languages: English, Chinese


BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
Slot Welcome Bonus50 AUD70% up to 210 AUD6xUnspecified
Daily First Deposit30 AUD20% up to 60 AUD4xUnspecified
Slot Unlimited Bonus20 AUD10% up to 50 AUD10xUnspecified
Live Welcome Bonus50 AUD50% up to 100 AUD30xUnspecified
Live Unlimited Bonus30 AUD10% up to 100 AUD10xUnspecified
Top Up Bonus150 AUD180 AUD2x599 AUD
Daily Free RandomUnspecified40 AUDUnspecified20 AUD
Free Chips 365 DaysUnspecified1 AUDUnspecifiedUnspecified
Ufo9 App Bonus30 AUD3 AUDUnspecified50 AUD
Daily Rebate BonusUnspecified5%3x599 AUD
Birthday BonusUnspecified199 AUD2x300 AUD
Lucky Wheel Bonus20 AUD1 spins2x200 AUD
Check In Bonus100 AUD20 AUD2x50 AUD
Random BonusUnspecifiedUnspecified1x20 AUD

Ufo9 has plenty of bonuses. As a matter of fact, there are more than 20 separate promotions altogether presented on the website, but some happen to be one and the same bonus with different max prizes and deposit requirements, so we deliberately omitted them.

What annoyed us while staying in Ufo9 is that all bonuses are advertised in a completely ignorant manner. There are ridiculous and unreasonable conditions in some promos, totally incomprehensible in others, and a lack of any details for the rest. On the whole, the bonus policy is one big mess that you wouldn't want to get into.

One particular condition, however, that made an instant impression is repeated in all bonuses. That is the requirement that you cannot claim any bonuses unless your account has a balance of 1 AUD or less. What this means is that Ufo9 wants you to lose your money before you can get any bonus whatsoever. This is shady and shows that Ufo9 is a casino you'd better not trust.

Anyways, see some more details about the bonuses in Ufo9:

  • Slot Welcome Bonus – for new players, slot games and first deposits. The deal is that players get 70% up to 210 AUD if they deposit 50 AUD or more. The wagering is 6 times.
  • Daily First Deposit – apparently a daily reload, but it was never presented as such and was not specifically said that the bonus is available every day, except for the title. Anyways, players who deposit 30 AUD will get 20% up to 60 AUD. The wagering is 4 times.
  • Slot Unlimited Bonus – another reload that's said to be unlimited every day, meaning that players can claim this promo over and over again. Sounds great, but given how fishy Ufo9 is, we cannot take their word for granted. Anyways, it's a three tier bonus. To get the max prize of 10% up to 50 AUD, players need to deposit at least 200 AUD. For the minimum qualifying deposit of 20 AUD, the prize will be 5%. The wagering requirement is raised to 10 times.
  • Live Welcome Bonus – deposit 50 AUD to get 50% up to 100 AUD for Live Casino games. The wagering is totally insane for such a promo – 3o times. Cash-out limit is not specified.
  • Live Unlimited Bonus – deposit 30 AUD to get 10% up to 100 AUD. In this one, the wagering is 10 times, so you can see yourself how two very similar bonuses have 3 times different wagering. That doesn't make any sense whatsoever, and shows what a ludicrous place Ufo9 actually is.
  • Top Up Bonus – 5 tier bonus. If you deposit 150 AUD – the minimum qualifying amount, you will get 9.99 AUD. The max prize of 179.99 AUD, on the other hand, is claimed with a combined deposit of 3000 AUD – 100 times by 30 AUD, as Ufo9 wants. This promo is not worthy. You should lay down 3000 AUD to get some 180 AUD. Why would you do so, especially when you know that Ufo9 is not to be trusted? The wagering is 2 times.
  • Daily Free Random – you can get up to 40 AUD as a bonus and will be allowed to withdraw up to 20 AUD from this promotion. That's the only thing we can say. The conditions are missing, and frankly speaking, what kind of a bonus this is when the cash-out limit is smaller than the prize you get. That's ignorant!
  • Free Chips 365 Days – 1 AUD bonus in the form of free chips. No other details are known.
  • Ufo9 App Bonus – deposit 30 AUD or more and access the App to get 3 AUD as a bonus. The cash-out limit is 50 AUD, while wagering is not specified.
  • Daily Rebate Bonus – 5% bonus as a rebate if you play games from particular gaming providers. Deposit requirements and max prize are not designated. The wagering is 3 times, while the cash-out limit is 599 AUD.
  • Birthday Bonus – on you birthdray you can get a prize, but the size of it will depend on your VIP status. The max prize is 199 AUD for the highest VIP status – Master. If you are at the beginning – Bronze Level, your prize will be 9 AUD. The wagering is 2 times, while the cash-out limit is 300 AUD. There is a minimum cash-out requirement, however – 50 AUD, and we find this condition unfair. Trying to reach 50 AUD winnings from a bonus that may be as low as 9 AUD is a challenge and carries risks – to reach the threshold you should wager extensively meaning you can lose everything very quickly.
  • Lucky Wheel Bonus – deposit 20 AUD to get 1 free spin in some Lucky Wheel. No particular prizes you can win are specified. The wagering before withdrawal is 2 times, while the cash-out limit is 200 AUD.
  • Check In Bonus – deposit 100 AUD in total for a week to get up to 20 AUD. To reach the max prize you should “check in” for 7 days in a row. The wagering is 2 times, while the cash-out limit is 50 AUD.
  • Random Bonus – some unspecified bonus with very few conditions designated. It's said that the wagering is 1 time while the cash-out limit is 20 AUD, and that's the only thing we can say.

Those are the bonuses, and we shall remind you that Ufo9 is not a trustworthy casino, so think twice before enrolling in any promo whatsoever. If you don't believe us that Ufo9 is unreliable, check the picture below.

You will see the unfair and offensive condition that players can claim a bonus only when they have less than 1 AUD in their balance. The other thing you should pay attention to is at the bottom of the pic – the “Gaming License”. Which on the other hand brings us to the next section.


As you could see from the screenshot above, Ufo9 pretends to be licensed, showing some seals. Well, that's fakery! We can confirm that Ufo9 is not licensed, so they openly lie players with those icons. This really looks like a scam, honestly.

Another thing worth mentioning is that Ufo9 is totally anonymous and does not even have TCs or any other legal document with gaming and other conditions. The casino is unlicensed and shady, and that's pretty much all you need to know about Ufo9. Whatever the bonuses and the other offerings, Ufo9 is not to be trusted, and here is why:

  • No regulation – unlicensed casinos are not regulated by any authority, meaning there's no guarantee that the games are fair or that the casino will let you withdraw your money. It's unlicensed, which means that no one can make them follow the rules.
  • Security – unlicensed casinos may not have strong security measures protecting players' personal and financial information.
  • Legal issues – gambling at an unlicensed casino can be illegal depending on your country's laws. Therefore, you may face legal consequences if you wager in unlicensed casinos.
  • No disputes – if you have problems with an unlicensed casino, you have no way to initiate a dispute since they are not accountable to any regulatory bodies.
  • Unethical practices – unlicensed casinos might employ unethical practices, like offering rigged games or using deceptive advertising. And since they are unregulated, no one can stop them from being unfair with players.
  • Addiction and financial risks – unlicensed casinos might not offer responsible gambling tools, such as self-exclusion, for example. If you end up wagering in an unlicensed casino, the risks are definitely increased. More so, some unlicensed casino intentionally promote and encourage irresponsible playing.

Restricted countries: American Samoa, Guam, Iran, Korea, North, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands, U.S.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Currencies: Australian Dollar (AUD), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT)

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Crypto10 AUDUnspecifiedInstantFree

We were not surprised to see that the deposit policy of Ufo9 is a complete failure. Honestly speaking, we never thought that Ufo9 will be fair when it comes to account funding, so our expectations were practically matched.

The only deposit method is cryptocurrencies, which means two things. On the one hand, many players will refuse to deposit as they cannot or do not want to use cryptos. That's a downside in general. On the other hand, crypto deposits are final and non-refundable, meaning that once you deposit BTC or ETH, you may consider your money gone for good. Be careful with this casino.

At least the minimum deposit requirement, however, is fair – just 10 AUD. The maximum per transaction is unknown. Each deposit is instant and free.

Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Crypto50 AUDUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified

Only cryptos for withdrawal. The minimum is 50 AUD, which is somewhat higher than usual, given that the industry standard is 10 to 20 AUD. Maximum withdrawals, processing times and fees are unknown. As we already said, no TCs with conditions were found on the website, and on top of that, our registration did not pass for some reason.

And speaking of lacking TCs, we cannot say anything about critical requirements such as the rollover – the deposit playthrough before withdrawal and inactive accounts. Knowing that, we can confidently say that playing in Ufo9 is like playing a Russian roulette with your wallet. Not a good idea!

Games and Game Suppliers

Game providers: Habanero, Spade Gaming, PragmaticPlay, CQ Gaming, Other

The gaming library comes with problems that are on a totally another level. We briefly mentioned it, but we'll know explain further. So, there is one gaming provider called EV0888H5. It's totally unpopular and actually anonymous, so we cannot say what this company is, where it's located and so on. The biggest problem with it, however, is that all games they offer are suspiciously identical to the games provided by PragmaticPlay. Titles like Gates of Olympus, Sugar Rush and Sweet Bonanza are offered by EV0888H5 and this is really a red flag. We suspect that all those games are rigged and practically fake, so be very very careful with Ufo9. Definitely, something wrong is going on there.

Nevertheless, since we are here, we will show you some names from the lobby, but keep in mind that all those are potentially risky and unfair.

  • Slots – Buffalo 777, God Of Fortune, Quick Hit Ultra Pays Wolf Mountain, Ultimate Fire Link True Royal, Quick Hit Blitz, 4th Of July, Lucky 777, Happy Duck, Montezuma Megaways, Zeus God Of Thunder, Kronos, Texas Hold'Em Slot, Savage Lion, Loco Habanero, Dragon Prophecy and others.
  • Live Casino – there is a Live section, but it will only become available when players register in the website. That being said, we cannot tell you whether any games will be unlocked or not, so this may be a fakery, just like many other parts of this casino.
  • Sports – allegedly, Ufo9 offers sports betting, too, but in the same fashion, it will only become accessible once you sign up. Not worth the risk. If you are fan of sports, you will find betting options in very many casinos. You shouldn't risk your money in the otherwise fishy Ufo9 to test your luck.


Ufo9 is not only a disappointment, but risk, as well. Frankly speaking, the only positive things about this casino are the low deposit requirements and the bonuses, that are otherwise unreliable and suspicious. The negative features are many, on the other hand. The casino is anonymous. The casino is unlicensed. The casino lies pretending to be licensed. Only cryptocurrencies are accepted. Potentially rigged games are found in the library. Many sections are locked before registration. Considering all these, we can only say that you shouldn't waste your time in this gaming house. If you are looking for a fresh casino with awesome bonuses, you'd better check Scamosafe and find your next house. We've reviewed plenty of good casinos, so please, think twice before depositing in Ufo9.

Ufo9 Casino Pros and Cons

BonusesAnonymous And Unlicensed Casino
Potentially Fake Slots
No TCs
Ridiculous Bonus Conditions
Only Crypto Deposits

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