Aus55 Review: Scam or safe?

Aus55 Review: Scam or safe?


If you are looking for a new casino to play in, Aus55 might seem like an interesting option. The house has been launched quite recently, and that usually means a relatively better service and even, possibly, certain unique features. That is not the case with Aus55. It has an incredibly dated an unappealing website design. That might seem like a superficial complaint but the design of the website requires you to open a different tab in your browser to even see what games each of the Suppliers it has partnered with offers.

Speaking of which, there are definitely not enough Suppliers, and even though Aus55 offers both Slots and Live gaming, its library is definitely sub-standard. There is a lackluster Sportsbook too. The lack of things to play is a critical failing in a casino, and so is a restrictive policy on payments. This house only accepts two means of cashing in. The conditions they offer include an unacceptably high withdrawal minimum.

The issues with Aus55 continue in the fact that the house is not licensed, which means certain protections you might otherwise expect will not be available to you. The failings of this casino are so great that we need to examine them in more detail, in order to paint a full picture of why you should avoid the house. So here is everything you need to know about Aus55:


Here is a list of all promotions available with this casino:

BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
New Member Bonus-20 AUD10xUnspecified
Lucky Free Chips-UnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified
Welcome Bonuses20 AUD50% up to 150 AUD3x1000 AUD
Daily First Bonus20 AUD10% up to 150 AUD3xUnspecified
Unlimited All Day Long Bonus20 AUD10% up to 150 AUD3xUnspecified
Daily Missions60 AUD32 AUDUnspecified200 AUD
Weekly Missions500 AUD222 AUDUnspecified2664 AUD
Facebook Free-30 AUD10x20 AUD
Referral bonus-3 AUD15x50 AUD
Downline Bonus-5 AUD15x50 AUD

The house features a lot of promotions, but that does not mean these promotions have good conditions. The rewards for some of them are definitely not justified by the asking price, while others lack crucial information about how they work. What's more, there is something to be said about giving too many bonuses. While bonuses are great, having this many smaller and less impactful promotions as some of the Daily Missions of the casino is more annoying than enticing. Still, let's take a look at the promotions one by one, starting with two No Deposit Bonuses that are offered by Aus55:

  • The New Member Bonus is a very straightforward promotion: Register with the casino and you can get 20 AUD to play with as you please. The bonus has a wagering requirement of 10x, which means you need to play through it that many times in order to unlock it. These requirements are usually between 60-80x for such promotions and 30-40x for bonuses which do require deposits. So we can safely say that the casino has a decent freebie for new players. The only serious issue with it is the fact that the maximum you can cash out is not mentioned anywhere. Usually such bonuses cannot be withdrawn freely, and that makes sense, but we would have liked to see how much one can get from the bonus.
  • Secondly, the Lucky Free Chips is supposed to be some kind of daily bonus which adds a small amount of cash to your account. However, how to trigger the bonus, how much you can get from it, what its wagering requirements are, and how much its cash out limit is are not specified on the Aus55 website. The casino completely keeps the player in the dark about this particular promotion!

Now, let's go over the Welcome Package with the casino:

  • This package consists of three Welcome Bonuses. Usually, houses try and make such promotions somewhat different from each other, but that is not the case. All of the welcome bonuses are identical. They all have a minimum deposit requirement of 20 AUD, which is quite fair, and they all add 50% of each of the three initial deposits you can make to your account. The maximum for each is 150 AUD. They all have an incredibly low wagering requirement of 3x and a cash out limit of 1000 AUD each. This makes them the best bonuses with the casino!

After you have played through all of these initial promotions, the house will offer you many Recurring Bonuses. Here is what all of these are:

  • The first time you cash in with Aus55, you will have access to the Daily First Bonus. It has a low 20 AUD minimum deposit requirement and adds 10% of whatever you cash in, up to 150 AUD, to your account. It needs to be wagered three times, and the cash out limit is not mentioned. The low multiplier of the bonus is somewhat made up for by the low wagering requirement.
  • Afterwards, there are three types of Unlimited All Day Long Bonuses. Each of them requires a different deposit minimum – 20 AUD, 50 AUD and 100 AUD, and grants you 5%, 7% and 10% of that, respectively, as bonus funds. The maximum bonus values are the same as before, and so is the wagering requirement, but the 50 AUD and 100 AUD entry costs for these promotions are pretty unappealing. The bonus is too low for it to require such a serious investment.

The Missions type bonuses with Aus55 are probably its least rewarding. These require players to make a certain amount of deposits within a single day, or within a single week, in order to unlock a specific amount of bonus cash. However, the amounts of cash are incredibly low for what you're expected to cash in!

  • The Daily Missions consists of three different bonuses. The first requires you to perform at least three deposits of 20 AUD or more, so 60 AUD total, to unlock a flat bonus of 3.33 AUD. That's not really worth it, especially since the wagering requirement for the bonus is not known at all. It is possible there is no such requirement, but the asking price is still too much for what the bonus offers. The second Mission adds 9.99 AUD to your account, and needs you to cash in six times, with all six deposit of at least 20 AUD to access the bonus. This means you are getting 10 AUD if you cash in 120! The last bonus requires a staggering deposit of 9×20 AUD or more, which is 180 AUD at least and nets you 18.88 AUD. Also, even though the cash out limit is 200 AUD, the bonuses are so pitiful that it seems too much for them! That is a first for us when it comes to casino promotions.
  • The Weekly Missions have the same way they work as the previous bonus, but are somehow even less worth it. Deposit 500 AUD within seven weeks and the casino gives you 25.55 AUD. A deposit of 1000 AUD nets you 45.55 AUD, one of 1500 – 55.55 AUD, and the worst reward is left for last. Cash in 2000 AUD or more and the casino will give you 95.55 AUD. The wagering requirements for these underwhelming promotions are unknown, but we should mention that the cash out limit for each of the four is set to 666 AUD.

Finally, this casino has a couple of Social Bonuses, which reward you for introducing it to new players and new players to the casino:

  • The Facebook Free bonus requires you to post about the casino in your own Facebook account. This account needs to have the same ID as the one you've registered on Aus55 with. The bonus is of 30 AUD, but you can only withdraw up to 20 AUD with it, once you clear its 10x wagering requirement. This does not seem fair.
  • Secondly, you get a 3 AUD Referral bonus every time someone signs up with a unique referral link each Aus55 account has. It is unclear how many times you can get the promotion. There is a 15x wagering requirement for it, as well as a 50 AUD cash out limit. Both are fair enough in our view.
  • Lastly, the Downline Bonus is triggered and grants you 5 AUD once someone you have introduced to the house deposits. It is unclear, though whether this bonus is available only once per account you've referred to or whether it can be obtained multiple times! It has the same 15x wagering requirement and the same 50 AUD cash out limit!


There is absolutely no information on what the casino's regulatory status is. This means it is not licensed. And while that does not automatically mean the house is fraudulent, it does mean players will not have access to certain protections they might otherwise expect. Most casinos are licensed in Curacao nowadays – here is what the four regulatory bodies there provide access to for players with such regulated casinos:

  • The safety of player data is guaranteed with regulated houses, which need to store said data using some of the toughest encryption protocols out there. That is important since the KYC checks casinos need to complete in order to combat money laundering and other financial crime require strict oversight on their part of who deposits and from where. But you don't want all this personal information leaking, and Aus55 cannot guarantee its safety!
  • Next, you can be sure that the games you are playing at a licensed casino are fair because they have been audited to prove so. With unregulated houses, there is no obligation for such audits, and so, you cannot really trust the random number generator in each game is truly random!
  • Finally, there are a lot of ways to seek help if you have a problematic gambling tendency and are playing with a licensed house. There are also self-exclusion measures every player has access to, which let them set custom deposit limits or even close down their account!

It is very disappointing that Aus55 does not have any regulation. We would recommend playing with a licensed casino instead!

On another note, here is a list of the languages its website can be seen in, as well as the countries from where it does not accept new players:

Languages: Chinese, English

Restricted countries: United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands, U.S.

Even though the list of countries above is pretty short, the casino does require an Australian phone number to sign up. It also requires you to verify said phone number, so you won't be able to sign up if you don't have one.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Aus55 does not have any legal documents on its website. What's more, there is not sufficient information on what cashing in or out looks like outside of those documents. So there is a lot about the payment policies of the casino which is not known. Still, here is an outline of its deposit methods, as well as the accepted currencies:

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
PayID20 AUDUnspecifiedInstantFree
Bank20 AUDUnspecifiedInstantFree

Currencies: Australian Dollar (AUD)

This is not a good enough range of means of deposit, and we usually expect to see way more options! There are no e-wallets or credit card payments, and the banks you can use to cash in are based in Australia, once again limiting players outside of that country.

Other than that, the minimum deposit requirement of 20 AUD is decent. And while Aus55 does not mention cash in fees, we doubt it has them, as most casinos nowadays process ingoing payments for free. But if there are any fees by the payment provider itself, the player will have to clear them. That is how these extra costs are handled with any egaming company these days.

As for withdrawals, here is what we know about how they look for Aus55:

Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Bank50 AUDUnspecifiedUnspecifiedFree
PayID50 AUDUnspecifiedUnspecifiedFree

The minimum amount here is 50 AUD, which is way too high. Also, there's no information about whether you need to wager the money a certain amount of time to cash it out. This is a common enough AML measure which we are not sure Aus55 also has in place.

The maximum withdrawal is not mentioned, and neither is the time it takes the house to process outgoing payments. We cannot know what these highly individualistic conditions look like for this particular house! There is no information about fees either, but we don't expect them to be present here. Third party charges will need to be covered by the player, though.

Games and Game Suppliers

There are a couple of popular game suppliers with this casino:

Game providers: Spade Gaming, Funky Games, Habanero, KA Gaming, PragmaticPlay, CQ Gaming, Playtech, Other

With them it features about 20-25 Suppliers in total, but the rest of the developers featured on its website are pretty much unknown. While that is an unacceptably small range of games, you might be able to play some cool titles, like the following:

  • Slots: Since Aus55 partners with Pragmatic play, you can play some popular slots like Gates of Olympus, Big Bass Bonanza, Sweet Bonanza, Madame Destiny, Wolf's Gold and so on. However, beyond them, there are many less polished games by its other Game suppliers which we cannot say are going to be all that enjoyable.
  • Table Games: Interestingly enough, there are no virtual dealer table games like Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, Roulettes and Sic Bo here. The casino offers Live versions of them instead, which is not so bad, but we always like the player having a greater choice in what to play!
  • Game Shows: Once again, Pragmatic play has a couple of excellent game shows which it supplies the casino with, like Sweet Bonanza Candyland. But other popular televised casino experiences will not be available – like Gonzo's Quest or Boom City.

The Sportsbook with the house is similarly pitiful. There are a couple of popular sports to wager on, like Football or Cricket, but we did not find any e-sports. The live betting capabilities were pretty poor as well.


Given all of the above, we simply cannot recommend the casino. From the issues with its lack of regulation, through its overwhelming bonuses, its opaque payment conditions and its uncompetitive games library and sportsbook, Aus55 disappointed us at every turn! Stick to other houses and you can have way more fun while playing a lot safer.

Aus55 Pros and Cons

Many bonuses availableUnlicensed casino
Low amount of payment methods supported
Unclear payment policies
High minimum withdrawals
Lackluster games library

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