Get help recovering your funds

Get help recovering your funds


MyChargeBack is a company that can help you recover funds if you unfortunately fell victim to a scam. If you funded your trading account via Visa or MasterCard then you can file for a chargeback. You can do it by yourself, but the banks’ procedures are often way too complicated and burdensome ending up in dispute. To speed things up and relieve unfortunate traders and investors from additional stress and sometimes overextended bureaucracies MyChargeBack can fully assist you in bringing your money back. It’s a company staffed with veteran professionals having the knowledge and the experience to service people who suffered losses to scam. Contact MyChargeBack today by following the link below and see the full spectrum of their services.

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We need to note that Terms and Conditions apply including fees and restrictions, but MyChargeBack offers a free consultation to everyone, so don’t delay and tell them about your case. Also, you need to know that there are no quick solutions and very often it takes months to get a result.

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  1. I currently use Cinda Securities and get withdrawal restriction.
    My account current balance is 2934 USD, when I made the withdrawal the reviewer has rejected my request and comment back to me “Dear customer, the current minimum withdrawal amount is 3000 USD”
    In its website, there are no minimum withdrawal.

    1. This agency wont entertain 250$ below of scam, I talk with customer service…

    2. Hello, on 02/02/2022, 52 Dodge currency units and 09/02/2022, 405 Dodge currency units, and on 02/19/2022, 450 Dodge currency units, should have been deposited according to the site program. Unfortunately, no deposit has been made. Can anyone help? ممنونم ممنون

      1. I tried to follow the withdrawal rules but there keep adding shows no hope ever to withdraw from this Bank

    3. I sent money to VOVIN, but when we transfer it to my own wallet, it does not enter the account. Do you have any information about it?
      VOIVN para attım yanlız kendi cüzdanıma aktarma yaptığım da hesaba geçmiyor bununla ilgili bilginiz var mı acaba

    4. U are doomed

  2. how about funded by bitcoin? any chance to recover it?

  3. I funded with crypto. Is there any hope for me?

  4. Used cryptocurrency, is there any hope of recovering ?

    1. I was investing with crypto, how you can help please?

  5. I used bitcoin to deposit, is there anything to do recover my deposit?

    1. I am C.S Behera from Orissa As per my medical problem & personal request your company advised me to deposit 2000 dollars in stead of 5000 dollars.Iam arranging the same tomorrow morning whether my account will unfreeze & can I Withdraw and what about this deposit? Please clarify.

      1. Don’t deposit because your account won’t be unfrozen. They got same message to us all

  6. I transferred funds to Bitcoin wallets.

  7. please help me recover my money as i have lost all my hard earned money on ASSETSFINANCE.UK . I had been fraud for 450 usd (35000 inr). they have blocked me from everywhere, they have deleted their telegram accounts and all. Please help me as i have their bitcoin address and TRON(trx) account address where i have sent money to them.

  8. Christian Gabriel C. Arombo

    500$ is too much for me and they want me to pay 1000$ more

    1. Same experience here

    2. I deposited $110 with crypto. It’s a scam by dogeclick.
      ฉันฝากเงิน $110 ด้วยการเข้ารหัสลับ มันหลอกลวงโดย dogeclick

    3. Let it go bro

  9. I transferred money through gcash, is there a way can retrieve my money.

  10. I deposit $110 by crypto. Its scammed by Now my wallet balance is more then $1200 in coinspride but its not paying. Company not replying any mails.

  11. De CastroRainier

    I asked to invest $100 after a 72hrs it has earned $3085. But she said before I can withdraw I need to pay the signal fee which is $600 after I paid suddenly asking for $900 for a transfer fee. the platform was… broker Edward Maabane. It has been convincing because the one who introduces me was from one of the in FB.

  12. Same with me but with I’ve been robbed me $4,700.00

  13. i paid with crypto to they will not let me take my withdraws. Sent in march of 2021 and they do not respond to email inquiries. is a scam site

  14. Rotelio Del Rosario

    I transferred funds thru bitcoin/abra wallet…is there a way to recover my money..thank you in advance for your help

  15. Never invest with or any broker that deals with them.

    Please check this company for fraud so that other people do not get hurt

  17. Stockates is another investment scam , don’t be fooled by its website

  18. Don’t use

  19. In Any Manner R u  Registrared / Trading or Connected with …
    trade.COINLUN.COM ?

    Bewre … These 2 Platforms are Latest scam .. Running in Full Swing now
    More Victims From India

    To Read Full Article published of their SCAM style … and More Scam Protection Related Information
    Join Following Telegram Group …


  20. In trouble. In tron24 my deposit 3200 tron but not Recd tron in my account after withdrawal request my request is pending help

    1. Hay dear can you found any help must share with me. I am in trouble

  21. It’s not right that there’s a MINIMUM amount these companies will work for. Those of us who had smaller amounts stolen are people too! I guess we’re supposed to suck it up, eat large quantities of s*** and move on. Thanks anyway

  22. Can anybody know about COINGRAND EXPRESS –CGXPRESS?

  23. I lost money in, totally scam, be aware

  24. 200.00 DOGE 31-01-2022 18:01:28 25% for 24 hours Closing 250.00 DOG
    Payout not received allready past 3 days
    I am not getting any kind of support even after messaging me again and again.

  25. I loss 100 TRX with
    I want to recover my 100 TRX!!!!!

  26. Akpa Emeka Roosevelt

    Please I have an investment with tornchainmining and I only withdraw twice and after that I still have my 54.01usdt and 5.34usdt stocked in the exchange without a permition to withdraw. Please I need help for me to withdraw my capital there, my username is influence,

  27. I left all I had, which was 4476 Dodge, but for four days now, there is no news at all. What should I do now?

  28. Wow, Top Binary FX is a scam. please don’t be fooled by those people. They are scammers.

  29. I founded my account through binance wallet is there any hope for me?

  30. When it comes to 0.005, it is said to be transferred to the btc wallet, but it is a big lie and wants a btc maintenance fee of 0.001, it is a lie, you give this amount, there is nothing in the middle, and you understand that it is a scam, fake web fake business, do not be deceived, short and clear scam

  31. hello
    i invested in platform and everything seemed to be fine until i wanted to withdraw my balance.
    at first they said i should pay 1738$ as tax, then they said i should pay 2888$ as in-app purchase and have only 48 hours time to pay but i paid it after 72 hours and again they said i should pay 1000$ as penalty because of delay and after that i can withdraw my whole balance about 12000$. but after paying all these amount now thy claim i have to pay 1288 because i’m a foreign person and only had 48 hours time to pay.
    i lost my first investment and everything i paid after that was debt.
    please can someone help me?

  32. I have money 15000 USDT in coin lun wallet. I am ready to 2000 USDT to any one who can help me withdraw my funds.
    The payment will only be done after withdrawal. This condition is non negotiable.
    Genuine parties who can help.

  33. My Biwin account is disabled administration can’t give me reply

  34. traxalt TXT i have invested more then 10k in this and its not existing anymore!!! please help me recover my money!

  35. Amelia Tania Barnes

    Shabs fazl (aman natt), dave noger, xcellmarkets, track tradefx, allen butler, allen matheus, expertise trdg . AstroFx247 trdg co., Aman natt (natti). Aman natt george. Aman natt mutt astrofx., fx chris amanatt , aman natt fx (raheemFx), aman natt fx trader, – these diff names diisguise – by only one person –
    innocent peoples – hard earn money didnt return back -as promise that this will bring back big profits .
    Be careful – their senior old staff broker by name of paulscatter allen .- very good in Sweet talk- promised after 3 times dep will had a big amt coming back – up to now no feedback –
    KARMA – is the word. . Even use God names in this undecent job .


    After a long conversation with admin again for the 6th day. I ask them to withdraw my money as they advertise that the ”investor have total freedom” and ”Our withdrawal system is instant as our payment processor is automated” IS NOT TRUE! They hold my money back asking to make now to another deposit 1000. A few days before they wanted 3000!
    Investors Stay away from this page is a scam!!!

  37. I am not able to recover my bitcoin from exchange
    They are asking me to verify external address by depositing atleast 0.015 BTC or 0.33 Eth and then they will allow withdrawal. Although I have already verified myself through KYC Verification, Still they are not letting me to withdraw funds and asking for deposits. Please help, I need funds urgently, It’s a matter of life and death of me and my family.

  38. Hello,

    Just invested 2200 euros in a scam website called Wellfinex, I can not withdraw my money from such place. I claim help to recover my money back. Many thanks

  39. I have invest in this website his done scam they didn’t withdrawal the money kind help me out

  40. Same here please kindly help.

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