Crypto FX Fast Mining Review – is a Scam! FCA Warning!

Crypto FX Fast Mining Review – is a Scam! FCA Warning!

Crypto FX Fast Mining Key Features

🔴 Crypto FX Fast Mining is an officially exposed scam. Avoid!

🔴 Crypto FX Fast Mining has negative customers reviews. A red flag!

🔴 Crypto FX Fast Mining is not transparent. A red flag!

🔴 Crypto FX Fast Mining creates unrealistic expectations. A red flag!

Crypto FX Fast Mining Products and Services

Crypto FX Fast Mining is a fake brokerage offering bonuses. That’s the only thing we know as they fail to provide further information about their so-called services- no leverage levels, no spreads, no slippage, if any, no information about software, trading commissions and so forth. And we claim it’s fake because it was granted an official warning. Still, they claim that trading with them is almost risk-free, which comes as a major red flag because they knowingly create a false sense of security- there is no such thing as risk-free in leveraged trading!

Scams involve investments with ultra-high ROIs, get-rich-quick schemes, or guaranteed profits. Always be wary of investment possibilities that offer a large return with little or no risk — if it seems too good to be true, it most likely is, so that’s potentially a scam. Also, note that during volatile times, any investment that regularly increases month after month—or that produces astonishingly stable returns independent of market conditions—should raise questions. Even low-risk investments are not entirely secure. Therefore, every time you see promises for risk-free guaranteed profits, you should remain sceptical because these people aim to create a false sense of security. Beware!

Crypto FX Fast Mining Company and Regulation


Crypto FX Fast Mining is a totally illegal business as we could find no legally incorporated company to be associated with this brokerage. It may as well be a brand of some inaccessible offshore IBC, but that doesn’t change anything. What does make a change, though, is the investor warning issued by the British regulator FCA- Crypto FX Fast Mining is an exposed scam!

Almost all regulators frequently update their warning lists with shady business entities selling financial products and services without authorization. In other words, all these companies are breaching financial rules and regulations; therefore, they are unsafe and, most usually, scams. Needless to say, you should avoid any company with a warning on its name.

The US regulators are no exception. For example, SEC has its PAUSE list, including business entities falsely claiming to be registered, licensed, or located in the States. The PAUSE Program also lists impersonators, fictitious regulators, governmental agencies, or international organizations- scams, in other words. Additionally, CFTC maintains a RED list (Registration Deficient List) containing names of unauthorized foreign entities that appear to be acting in a way that requires registration with the CFTC. However, the RED list inclusion doesn’t necessarily mean that the particular entity has been caught in violation, but you’d better remain cautious.

The bottom line is that you should avoid any investment scheme with a warning on its name, and generally, any firm that’s not regulated but offers financial services.

Crypto FX Fast Mining Address and Contacts

Phone number:None

Like all scammers, Crypto FX Fast Mining doesn’t reveal their actual location or contact numbers. Some scammers at least put some effort and lie to the public, but not these ones- they are totally anonymous. The absence of transparency is always a red flag, and we need no official warnings to prove that Crypto FX Fast Mining is worth being avoided.

For investments, transparency is essential since you should know who is managing your money and where it actually is. Legitimate businesses always operate in a transparent manner, and they are required by law to disclose their headquarter address, phone numbers, and all legal documents that detail the provisions of the service. And our experience tells that if you can’t reach these people over the phone number provided, can’t verify the locations, or can’t confirm in any other way that the investment provider is authorized to sell financial goods, then that’s most likely a fraud. So, regardless of the warning issued, we can guess there is something wrong with the investment scheme in question. Website Info

Alexa RankingNone at the time of writing
Server Country USA
WHOIS Reg. Date2021-12-01
SSL certificateValid
OwnerWithheld for Privacy Purposes
AdministratorWithheld for Privacy Purposes

The IPs analysis can’t undoubtedly prove a linkage, but we already wrote about exposed scams hosted on the same address. In any case, you’d better be cautious as the people running the schemes seen below are most probably professional scammers!

Crypto FX Fast MiningCryptochaininvest

Is Crypto FX Fast Mining Safe?

Crypto FX Fast Mining is not safe! It’s an exposed scam that you should avoid no matter what, or you’ll lose money!

Scam Warning

For various reasons, dealing with unregulated investment platforms is always a terrible idea. Above all, the lack of regulation strongly signals that something fishy is going on there, as only licensed companies can provide investment services. As you might expect, scams can’t thrive in a robust regulatory environment, so consider twice before depositing with unlicensed investment providers.

A scam or a fraud is any crooked scheme devised to defraud you out of money or steal your personal information, and every scam setting is practically unregulated. Scammers work with hackers, too, and often buy bulky packages of information, including phone numbers, e-mails, social media profiles and other personal details of customers, which greatly facilitate scams. So, if someone contacts you out of a sudden, you’d better always consider the possibility that it could be a scam.

Scammers target many people and constantly evolve their approach making scams harder to recognise. In particular, the crypto scam is now booming for two particular reasons- lack of knowledge and popularity. There is a third one, too- scammers take advantage of the less regulated environment to lure people into crooked scam settings that have nothing to do with crypto at all. In any case, it’s getting harder to spot potential fraud, but warnings issued by regulators help to raise awareness, and you’d be much better off if you always research thoroughly before any investments have occurred. Markets are plagued by scammers, and it’s for real.

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