Dollar33 Casino Review: Scam or safe?

Dollar33 Casino Review: Scam or safe?


We've seen a dozen or so casinos like Dollar33, and long story short they were all incredibly underwhelming, baffling in their confusion, and limited in all but bonuses, which as we shall see are their own contained enigma within an enigma. The only reason you should ever visit Dollar33 Casino is to experience for a short time what limits this industry can come to.


BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
Free Credit Bonus-UnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified
Daily Deposit 100 Free AUD$10.66UnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified100 AUD
Daily Deposit 250 Free AUD$26.66UnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified180 AUD
Daily Deposit 500 Free AUD$66.66UnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified260 AUD
Daily Deposit 1000 Free AUD$106.66UnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified460 AUD
Share and Invite-UnspecifiedUnspecified50 AUD
Winning Bonanza-Unspecified1x10 AUD
Referral Bonus30 AUD5 AUD3x50 AUD
Free Credit 365 Days-Unspecified-30 AUD
First Welcome Deposit Bonus30 AUD50%33x500 AUD
Second Welcome Deposit Bonus30 AUD75%33x300 AUD
Highroller Welcome Deposit Bonus1500 AUDUnspecified33x3000 AUD
Midnight Special Deposit Bonus100 AUDUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified
Midnight Special Deposit Bonus200 AUDUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified
Slot Game Daily Bonus50 AUD10%5x200 AUD
Slot Game Unlimited Bonus10 AUD5%2x200 AUD
Live Casino Daily Bonus30 AUD8%8x200 AUD
Weekly Deposit 1500 FreeUnspecified63 AUDUnspecified300 AUD
Weekly Deposit 2000 FreeUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified350 AUD
Weekly Deposit of 3000 FreeUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified400 AUD
Weekly Deposit of 5000 FreeUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified500 AUD
VIP Credit AUD$13-Unspecified1x150 AUD
VIP Credit AUD$33-Unspecified1x300 AUD
VIP Credit AUD$133-Unspecified1x1000 AUD
VIP Credit AUD$333-Unspecified1x2000 AUD
VIP Credit AUD$833-Unspecified1x6000 AUD
VIP Credit AUD$1333-Unspecified1x10000 AUD

You have to understand that the following bonuses are pieces of very convoluted content that makes it extremely difficult for us to get into detail without confusing the users. The truth is that we are as confused as you about these details and what we have revealed below is pretty much all that there is to it.
Most of the bonuses have an attached sum to their names of which there is no information as to its nature, while each bonus is so confusing and vague that we do not know where one bonus ends and the other begins.

Free Credit Bonus: This is a bonus available to registered users which technically makes it a welcome deposit bonus, and it is as confusing as ever. The casino states that the user has to “hit 380 credits and withdrawal $50” which either alludes to the max withdrawal cap and the wager, one of them, or both.

Daily Deposit 100 Free AUD$10.66: You can claim this…whatever bonus it may be once per day. It says “daily deposit $100” which we assume is the minimum deposit but we cannot be entirely sure. You have to “hit” a minimum of AUD$60 to withdraw, and there is a max withdrawal of AUD$100.

Daily Deposit 250 Free AUD$26.66: Here the “daily deposit” sum is AUD$250 and it is limited once per day. You have to hit a minimum turnover of AUD$120 to withdrawal. The max withdrawal is AUD$180.

Daily Deposit 500 Free AUD$66.66: The daily deposit here is AUD$500, and once again limited to once per day. The minimum winover is AUD$180, while the max cashout is AUD$260. If nothing of this makes sense you should not worry; it is as puzzle to us as well.

Daily Deposit 1000 Free AUD$106.66: The minimum winover hit is AUD$380, while the daily deposit here is AUD$1000. We still have no idea what these refer to. The maximum withdrawal is AUD$460.

Share and Invite AUD$1: Each share gets you AUD$1, and by share we mean sharing on social media and the likes, as this is not a referral bonus. The max bonus payout is AUD$10 while the maximum withdrawal is AUD$50. What the connection between the two are we have to idea. The winover is 100x, which seems to indicate a huge wagering requirement for every dollar.

Winning Bonanza: Win, withdrawal, and get free, this is the slogan behind this “bonus”. At least here it says 1x rollover. The deal here is that if you win between AUD$150 and AUD$499 you get a free AUD$5, while if you above AUD$500 you can claim AUD$10. The sum has to be claimed 24 hours after the withdrawal of the initial sum.

Referral Bonus of AUD$5: The “downline” first deposit is AUD$30. The maximum withdrawal is capped at AUD$50 and there is a 3x wagering requirement. You account balance has to be below AUD$1 to be able to play this bonus. This bonus is actually the one that is the best explained, but still it has little to do with referring.

Free Credit 365 Days: It seems that this bonus is randomly given to a user once and a while. In order to withdrawal what we thing is the max cap of AUD$30 you need to “hit” 100 credits, and there are specific games for which this bonus applies. Your credit balance needs to be below AUD$3 to claim the bonus.

First Welcome Deposit Bonus of 50%: This is the rare occasion where the bonus sounds actually legit. The minimum deposit is AUD$30, while the max payout is AUD$500. There is a 33x wagering requirement. At least here the major conditions have been revealed.

Second Welcome Deposit Bonus of 75%: This is another clean bonus. There is a minimum deposit here set at AUD$30 while the max payout is AUD$300. But before you can reach that make sure to complete a 33x wagering requirement. The minimum deposit is set at AUD$30.

Highroller Welcome Deposit Bonus: This truly is a highroller deposit bonus since the minimum deposit amount is AUD$1500, while the max bonus payout is AUD$3000, which may not be consistent with the big deposit requirement all things considered. The problem is the 33x wagering which will make it difficult for clients to generate up to AUD$3000.

Midnight Special Deposit Bonus AUD$13: Claim it once per day after investing AUD$100. There is a 2x wagering but is also says “roll 1 time” to make a withdrawal, so we have no idea which one of the two applies.

Midnight Special Deposit Bonus AUD$23: Invest at least AUD$200 to activate. Again there is a confusion about the nature or the wager requirement, it being either 1x or 3x. No max withdrawal has been indicated.

Slot Game Daily Bonus of 10%: Invest at least AUD$50 and wager the bonus 5 times to be able to withdrawal AUD$200. You can access this bonus once per day. Obviously these bonuses apply to slots only.

Slot Game Unlimited Bonus of 5%: The minimum deposit is AUD$10 and there is a AUD$200 max cashout. Wager the bonus at least twice to be able to make a successful withdrawal. Applies to slots only.

Live Casino Daily Bonus of 8%: The max you can generate here as profit is AUD$200. The bonus is locked behind a AUD$30 minimum deposit, only after making a 8x wagering requirement.

Weekly Deposit 1500 Free: The bonus is AUD$63 and we have no idea what the number 1500 refers to. The minimum winover hit is AUD$230 while the max withdrawal is AUD$300. This convoluted bonus or whatever it tis is available once per week.

Weekly Deposit 2000 Free: We cannot know for sure what the “weekly AUD$2000” refers to, nor the minimum winover hit of AUD$230. All we know for sure is that the max withdrawable profit here is AUD$350.

Weekly Deposit of 3000 Free: The bonus is either AUD$3000 or AUD$113.33; yes the choice is between two radically different sums and it is not made clear which one you get. Once again there is a minimum winover hit set here are AUD$230, and a max profit withdrawal cap of AUD$400.

Weekly Deposit of 5000 Free: The bonus here seem to be AUD$133.33 but what about the AUD$5000 which is supposedly free? No idea and we do not recommend sticking around to learn the purpose of this. There's again the mysterious minimum winover hit at AUD$23. Supposedly, the maximum you can score here in terms of a max withdrawal is AUD$500.

VIP Credit AUD$13: Users apparently need to accumulate up to AUD$5000 in deposit to activate this thing, and it seems to activate the first tier of the VIP level. Honestly, we have no idea what we are looking at. There is also a maximum withdrawal of AUD$150 and a 1x wagering requirement.

VIP Credit AUD$33: You will have to accumulate AUD$10 000 in deposits to activate this after which you will be upped to VIP level 2. But there seem to be benefits, unless a AUD$300 max cahout is a benefit but it applied to nothing because this doe snot seem to be a bonus. At this poit nothing really makes sense here. The casino expects a 1x rollover from users.

VIP Credit AUD$133: You will have to go beyond the AUD$50 000 life time deposit mark to reach the level 3 VIP. And what have you got to show for it? A max withdrawal of AUD$1000 which does not fit in with this because, as we already agreed, this is not really a bonus. There is a 1x wagering.

VIP Credit AUD$333: If you want to reach VIP level 4 you will have to make more than AUD$100 000 in life time deposit in this casino and that is something that we do not condone at all. Even with a mx withdrawal of AUD$2000 which we do not understand how it works (behind a 1x wagering) this bonus or thing or whatever it is seems ludicrous.

VIP Credit AUD$833: If you do the math you will know what's coming next. Yes, an even higher life time bonus requirement of AUD$300 000 a laughable amount of money to spend in a casino that does not even identify as a casino all that much, The max withdrawal here is AUD$6000 but we cannot see how this works

VIP Credit AUD$1333: The last of the VIP levels, level 6, is locked behind a AUD$500 000 life time deposit accumulation. Yes, that is what it says: invest a total of half a million dollars to reach a level 6 VIP tier. And for what benefits? Well none it seems, unless you count a vague AUD$10 000 profit cap which is after all only an indication of the max amount you can win.

We are flabbergasted with this casino's so-called “bonuses”. There is absolutely no reason to invest in any of them because it seems that Dollar33 interprets these at its own terms meaning that it can easily take away your deposited funds and make up an excuse on the go. And as we shall see in a moment, the casino is utterly illegitimate.


From what we have seen, this casino may be catered toward Australian users, but the truth is that there are far better casino for Aussie punters out there that cannot even compare to the low quality of Dollar33 Casino. And anyway there is no regulation in place, no parent firm, and no legal docs to boot, making this a risky casino on top of a purely underwhelming one.

Not to mention that the entire casino looks like a Japanese casino for teens and in fact it is a Japanese casino because the only other available language on the website is namely Japanese. And we don't think that an Australian user will ever find Dollar33 charming.

We also have to comment the option to switch the website jurisdiction access to Singapore. It is perhaps the biggest reason why Dollar33 Casino plays out as it does currently because certain regulation in Singapore might prohibit liberal conduct, the ones we are used to with the usual bunch of Curacao or Malta regulated casinos. So there's this to consider.

But overall, purely objectively this casino is not worth it no matter the reasons that restrict it to be better, if there are any at all. Dollar33 Casino is certainly not a good gambling platform. Not to mention that the casino is completely unregulated as well as anonymous.

Languages: English, Japanese

Restricted countries: Korea, North


Currencies: Australian Dollar (AUD)

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee

Aside from the clear indication of the AUD$30 minimum deposit and AUD$ minimum withdrawal amounts, there's nothing else in the casino to help us and you with gathering any and all payment details. There are no indicators on the available payment methods, no details on the processing times, no information about the possibility of any fees, nothing to help the users on their way. Once again Dollar33 Casino proves to be useless and a risk, since a casino that does not reveal its details is either a casino that hides something on purpose or one that hasn't got the faintest clue of what it is supposed to do in the first place. Whatever the case may be, Dollar33 Casino proves again that it is not worth your time and money.

As you may have noticed, the main and seemingly only currency at use here is the Australian dollar. We already discussed the implications this has on the target audience. What we want to mention is that when a casino limits is base currency to a single one it inextricably forces many users to pay currency conversion fees when they invest within the casino. That is all we have for you in terms of payment info.


There is barely any semblance of an organization principle applied here whatsoever. The gaming hub is simply divided into the available game types: slots, live games, sport, other, and Spribe which, yes, is the popular e-gaming provider.

The casino smartly deceives us into thinking that is offers only a handful of games, when in reality these icons are not slots but the actual slot game providers. However, the we could not look into any of the games, while the game providers themselves are not the popular ones that we are used to, but are obscure firms that we are barely familiar with: Ace333, Imperium Games, Live22, NextSpin, JDB, Mario Club, 918 Kaya, Evo888, and other in the same ambiguous vain. Even if these providers are able to come good games we are sure that they wont be enough for there cannot be here more than 600 game in total, and that positive thinking. Casino's such as Dollar33 Casino are all talk and no walk so we know where this one is coming from.

The we have the live portion which is precisely like the slots section. Individual and quite obscure game providers that grant their games which cannot be over the 50 mark in terms of numbers. So there is not that big of a variety here as well. From the looks of it the available live games are mostly card based, meaning Poker, Baccarat, and Blackjack are predominant. In other words nothing too exciting.

The sport section is in singular for a reason. There is only one provider that seems to offer one or more football games for user to partake in. The question is whether or not it's actually worth doing it? No it isn't.

The “other” tab offers alternative games including cock fighting and three other options that we are not really quite sure what they are. But what ever they may be it's not really all that worth it in the end. Alternative games, as this section purports to be, should offer numerous alnrraitve games and types not only 4.

The las ton our list is the Spribe section which believe it or not actually has laid out the games it offers: Keno, Mini Roulette, Mines, Plinko, Aviator, Dice, Goal, and Hotline. These games should have been included into the roster of titles under the “other” tag.

All in all Dollar33 Casino offers nothing interesting in particular, instead relying in games and gaming types that are as limited as they appear to be bland. But the real issue here is the pure lack of numbers. No modern user will ever want to play with Dollar33 Casino if it offers such a limited amount of choice. In an industry that continuously expands Dollar33 Casino feels like the flotsam thrown overboard.

Game providers: Spribe, Spade Gaming


We believe that we have said everything there is to say about Dollar33 Casino. This is an odd and lackluster casino that does not do a lot; in fact it does nothing to attract us and other users. Readers are better of without it.

Dollar33 Casino Pros and Cons

Nothing GoodConvoluted and Strange Bonuses
Unregulated and Anonymous
Lacks Gaming Variety
Unappealing Look

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