Leebet Casino Review: Scam or Safe?

Leebet Casino Review: Scam or Safe?


Leebet Casino might just be a taste of what's to come out of this industry in the future. It is an experimental online crypto casino that bases its entire form on the digital coin and token ecosystem and does so with a level of style that we have not seen before. As such we find ourselves in a peculiar situation; on the one had we have an inherently risky casino, but on the other the ideas introduced here are fresh enough to be worth one's time.

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Even some crypto casinos have bonuses but this one has nothing of the kind. Leebet Casino might be a crypto focused platform but we would have liked to see some stimuli in the form of a casino. So if you're looking for a welcome bonus, cashback bonuses, sports bonuses, or similar this place isn't for you. The only semblance of an online casino bonus is something called Leebet Dividents.

LeeBet Dividends

So what is this mystery instigator? Essentially, as Leebet Casino advertises it as a rewards program for active users which grants USDT, as part of a pool of coins, to users that hold the proprietary $LEE Token. It's a far cry to the common VIP or Welcome Bonus, and can be a bit of a headache to deal with for users not accustomed to crypto coins and tokens.

4% of the entire pool are dealt among those users with $LEE Token, where the more you have in terms of tokens the bigger share of the rewards you will get. The pool prize increases as the user base goes up, much like most crypto based assets, which in turn increases the potential for LEE rewards.  The casino plans to merge all dividend pools into one pool in USDT to maximize the potential for rewards for clients.

We have diverged far from the online casino rhetoric, and as is with most crypto related businesses its mainly a matter of theory that has to be put into practice in order to profit. But the issue here is that many casino players might not be well versed in this crypto shop talk, and we don't know if the casino is prepared to guide each user.

In retrospect, LeeBet Dividends is not such a bad idea and it fits well with the vision of the casino, and yet it may be problematic or downright liable for users looking for a classic online casino experience. So proceed at your own risk.


Let's get one thing out of the way: Leebet Casino is not a common online casino. It is one that operates on a decentralized blockchain tech-backed platform that is said to be secure and transparent, despite the fact that it is decentralized and thus by default risky.

In the casino world, decentralized pretty much refers to a crypto casino without a license. In the case of Leebet Casino there isn't even reference to a parent firm. So there was no hope of getting a licensing stamp/seal or even a mention of a regulator.

As such Leebet Casino is completely unregulated. However, despite this the casino may not be as dangerous as this label might suggest. Usually unlicensed online casinos are not a direct risk to clients like unregulated brokers or other finance exchange companies. In the case of these types of casinos there is an degree of risk when dealing with certain sides to it, but it is interpreted as a liberal decision rather than risky behavior. These risky sides are more promiscuous routes that legit online casinos might not take since they can result in user complaints, but very rarely to stolen funds or personal data breach.

Yet with crypto casinos that story is slightly exacerbated by the decentralized nature of these asset types since it adds a layer of inherent risk tied to the unpredictable volatility of the crypto ecosystem. But this risk is not related to the particular casino but to the digital asset industry as a whole.

In conclusion we cannot bear the responsibility of pronouncing Leebet Casino a risk to all, nor of denouncing any risk at all. The fact is that the casino is unregulated and it is based on a speculative crypto token, so our readers should be able to ascertain a conclusion that best fits their needs from these two facts.

As of now, we do not know which countries accepts and which do not accept players for Leebet Casino, but considering that it is unregulated and a crypto platform to boot the number should be high, in that many countries probably block this casino. However, on the other hand cryptocurrencies are decentralized so there is a degree of freedom here that is unprecedented, in theory allowing for anyone to starts playing. But without a tangible list of restricted countries we cannot know for sure.

Restricted countries: Korea, North


Currencies: Litecoin (LTC), USD Coin (USDC), Bitcoin (BTC), Tether (USDT), Ethereum (ETH), Binance Coin (BNB)

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Crypto1 USDTUnspecifiedInstantFree
Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Crypto5 USDTUnspecifiedInstant-

All payments are obviously crypto in nature, with no standard methods to speak of (like credit cards or wire transfers). This is limiting to users wanting to invest via more traditional methods, but if these players are not willing to make a compromise then they should not be dealing with Leebet Casino whose entire essence is crypto. The payment methods center around Bitcoin, Ethereum, BNB, Tether, Binance coin, USD coin Dai, PancakeSwap, and ApeCoin.

In essence, the minimum deposit remains dependent on the chosen crypto payment method. The basic minimum is only 1 USDT, with 5 USDT for withdrawals. But users should check each individual networks for these values. But overall, the minimum deposits and withdrawals are quite good and allow anyone to open an account here.

Deposits don't seem to have any fees attached to them, however some withdrawals do. The BEP-20 crypto network charges a 0.4 USDT withdrawal fee, while there is a 9.5 USDT charge for users of the ERC-20 crypto.

Withdrawals are not possible unless you complete a classic deposit rollover requirement. With Leebet Casino this requirement is set at 1 time the initial deposit amount. You wont be able to take out money before completing this requirement.

It is important to be aware that cryptocurrency values, even the one offered by Leebet Casino, can easily falter due to outside fluctuations and changes. So, investing in or dealing with Leebet Casino can lead as easily to higher payouts as it can result in disaster. And it would be out of the user's hand to control these rapid changes. So keep this in mind when dealing with any crypto casino, or even when investing via a crypto wallets in a normal online casino.


In total there are 5 games as a whole: Dice, Keno, Plinko, Limbo, and Coin Flip. All 5 games are proprietary and not really tied to any themes other than the theme of the casino. As unregistered users we could not access them, but we have dealt with this type of games before to know what to expect. They are simplified and stripped versions of classic casino games, and the biggest difference is in the theme and presentation. But only 5 games definitely limits the casino to a few users. As such there are no real game providers because the casino has developed its own games.

Leebet Casino states to be offering 1 original game per month but without a registration and no real information about it we cannot confirm of disconfirm this statement. Another ambiguous claim is a promise of more than 1000 slots in the future, but still no confirmation exists of this claim.

These games center around the $LEE Token a proprietary asset that allows for cumulative profits, at least in theory. In practice it may be much more complicated.
The $LEE Token is a native token part of its won blockchain system that is awarder when users play and bet on the casino floor. Every bet earns the user a $LEE Token at the current rate of $0.1, no matter if the outcome was a win or a loss. Holding $LEE Tokens will grant you a daily dividend in USDT. The casino sates that there are currently 3 500 000 000 00 tokens in circulation, with a 50% portion of these used in the casinos system.

As for mining the token, all you need to do is place bets on games, whose value depends on the current price of the $LEE Token, and on the amount you bet with higher bets amounting to greater $LEE Tokens.

All this is great and we applaud Leebet Casino for the effort, and it really is a great opportunity for crypto casino users, but for classic players there is nothing on offer for them. This casino just might be the most exciting crypto casino in the world, as it advertises itself, and it is worth your time only of this is your thing.


Players looking for a normal casino experience will not find it here. Leebet Casino is a pure crypto casino platform, that seems more concerned with advertising and circulating its token than with yielding a proper casino experience. In any case, we actually find what Leebet Casino offers to be intriguing and worth the read at the very least. One thing is for sure; if you are looking for a refined crypto casino Leebet Casino might be for you. But make sure you understand the risks of dealing with a crypto and unregulated casino!

Leebet Casino Pros and Cons

Is a Great Crypto CasinoLimited to Crypto Users
Limited Games

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