Lucky Hour Casino Review: Scam or safe?

Lucky Hour Casino Review: Scam or safe?


Lucky Hour is an upcoming casino, which is going to offer its services to a wide range of players, from the UK, through Portugal, to Greece and more. If you are one of these players, we recommend checking out the following review of the house, as we believe there are plenty of reasons to be excited about it. Even though there is not much known about Lucky Hour as of yet, it has a lot of promise to be an excellent casino. Here is why:


There is nothing quite as exciting as a casino bonus! We have no specific information on what the promotional structure of Lucky Hour will look like as of the time of writing. But there are certain staples in terms of promotions. Based on what other houses tend to offer, here are the kinds of bonuses we expect to see with Lucky Hour:

  • There is likely to be a massive Welcome Bonus, which is usually offered on the first deposit you can make with the casino. Sometimes, the Welcome promotion can even include a series of bonuses! The bonuses usually consist of large amounts of bonus money, as well as huge bundles of Free Spins.
  • After you have received the first bonus, or bonuses, most casinos tend to offer regular Reload Bonuses. Just as their name implies, these promotions are a chance for players to get a little bit more from their deposits, be it extra Bonus money, Free Spins or even both of those.
  • Cashback and Rakeback bonuses are also regularly available with most houses. The former allow the player to get back some of the lost money from bets which have gone against them. The money you can recover is received over a certain amount of time, for instance 5% of the daily losses. The latter bonus, the Rakeback is a bit different, as it just counts a little bit of every bet you place, usually allowing you to cash out the funds once they reach a certain size.
  • VIP Bonuses are usually only available to players who regularly cash in with a casino and represent a reward for their loyalty to the house. These kinds of bonuses can be cash, free spins or even account features. Some casinos we have covered offer higher withdrawal maximums to accounts who reach a certain VIP level, as well as real-life rewards. Some houses even pay high VIP-level accounts trips to Vegas and other exotic destinations!


Most casinos these days are licensed, and we believe this one will not be an exception. We believe it most likely for it to be regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, because it would be difficult for Lucky Hour to offer its services to UK players otherwise. It is also possible for it to have another license, under which it operates in Portugal and Greece. This other license is likely to be issued by the Malta Gambling Association, or one of the four regulatory bodies in Curacao.

However, whichever of these regulators Lucky Hour picks as the place to obtain a license with, it will be able to provide players with certain protections. And while the UK and Malta are stricter jurisdictions than Curacao, the protections you have access to will be broadly the same, and more specifically, the following:

  • You can expect to be able to benefit from strict security for the data casinos store on their players. This data can include sensitive personal information like your phone numbers and addresses, as well as all sorts of information which is collected as part of the KYC checks casinos perform. Licensed casinos are required to use some of the strictest encryption methods available to them, in order to safeguard this data. This makes any leaks or the information being obtained by hackers very unlikely.
  • Secondly, you can also expect each game with a licensed casino to have been aduited, in order to ensure the fairness of its outcomes. More specifically, licensed houses need to submit the random number generators, which determine whether you lose or win a bet, to independent auditors. They are then able to determine whether there is any bias towards the house in the very code of its games!
  • Finally, licensed casinos are required to provide players with information on problem gambling and where to seek help for it. These houses also need to offer you certain self-exclusion measures, which you will be able to opt in to, if you need them. The measures are custom deposit limits you can set, or time out warnings to opt in to, as well as the ability to close down your account unilaterally, if you need to. Regulators demand that houses help foster a more responsible and safe online gambling environment!

We should also mention that there are certain jurisdictions where the services of this casino will not be available. Here is what those are:

Restricted countries: United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands, U.S.

Deposit and Withdrawal

There is not much we know about the deposit and withdrawal methods that this casino will offer. Despite this, we expect a large range of payment methods to be available, from e-wallets, through bank transfers to e-vouchers. There are likely going to be crypto payments as well. Do note that credit card payment can be made available, but not for players in the UK, as part of the gambling regulation in that country.

The minimum amounts you can cash in and out are not known to us as of the time of writing. However, they usually turn out to be between €10-20. The currencies you are likely to be able to deposit in are EUR and GBP, though additional currencies being available is not out of the question.

Finally, we don't expect the casino to charge any deposit or withdrawal fees, and players might need to cover only incidental third-party charges which can be included in any online transaction nowadays. The most Lucky Hour is likely to ask for in terms of fees is a fee for inactivity, which most casinos nowadays include in their Terms and Conditions.

Games and Game Suppliers

A full list of the Game Suppliers this casino has partnered with is not available at the time of writing. We expect to see 50 or so Suppliers at least, as that is the minimum most houses have these days. We also hope to see popular developers like Pragmatic Play, NetEnt and so on within this list!

There is no information about what games will be available either. However, we would be shocked if Lucky Hour did not offer Slots! These are the bread and butter of any online casino, and we hope to see Reactoons, the Dog House: Megaways and other such popular games among them.

Another popular staple of online casinos are Table Games, and we expect them to be offered by Lucky Hour as well. These include Poker, Blackjack and Roulettes, which we hope the house has in virtual and live dealer versions both.

Finally, we hope to see a couple of Game shows like Gonzo's Treasure Hunt and Boom City, and a Crash game or two – Aviator, Plinko and so on!


Lucky Hour is going to launch soon, and we cannot wait to see how many of our predictions came true! Hopefully, the casino lives up to and even surpasses what we believe it will be able to offer its players, as it has a lot of promise. Either way, this is one online gambling house which is worth keeping an eye on.

Lucky Hour Pros and Cons

Exciting soon-to-be casinoNothing as of the time of writing

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