SecuredVC Review – Is a Scam Forex Broker!

SecuredVC Review – Is a Scam Forex Broker!

Caution! SecuredVC is an offshore company! Your funds may be at risk.


SecuredVC Key Features

🔴 SecuredVC is an officially exposed scam. Avoid!

🔴 SecuredVC received negative reviews. A red flag!

🔴 SecuredVC is not transparent. A red flag!

🔴 SecuredVC creates unrealistic expectations. A red flag!

SecuredVC Products and Services

SecuredVC is presented as a trustworthy Forex brokerage, which is not actually the case, but we’ll discuss why we claim so in the following section. In particular, SecuredVC claims that it’s developed by traders for traders and that its mission is to give customers the best trading experience. They allegedly offer access to the global Forex market, with intuitive trading options provided by their web-based platform. In addition, they also claim to provide Forex education, so whether customers are just getting started in the exciting world of Forex trading or just want to sharpen the trading tools they’ve developed over the years, SecuredVC is allegedly there to help.

Also, SecuredVC says that among their many useful trading tools, customers can find useful e-books. From technical analysis to stocks and CFDs, their detailed books are purportedly there to guide clients in each step of their trading journey. And to do so, SecuredVC’s customer service team is advertised as one of the best in the industry, available 24/5, covering the entire world.

Then, SecuredVC goes for the boring marketing statements like: Experience a premier trading platform that features a customizable and intuitive workflow that aligns with the way you trade.”; “Whether your strategy is simple or complex, put it into action on our platform and enjoy your trading.”; “We provide CFD trading on hundreds of assets and optimal trading conditions within our award-winning platform.” and so forth.

As for the service itself, SecuredVC purportedly provides access to CFDs trading, including 200+ instruments in Stocks, Indices, Commodities, Forex and Cryptocurrencies on high leverage and low spreads! However, that’s not actually true because we could see the EUR/USD spread was more than 7 pips during our assessment of their web-based platform. The difference between Buy and Sell is enormous compared to the rest of the industry – 1 pip or below, meaning that SecuredVC’s trading service is at least 7 times more expensive than usual! They are misleading the customers by claiming to provide good spreads, so a red flag gets triggered!

As for the leverage, which is the second critical aspect of the trading service, we found SecuredVC claiming to provide ratios reaching 1:400, meaning that the trading service itself is overly risky! For example, all European regulators banned the usage of more than 1:30 precisely because of the risks involved! However, once we got to the web-based platform, which is quite primitive actually, we could not even find out what leverage was designated to our account! That’s a major red flag because the lack of information implies that we didn’t know the actual trading risks involved! Executing trades on hidden leverage is always a no-no! 

So, at the end of the day, SecuredVC promises big and creates unrealistic expectations! However, just like most other SVG brokers, SecuredVC failed to meet the expectations, and quite frankly, there are many suspicious aspects of their business. That said, you’d better stay away from just because of the inconsistent products and services provided.

SecuredVC Company and Regulation

SecuredVC is allegedly registered in St. Vincent and the Grenadines, ultimately meaning that the service offered is unregulated and risky. In fact, the SVG registration means there is a total lack of transparency as the country is an offshore zone which allows the creation of international companies with hidden ownership. And just as expected, once we started our research of Radix Services LTD, the company that allegedly founded SecuredVC, we could find absolutely nothing about it! So, given the shadiness, we should raise a red flag!

However, that was just a part of the story. Another thing making SecuredVC highly insecure is the fact that it collects deposits in offshore accounts. So, once you deposit with SecuredVC, your money will literally disappear as all SVG companies are not allowed to provide access to their finances. In most cases, once funds are sent, the money will then be transferred to other offshore accounts, practically becoming untraceable! When that happens, you’ll have literally no way to claim funds back if things go wrong – chargebacks will be simply impossible.

Finally, the hidden ownership of the broker means that these people will remain untouched if they scam customers. We can’t prove that’s their actual goal, but we strongly suspect that it is – trustworthy brokers are never as shady as SecuredVC is!

Company:Radix Services LTD
Country:St. Vincent and the Grenadines

SecuredVC Address and Contacts

Address:Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Phone number:+442034554647; +61290544535
E-mail:[email protected]; [email protected]

The SVG registration of the broker means that we can’t confirm any of the contact information seen above. In fact, SecuredVC doesn’t like to provide its address, which additionally confirms that there is something these people want to hide from the public! Beware!

For investments, transparency is essential since you should know who manages your money and where it actually is. Legitimate businesses always operate transparently, and they are required by law to disclose their headquarter address, phone numbers, and all legal documents that detail the provisions of the service. And our experience tells that if you can’t reach these people over the phone number provided, can’t verify the locations, or can’t confirm in any other way that the investment provider is authorized to sell financial goods, then that’s most likely a fraud.

Is SecuredVC Safe?

SecuredVC is not safe! It’s an anonymous offshore broker posing risks to your investments! The lack of regulations implies that SecuredVC is very likely operated by scammers, so the right thing to do is avoid it! There are many trustworthy brokers you can choose from!

Scam Warning

For various reasons, dealing with unregulated investment platforms is always a terrible idea. Above all, the lack of regulation strongly signals that something fishy is going on there, as only licensed companies can provide investment services. As you might expect, scams can't thrive in a robust regulatory environment, so consider twice before depositing with unlicensed investment providers.

A scam or a fraud is any crooked scheme devised to defraud you out of money or steal your personal information, and every scam setting is practically unregulated. Scammers work with hackers, too, and often buy bulky packages of information, including phone numbers, e-mails, social media profiles and other personal details of customers, which greatly facilitate scams. So, if someone contacts you out of a sudden, you'd better always consider the possibility that it could be a scam.

Scammers target many people and constantly evolve their approach making scams harder to recognise. In particular, the crypto scam is now booming for two particular reasons- lack of knowledge and popularity. There is a third one, too- scammers take advantage of the less regulated environment to lure people into crooked scam settings that have nothing to do with crypto at all. In any case, it's getting harder to spot potential fraud, but warnings issued by regulators help to raise awareness, and you'd be much better off if you always research thoroughly before any investments have occurred. Markets are plagued by scammers, and it's for real.

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