TradesBoost review – Is scam or safe?

TradesBoost review – Is scam or safe? Key Facts

🔴 creates unrealistic expectations by introducing investment plans with a guaranteed 2.5% profit per day. A scam sign!

🔴  doesn't disclose important information about themselves. Red flag!

🔴  is a recently registered website. Disturbing sign! registration, license and regulation is attempting to deceive the public by posting a forged Swiss incorporation certificate, so we can quickly dismiss this website as fraudulent. The name and the numbers containing do not match with the Swiss registers, which is evidence of a scam. Furthermore, they promise a fixed-income of 2.5% every day, which is a ridiculous offer. Most of the similar products provided by legit companies yield no more than 5% per year. It's most probably a scam, so be cautious. We recommend traders and investors avoid shady schemes like this one but deal with authorised companies compliant with countries’ investments regulations.

When we talk about investments, the critical aspect for traders and investors is the regulation. The regulated companies are licensed by the authorities responsible for supervising the financial markets, therefore safe to put your money in. These companies have to meet the strict rules laid down to sustain the financial system's stability and integrity. But most importantly, the set of requirements businesses have to meet convey customer protection and safety for the investors.

The most comprehensive regulation is the minimum capital requirement which guarantees the companies have money at their disposal to remain stable in turbulent times. The minimum paid-up capital demanded varies- EU and UK- 730 000 EUR; Australia- 1 000 000 AUD; USA, Canada, Switzerland- 20 million USD/CAD/Swiss francs.

Another crucial regulation worth mentioning is about transparency. Each licensed company have to provide the public with its headquarter address, contact numbers, license numbers and so on, making it easy for investors to verify it's a legit business. If it's impossible to find comprehensive information about an investment provider, you'd better dismiss this entity as unreliable. address and contacts lists Brandschenkestrasse 42, 8002, Zurich, Switzerland as headquarters, but it's impossible to verify this website is in any way linked with the address. Given the fraudulent incorporate certificate we encountered, we suspect they have nothing to do with this location either. doesn't reveal their contact number, which is alarming. The legit companies are bound by the law to disclose their basic corporate information, so it's yet another red flag we need to raise. There are too many of them, and it's already evident that this is a scam scheme. website information is a domain registered at 10.09.2020 on a German IP address: by NameSilo, LLC. It co-hosts 29 other websites, most of which belonging to brokers and investment companies. In fact, some of the websites are identical in appearance with only the names changed over. We suspect the IP hosts many fraudulent websites run by a group of scammers who want to steal as much as possible from traders and investors. 

Have a look at the other brokers and investments providers co-hosted at the same IP by following the links below:

Scam warning

We paid utmost attention to the regulation and transparency in the sections above because it’s mandatory for trading and investments. Pretty much each company offering financial services have to be authorised by the local financial authority. 

However, some entities operate unlicensed and intentionally run investment fraud. It would be best if you only dealt with companies authorised by the regulators, so always check to make sure they are. Bear in mind that if you trade with unauthorised businesses, you won’t be protected, so it’s very likely to suffer losses almost impossible to recover if things go wrong.

Online scam is trending nowadays with fraudulent websites popping up literally every day. The financial authorities increase the number of warnings issued year after year, but the dangers are still out there and growing exponentially. You’ll realise the hazards when you consider OneCoin scam- it’s still impossible to calculate the total loss, but it’s regarded as 15 billion worth fraud. Make sure to trade with licensed and regulated companies to avoid off-putting losses.

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