USDMiner review – Is a scam or safe?

USDMiner review – Is a scam or safe?

USDMiner Key Features

🔴 USDMiner offers questionable investment opportunities. A scam sign!

🔴 USDMiner has fraudulent positive reviews online. A red flag!

🔴 USDMiner is totally anonymous. A red flag!

🔴 USDMiner creates unrealistic expectations. A red flag!

🔴 Update: the website is not accessible anymore!

USDMiner products and services

USDMiner is a mining platform promising to double customers’ money for 39 days if they buy the ETH plan. Well, crypto mining is viewed as a lucrative business, but those offering clients unrealistic profitability are always suspicious. Beware! Not to mention that USDMiner has a very attractive referral programme, so it may as well be a pure MLM scheme.

Cryptos went to become extremely popular, and they come with tremendous profit potential, but the assets are pretty complex and a bit enigmatic for the vast majority of people. Bitcoin is still surging, and the entire crypto market is growing exponentially, but all investments carry significant risks, such as high unpredictable volatility and absence of regulation, for example. And we’d also like to emphasize the fraud risk- crypto scams are virtually everywhere. In fact, the latest trend among scammers is to create fraudulent websites offering fictitious crypto investments and mining services aimed to entice unsuspicious investors into scam settings. The fraudulent offers usually stick to the rule “sounds too good to be true”, the entity offering the services is totally anonymous, and there is no regulation whatsoever. So, based on the products and services offered alone, we can affirm that the entity under review is dangerous. You’d better avoid it.

That said, it’s worth considering trendy cryptocurrency alternatives that have already proven to be reliable. For example, many cryptocurrency exchanges like Coinbase and Bitstamp already provide passive income opportunities like BTC and ETH staking, other earning opportunities, affiliate programs, so on and so forth. Both mentioned are law-abiding financial firms that operate transparently, so you won’t be exposed to fraud risks if you trust them.

USDMiner company and regulation

Company:USDMiner Ltd

USDMiner states that it’s a brand of USDMiner Ltd, but the latter is a fictitious company, so the mining service is just totally illegal. Moreover, we found no licensed financial firm associated with USDMiner, so it’s a high-risk and potentially fraudulent entity. We won’t downright tell you it’s a scam, but your investments will be exposed to risks if you deposit. Beware!

So, the crypto service under review isn’t a typical firm, and as such, it’s not regulated. The absence of regulation implies that your investments will be at risk if you deposit. Moreover, you won’t have access to complaint procedures or money protection schemes, so if things go wrong, you’ll be the one to suffer the complete loss. Even more so, the digital coin transactions are anonymous, so if you get scammed by a shady crypto provider, you can’t get your money back.

Indeed, cryptocurrency regulation has been a hot topic for a long time. The digital coins themselves are not issued or governed by central banks, but too many countries already have plans to introduce centralized cryptocurrencies. Still, Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system that’s considered too risky for many. However, many crypto firms are now operating with financial licenses; they are transparent, and their clients can benefit from certain customer protection measures if things go wrong. And that doesn’t apply to the entity under review, which is an anonymous and most probably totally illegal enterprise that can switch off its servers, pocket clients’ money and get away with the crime.

USDMiner address and contacts

Phone number:None
E-mail:[email protected]

The absence of address and phone numbers further solidifies our view that USDMiner is illegal as it’s totally anonymous- a major red flag!

Considering investment opportunities, transparency is always crucial. As for cryptos, you already know that Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer payment system, which is designed to protect the privacy and to provide security. However, that doesn’t mean that the crypto providers should also be anonymous. After all, these people will handle your money, so you should at least know who they are and where they operate from. In fact, we need to note that some trustworthy exchanges don’t reveal such information on their websites, but it’s still easy to verify that businesses are legal, law-abiding companies; therefore, it’s always a worrying sign if the crypto provider isn’t transparent. website info

Alexa Ranking175,887 at the time of writing
Server Country USA
WHOIS Reg. Date2021-o9-24
RegistrarPDR Ltd. d/b/a
SSL certificateValid
OwnerRedacted for Privacy
AdministratorRedacted for Privacy

USDMiner is two months old, which is not enough for a website to gain trust. However, it’s trendy for its age, which comes as bad news in this particular case. Even more so, USDMiner claims to have 36.9 mln investors worldwide, so it makes false claims- a major red flag. Beware!

Update: USDMiner’s website has already gone off, which comes to prove that this so-called mining service is currently a short-lived expired scam. Nevertheless, it may as well come alive any time soon and we urge customers to avoid depositing there as too many customers claim they were scammed by USDMiner!

USDMiner conclusion

USDMiner is anonymous and illegal; therefore, your investments will be at risk if you deposit.  Moreover, we found it making fraudulent claims, so you’d better avoid it as many more trustworthy crypto companies can provide great opportunities and safety, too.

Scam warning

Scammers are always riding the trends, so it’s not at the least surprising that cryptocurrency fraud is now blooming. Even more so, the high-tech nature of Bitcoin actually facilitates scams as most people don’t really know how crypto works, so scammers take advantage of the lack of understanding. Indeed, the crypto scam has been here for a while, and it proved to be extremely dangerous- just recall OneCoin, which happened to be a multi-billion Ponzi scheme disguised as a revolutionary digital currency. However, scammers rarely go out of their comfort zone, so most crypto scams happen to be very similar to the typical investment fraud.

The fraudulent crypto schemes are also anonymous and illegal, while scammers introduce themselves with fake identities. There are also too many impersonators resembling the websites of valid start-up companies from where customers get redirected to other insecure fishy payment portals that may as well carry additional security risks. The cons yet again promise the moon and the stars to their victims but won’t deliver a thing in the end. However, the difference between crypto and the rest of the investment scams is that people are more likely to believe that they can become rich overnight as Bitcoin has already proved to have massive profit potential. In any case, you should be very cautious when it comes to crypto, as the markets are plagued by scammers ready to take advantage of you.


  1. I invested into several plans offered by usdminer with cost of 2560USD and 4200USD and for 15 days period. After a week I received notification that I breached contract and have to invest 4*2560 + 4*4200 = 27k+ to fulfil contract otherwise my account will be blocked and no refund or withdrawal will be possible. I refused to invest more and realise that money is lost and don’t want to take risk to invest more and loose much more!

    1. I have also Invested Same 2560$, Now No Money

      1. I lost $2560 and asked to give a $1800 deposit to pay taxes to unfreeze my account. You have to buy sets of 5 on the hot sheets which is very expensive and a scam for the investor to fail. Beware

        1. I invested in a few plans about $1500 and then got a msg that I needed to deposit $1800 for taxes in 24 hours. Next day I couldn’t get back on and lost my money I would love a class action suit or whatever to get these people outta here. if anyone does a major lawsuit I’m in.

    2. I had that same thing at Christmas luckily my wife had found out and had me withdrawal everything I guess that violation policy is how they “freeze your account”

  2. USD-Miner is a total scam. I lost $25,000. They tell you right before your investment matures you have breached the contract and need you to invest 4 times more money or your account will be frozen. Don’t invest unless you want to lose your money! Stay away.

    1. I had the same experience… Invested in a 2560 + 680 usd plans, and they told me that unless I had not invested within 24 hours from y’day 4X2560 + 4X680 I would have lost everything. In addition they no longer give answers on the chat. It’s a pure theft!

  3. Exact same problem. Invested in the $2560 plan, then they tell me that the plans listed as HOT require a minimum of 5 plans, even though they allowed me to purchase 1. When I bought 1 of the HOT $300 plans, they did not notify me then, not until I graduated to the $2560 plan. They even threatened to sue me for there significant losses in revenue.

  4. I lost 70,000 ruppees, its a scam. stay away. better invest your money in mutual funds. I had to learn it the hard way. please dont fall into their trap

    1. English is difficult for you. You just became like us. This site was a scam and everyone’s money was raised
      انگلیسی برات سخته. تازه مثل ما شدی. این سایت کلاهبرداری بود و پول همه را بالا کشیده

  5. Yep they got me on the Terms and service. The plans labeled hot require a 5x investment. This means you invest 4200 and in 15 days you get back 3600 and the 4200 but right around the time the contract is up you will get an email saying the following below it’s a rug pull avoid them at all cost.

    Dear USDminer user,

    During the system review process, it was found that your account did not invest in accordance with the contract.
    It is clearly stated in the terms of service that all the plans with the “hot” label launched by the company must be invested in five at a time. Since your account does not meet the investment requirements, please deal with it as soon as possible to prevent your account from being frozen.
    If you have more questions, please contact the online customer service of the platform

    Best regards

    Usdminer team

  6. Its a scammer i have this message from usdminer Your account has been frozen due to non-payment of taxes or breach of contract. You only need to pay a security deposit of $1800 to immediately release the account and withdraw funds immediately, otherwise it will be permanently frozen today, and you will no longer be able to use it, and the funds will disappear, please hurry up deal with.

  7. This is a scam webiste.. They will not return your money during maturity and will ask you to deposit more funds in the name of security deposit, Tax, additional plans etc. Stay away from it.

  8. I deposited more than $3,000 in the “Double Deposit” Scheme for New Year and they confirmed that I can withdraw the additional amount (100 % of my deposit) on Jan 3. I also purchased plans of $680, $480 and $10. But there is no daily income shown on my dashboard for the $680 Christmas plan. Customer service agent is not responding. Only a notice flashed on the website that I breached a contract and have to pay $1800. This is ridiculous ! Is there a way to get back the principle amount?

  9. This site is a scam,
    account blocked because of non-payment of the tax and does not want to be debited from the account balance, IT IS A SCAM !!!

  10. Same here. They froze my account, claiming I’d breached contract. Here’s something I have to say to all of you, though: greedy as we are, we didn’t read the terms of the contract before we clicked the buy button, did we? On their “hot” sales it says “you have to buy 5 shares of this contract”. Since we greedy folks are what we are, we didn’t bother to look at this. In their general terms usdminer also explains clearly that the “hot” items have to be bought in fives or else your account will be frozen. They also tell you that at the end of the year audits are being conducted. Since you bought only 1 of these contracts, they ask you to pay for 4 more.
    Having said that, these scammers know very well that people tend to act as we did and they built the layout of their website around this fact.
    By the way, at the time of me writing this, usdminer is down.

  11. I started small With $100. Was able to grow it to a few hundred dollars. I tested a withdrawal, and took out $100. Which worked and I received my $100 withdrawal

    I slowly added more. About $2000 total. I bought plans everyday. I was up to $8000 as of Jan 1 2022

    The service was quick and the chatbot was fast and helpful. “Emily” always answered my questions

    The website changed the contract to 5 units instead of 1 without any warning. I just bought a $4200 contract

    I was then notified that i needed to buy 4
    More $4200 contracts Which I refused. Then here was a pop up warning that they demanded $1800 for taxes

    I started to get emails from [email protected] asking for $, I said it was impossible because of the bank holiday and weekend

    Now the website doesn’t work and the email address doesn’t either.

    I think my money is gone. I wish I would have pulled out money more often. Just to protect my initial investment at least. I feel
    Like an idiot. It was too good to be true

  12. scamed me 4500$ saying breaches of contracts. Now the web is down

  13. I borrowed this money
    I confused
    کسی اینجا فارسی میتونه صحبت کنه؟انگلیسی برام سخته

  14. I Have No Money. Please Come Back.

    1. please come back my deposite money.My Country Is very poor. you know myanmar.

  15. December 3 day My Deposite 100$

  16. usdminer please give me back my money invested…

  17. I have no money l am sick please

  18. Stephen Sudhakar Bazroy

    I also lost my fund worth $ 450 from usd miner. Now the site has been shut down. I couldn’t contact the site. please assist me on how to proceed.

  19. Usdminer stolen 2560$+680$+480$ so i am now speechless and i have to pay someone, really confused myself, God bless you usdminer teams , Jesus is watching us and one day you guys need to give statement with God .

    1. Right bro I also… Usdminer stolen 5100$+3100$+2800$ so i am now speechless and i have to pay someone, really confused myself, God bless you usdminer teams , Jesus is watching us and one day you guys need to give statement with God…i pray God…

  20. Hello, I was in the form and message many times
    I had a deposit in several stages and I was threatened with closing my account and making a deposit. It is very difficult for a retiree to leave all my property. Why do not your colleagues answer and only ask the recipient of the message ??? !!!!

  21. There are information about the registrant of the domain on …anyone know if that might help us?
    Registrant Contact Information:
    NameLisa joe
    OrganizationM&A Partners
    Address545 E John Carpenter Freeway Suite #300 Irving, TX 75062
    State / ProvinceAL
    Postal Code75062

    Administrative Contact Information:
    NameLisa joe
    OrganizationM&A Partners
    Address545 E John Carpenter Freeway Suite #300 Irving, TX 75062
    State / ProvinceAL
    Postal Code75062

    Technical Contact Information:
    NameLisa joe
    OrganizationM&A Partners
    Address545 E John Carpenter Freeway Suite #300 Irving, TX 75062
    State / ProvinceAL
    Postal Code75062

  22. Class Action Lawsuit
    We had the SAME issue I lost thousands of dollars.I think we should all get together to do a class action against them. Hundreds of thousands of people were effected by this and most of us are middle to low class trying to better our lives. Let’s work together to get at least some of our funds back and get these guys put away for stealing our money!

  23. Same here, I was scammed by usdminer( every victim must report it to Internet Crime Complaint Center . If they receive enough cases they will start the investigation en probably they can trace scammers.

  24. Email linked to the info given above is the number is from hong kong and if anybody paid in aomething other than LTC,Tether USD or USDC, post that address you sent to. Ive tracked the other 3 addresses and found hit wallets, initial funding from kucoin, bitpie4, huobi, and PG (token).

  25. I am with you i lost 2500
    Lets do it a class action lawsuit

  26. I lost 2560 plus 1800 thought it was going well until the site went down.

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