Yayawin Review: Scam or Safe?

Yayawin Review: Scam or Safe?


Yayawin is a totally ridiculous casino, from top to bottom. The issues it has are endless, beginning with the lack of a license. The casino is entirely anonymous, and there is actually no information whatsoever about the company operating it. Judging by the design and gaming providers, Yayawin seems to be a casino targeting asian players – noteworthy fact.

A thing we strongly disliked is the design of the casino. It's horrible, and we doubt anyone will ever like it. The gaming library is poor, as well – few games from few providers, and worst of all, many titles are accessible only upon registration, if accessible at all. The payment methods are reduced to just one – cryptocurrencies, so there isn't any variety when it comes to funding. Terrible!

But anyways, in the following article, we will review Yayawin so that players have all details they need to know before depositing. A spoiler, lower your expectations as much as you can.

Languages: English, Chinese


BonusMin depositMax bonusWagering requirementsCash out limit
New Register-555 AUD30x55 AUD
Daily Slot RebateUnspecified2%5x400 AUD
Daily Free CreditUnspecified158 AUD158x10 AUD
Every Hour BonusUnspecified99 AUD158x10 AUD
Crypto Bonus500 AUD5%1xUnspecified
Welcome Bonus100 AUD150% up to 300 AUD12x1000 AUD
Midnight Queen Bonus50 AUD50%5x888 AUD
Slot Daily First DepositUnspecified25% up to 100 AUD6xUnspecified
Monday Blue Bonus50 AUD50% up to 128 AUD5x888 AUD
Wednesday Payday Bonus50 AUD60% up to 128 AUD8x888 AUD
Happy Friday Bonus50 AUD50% up to 138 AUD5x888 AUD
Support Until You Win30 AUD30% up to 158 AUD4x888 AUD
Unlimited Slot Boost30 AUD20% up to 128 AUD5xUnspecified
Weekly Cashback400 AUD188%8xUnspecified

Surprisingly, Yayawin has a really large selection of bonuses. They are so many that we deliberately did not include some as those promotions seems to be inactive.

On the other hand, however, some of the promos are laughable. The wagering requirements from bonus to bonus are unreasonable, for example. One promo has a wagering requirement of only 1 time, while the next one should be wagered 158 times. Ridiculous!

And that's not all. For some bonuses, the prize is times higher than the cash-out limit. For example, the Daily Free Credit has up to 158 AUD prize, but the maximum players can cash out after completion is just 10 AUD. This makes no sense at all!

Anyhow, see some bonuses and the applied terms and conditions.

  • New Register – players are promised a no deposit bonus upon registration. The problem in this promotion is the size of the bonus – 555 AUD. Such an award is times higher than usual, and seems rather suspicious – a bite for new players. Another problem is the cash-out limit – only 55 AUD, which makes no sense. You will get 555 AUD, but will be allowed to withdraw up to 55 AUD. Ridiculous! The wagering requirement is 30 times.
  • Daily Slot Rebate – players can return 2% of their wagers in casino. The max prize is unspecified, as well as the deposit requirement to qualify. The wagering is 5 times, with 400 AUD cash-out limit.
  • Daily Free Credit – another ridiculous bonus. Players can get a daily bonus upon unspecified deposit. The prize is up to 158 AUD, with no percentages specified. The wagering requirement is ludicrous – 158 times the bonus. The cash-out limit is equally ludicrous – only 10 AUD.
  • Every Hour Bonus – allegedly, players can get up to 99 AUD every hour if they deposit some unspecified amount of money. The wagering requirement is 158 times, the cash-out limit is just 10 AUD. Another laughable and highly untrustworthy promotion.
  • Crypto Bonus – the ridiculous part in this bonus is the deposit requirement – players should deposit no less than 500 AUD using cryptocurrencies to qualify. The bonus is 5%, with no max cash prize specified. The wagering requirement is once again unreasonable and illogical – only 1 time. Cash-out limit is unspecified.
  • Welcome Bonus – players should deposit 100 AUD or more to get 150% up to 300 AUD. The wagering requirement is 12 times, while the cash-out limit is set at 1000 AUD.
  • Midnight Queen Bonus – players will get 50% on top of their deposit if they place 50 AUD+. The max cash prize is unspecified. The wagering is 5 times, the cash-out limit is 888 AUD.
  • Slot Daily First Deposit – 25% up to 100 AUD with no minimum deposit specified. The wagering requirement is 6 times, while the cash-out limit is unspecified.
  • Monday Blue Bonus – players should deposit 50 AUD to get 50% up 128 AUD. The wagering is 5 times, the cash-out limit is 888 AUD.
  • Wednesday Payday Bonus – a prize of 60% up to 128 AUD for deposits of 50 AUD or more. The wagering requirement is 8 times, while the cash-out limit is 888 AUD.
  • Happy Friday Bonus – 50% up to 138 AUD for player who deposit at least 50 AUD on Friday. The wagering requirement is 5 times. The cash-out limit is 888 AUD.
  • Support Until You Win – deposits of 30 AUD or more bring 30% up to 158 AUD. The wagering requirement is only 4 times, with the cash-out limit being 888 AUD.
  • Unlimited Slot Boost – 20% up to 128 AUD for deposits of 30 AUD+. The wagering is 5 times, with no cash-out limit specified.
  • Weekly Cashback – another ridiculous promotion, and in fact, really suspicious. First off, players will qualify only if they wagered at least 400 AUD during the week. But there are worse aspects! The prize is said to be 188%, which is an unrealistic percentage for cashback. Cashbacks give players the chance to claim some of their losses back, so prizes of 100% or more mean that the casino practically donates money to players. This simply doesn't happen in reality, and for that reason, we consider this bonus fake! Imagine this. You wager 5000 AUD and lose 1000 AUD. Yayawin promises to return 188%, so in this case, you will get 1880. This is fakery! Be careful with Yayawin as it definitely shows some scam signs.

Those are the bonuses we can present to you. As you can see, there are many unreasonable requirements, missing conditions, unrealistic prizes and cash-outs higher than the prize money. We don't think that any of the bonuses seen above are trustworthy, so be careful and don't get excited. You know what they say: if it's too good to be true, it probably is.


Yayawin operates without a valid license, which means one big no-no. Wagering in unauthorised online establishments always carries risk, and we advise that players should avoid them.

Unlicensed casino are working unchecked, and if things go wrong, you'll get some sort of resolution to your problems only if the casino is willing to provide. There is no authority you can ask for assistance, so in case you have problems, you'll be the only one suffering with little options to have things fixed. Summarised, dealing with unlicensed casinos is dangerous for various reasons, including but not limited to:

  • No regulation – unlicensed casinos are not regulated by any authority, meaning there's no guarantee that the games are fair or that the casino will let you withdraw your money. It's unlicensed, which means that no one can make them follow the rules.
  • Security – unlicensed casinos may not have strong security measures protecting players' personal and financial information.
  • Legal issues – gambling at an unlicensed casino can be illegal depending on your country's laws. Therefore, you may face legal consequences if you wager in unlicensed casinos.
  • No disputes – if you have problems with an unlicensed casino, you have no way to initiate a dispute since they are not accountable to any regulatory bodies.
  • Unethical practices – unlicensed casinos might employ unethical practices, like offering rigged games or using deceptive advertising. And since they are unregulated, no one can stop them from being unfair with players.
  • Addiction and financial risks – unlicensed casinos might not offer responsible gambling tools, such as self-exclusion, for example. If you end up wagering in an unlicensed casino, the risks are definitely increased. More so, some unlicensed casino intentionally promote and encourage irresponsible playing.

Restricted countries: American Samoa, Guam, United States, United States Minor Outlying Islands, Virgin Islands, U.S.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Currencies: Cardano (ADA), Dogecoin (DOGE), Litecoin (LTC), Shiba Inu (SHIB), Tether (USDT), USD Coin (USDC), XRP, Australian Dollar (AUD), Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH)

Deposit methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Crypto10 AUDUnspecifiedInstantFree

Yayawin disappoints with its deposit policy. The casino accepts only cryptocurrencies, which is a downside. Not everyone wants to use cryptos, so many players will be naturally restricted. More so, cryptocurrency deposits cannot qualify for chargeback, so if it happens that you have problems with Yayawin, you won't be able to request a refund. Well, you can, but it's unlikely that the casino will honor your appeal. And on top of it, the casino is unlicensed, so really, if problems occur you will be helpless in trying to get your money back. Keep this in mind.

The minimum deposit is good, on the other hand, as only 10 AUD are required to start playing. The maximum is unspecified. Each deposit is instant and free.

Withdrawal methodMinimumMaximumProcessing timeFee
Crypto50 AUDUnspecifiedUnspecifiedUnspecified

The withdrawal policy is equally bad, and even worse. Only crypto withdrawals are possible, with the minimum transaction being no less than 50 AUD. The requirement is high, as most casinos will be happy to allow players cash out as little as 10 AUD.

The maximum is unspecified, and it's not the only condition that's not revealed. Yayawin has no TCs document, so practically, all gaming conditions are left hidden. No information about processing time. No information about fees. No information about the rollover requirement. No information about inactive accounts. No info on any other condition that's related to gaming. Yayawin is very shady, and that's a bad sign!

Games and Game Suppliers

Game providers: Play'n GO, Yggdrasil, Funky Games, CQ Gaming, Spade Gaming, Dragon Gaming, Other

The gaming library of Yayawin is disappointing, as well. Only a few popular gaming providers are listed, but it happens that precisely their slots are hidden and inaccessible before registration. The majority of the games are delivered by some shady gaming studios, and we even detected fake slots. Popular names like Gates of Olympus and Sweet Bonanza are offered by some dubious provider named EV0888H5. There is literally no reliable information found about this provider, and we reasonably think it's a fake studio. After all, it mimics very popular slots of Pragmatic Play, and that definitely looks like a scam! Be careful with EV0888H5!


Yayawin is a very bad casino, and it even shows signs of a scam. No license, only crypto deposits, fake slots, irrational and questionable bonuses. On top of all that, the casino never mentioned its parent company and does not even provide legal documents such as Terms and Conditions. Yayawin is shady and suspicious, so the best thing you can do is browse through Scamosafe to find legit and trustworthy casinos instead.

Yayawin Pros and Cons

Promotions AvailableUnlicensed Casino
No Legal Documentation
Horrible Design
Ridiculous Bonus Conditions

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